Satan is the Prince of this world, or why do we have a really bad life?

Perhaps the claim that our world is a kind of prison, as Shakespeare said through the mouth of Rosencrantz – where we are all imprisoned, is not farfetched. This prison is quite large, although after the recent events for many, its borders have been narrowed by their own country.

No, rather, our world is such a dedicated server, a world for the entertainment of Satan and his retinue – demons. They are demons not even in a religious sense, but in the fact that they are simply “not people”, beings not of our kind. Simply because a person is not capable of these doings.

You see, our whole world’s usage for these demons is purely for entertainment, pleasure of passions, here they realize their most perverted desires. For them this world is a game, but for us it is a whole life.

Therefore, they are not worried about hunger, illness, or violence – this makes their game only more interesting. We are counted for them as extras, like NPCs, with whom you can do whatever you want. You do not regret it when you shoot down any game character in GTA?

Hence wars, natural disasters, economic crises, evil, cruelty, indifference – this is just content. There is no purpose to make the world kind and just. Demons will not be interested in it. On the contrary, they nurture all the base qualities of a person – pouring over everything with lies. In their world, scoundrels and sycophants achieve success. Liars and rapists. This world is ruled by Satan.

As in all good games, updates are rolled out from time to time: the Internet, cellular communications, space, internal combustion engines, – it is not a person who drives progress – these technologies are simply given to us. Can you create for example a modern processor – not even in a hundred years! We didn’t create it, we don’t even know how many of them work!

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All microprocessors in the world are created by just a few monopolists and in one plant called TSMC. For example, your Lenovo laptop orders a processor from Nvidia or AMD, but they do not manufacture it themselves – they just come up with a circuit and order it at the world’s only Taiwanese TSMC plant.

Billions of processor crystals under high magnification.

Can you imagine the scale of the consequences – if something happens to this plant? All known to us life based on processors will collapse and we will instantly return to the 19th century. Our civilization is somewhat fragile and extremely dependable as it approaches he daunting future of artificial intelligence.

Of course, we are not able to fight the “demons” who rule our world, but in every person there is a particle of the divine. 

We can at least not participate in their Game. The other day in France, they discovered a mysterious closed community where more than two thousand people consisted, and they all belonged to each other’s relatives. They lived very secretively and minimally participated in the life of society – they had almost no contact with it, like the Amish or Old Believers.

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Such isolation of life from society is possibly the only way out, you will not only be confident in every member of your “Family” but also be able to resist the demons of globalism. By the way, all members of this French family were quite wealthy people.

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