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COVID-19 causes dementia. The world awaits the dawn of a new era reminiscent of the nineteenth century

On April 30, published a digest of research by several doctors who studied the link between vaccines and Alzheimer’s disease. There are quite a lot of scientific papers.

“In an article published by J. Bart Klassen (2021) has suggested that the spike protein in mRNA vaccines may cause prion-like diseases, in part due to its ability to bind to many known proteins and induce them by misfolding into potential prions. Idris and Kumar (2021) hypothesized that the S1 component of the spike protein tends to act as functional amyloid and form toxic aggregates and can eventually lead to neurodegeneration.”

The next stage of the research was no longer theory, but practice, which was taken up by Dr. Mercola, who created a special website with the help of which it was possible to test the audience. According to his calculations, 1 out of 66 respondents may experience significant cognitive changes after receiving vaccinations, while the remaining require a more thorough examination to accurately determine the percentage of IQ decline.

In his summary, Mercola writes: 

“Based on data from around the world, it’s abundantly clear that COVID shots are the most dangerous drugs ever used. From now on, you need to stop attacking your body. Even if you haven’t experienced any obvious side effects, your health can still suffer in the long run, so don’t get any more vaccinations.”

As experience and practice have shown, about 90% of fighters against evil are biased people who just make money on the topic and in fact only those with a childish faith in medicine for some reason think that some broadcasting on YouTube somehow worries their health. Therefore, and as a consequence, the fighters against evil, 99.99% of whom cannot distinguish systole from diastole, did not notice the main thing. And the main thing is the following:

Vaccines are not merely substances created in a lab; they are fragments of the body’s normal biochemistry, synthesized in a lab and introduced into the body. Thus, whether vaccinated or not, upon encountering SARS-CoV-2, the body starts producing antibodies. The issue lies with these antibodies, as they not only target the virus but also potentially harm nerve cell membranes. While vaccination significantly boosts antibody production, nervous tissue degeneration is a concern for all, even those with mild COVID symptoms. Dr. Mercola’s oversight of this is puzzling, given his prominence in the health community.

The pandemic, even before vaccines were available, saw a surge of erratic human behavior reported online. Instances included people running naked in the streets, others maneuvering wheelbarrows as if inebriated, and some engaging in aquatic activities in public aquariums, reminiscent of an amphibian lifestyle.

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As the pandemic waned, a new trend of man-made incidents emerged. This included container ships colliding with bridges and cranes, aircraft inadvertently dropping parts and luggage over urban areas, and erratic behavior from public transport passengers and department store visitors.

The advent of COVID-19 has likely led to challenges with concentration, memory, and sensory disturbances, including smell and taste. These issues have been widely reported and discussed among those affected by the virus.

One explanation offered for this phenomenon is the endemic neurodegeneration attributed to COVID-19 by conspiracy theorists. They suggest that following vaccinations, the condition became particularly severe, but it was universal.

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According to this theory, individuals with an IQ of 200 dropped to 180, which went largely unnoticed. However, for someone with an IQ of 100, barely managing as an aviation technician, a reduction to 80 post-pandemic would be significant. It’s worth noting that an IQ of 100 is considered the most common:

Thus, in scenarios where there was a substantial stock exceeding a hundred units, operations proceeded smoothly. Conversely, in situations where the staff’s average IQ was below par, the system malfunctioned.

The ramifications of this are worldwide, leading to only a minuscule portion of the population being capable of maintaining the present technological advancement. The current era is far removed from the 19th century, with a contemporary locksmith being significantly more knowledgeable than an engineer from the 1850s.

Consequently, it seems inevitable that the world will regress to the state of the 1850s.


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