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Your Children are Slaves for Life!

Almost two weeks ago; 5 month old Sammy Nikolayev was showing flu symptoms when his parents took him to Sutter memorial hospital in Sacramento, California.  Once there however, the boy’s parents Anna and Alex took issue with several procedures being done to the boy, such as giving him antibiotics when none were called for.  After disagreements with the hospital staff, the young parents removed their child from the hospital without proper discharge procedure, and sought a second medical opinion at Kaiser Permanente Hospital, where a doctor examined Sammy; and content the child was healthy and well cared for, released him to go home.

Back at their home the Nikolayev’s were astonished to see California Child Protective Services roll up with a mighty police escort.  The police assaulted Alex Nikolayev in the yard in order to get his house keys which they used to enter the home without benefit of warrant and tore the now terrified young Sammy away from his loving mother’s arms…and into state custody.  Just like that!  And as of now Sammy is still in the slammer where his parents can visit for just one hour a day…no cameras allowed.

That is right, Sacramento California!  Right here in the good old USA!  Jack booted storm troopers swoop right in under color of authority giving the father a complimentary beat-down while stripping the innocent infant from mother’s arms.  It seems that Sutter hospital didn’t like being blown off by American citizens, so it called Child Protective Service, accusing the Nikolayev’s of child abuse and neglect.  The incident has turned into a nightmare for the family as seemingly every part of the state bureaucracy wants to have a say in the matter while none of them are willing to admit wrongdoing and return the stolen child.

Alex & Anna have done nothing wrong.  They have broken no laws, nor have they harmed anyone that we know of.  They are not terrorists, freedom fighters, or members of the underground insurgency.  Their only crime in all this seems to be the belief that they are free citizens of the country, and then acting upon that belief in order to provide the best medical care possible for their child.

They did not damage or steal hospital property from Sutter Memorial, nor did they break any law I am aware of.  I have checked myself out of the hospital against doctor’s recommendations three times in as many years, as anymore it seems about the only way to get out alive.   If doing that is against some law, certainly I would have been placed under hospital arrest like young Sammy was.  That’s another thing that troubles me over this story; If the Nikolayev’s had broken the law, why were they not arrested?

Of course the entire thing has become a legal nightmare which is always what happens when the state is wrong and doesn’t want to loose face…so the hospital & state will seek to drag this out as their lawyers desperately seek some obscure ordinance with which to claim legal footing.  The parents’ holding dual citizenship in the US & Russia has turned the thing into something of an international incident. Meanwhile, they will keep 5 month old Sammy as a ward of the state, which means they can do pretty much anything they want.  So, What does the state of California and Sutter hospital want with this child?  Why do they want him badly enough to so brazenly violate so many constitutional rights of so many American citizens? The system is falling all over itself trying to conceal true motives and incompetence in this case as at least two different judges have refused to hear the case before a third one agreed to hear the case late Monday, and ruled in favor of the parents! 

A surly mob of questions demand to be answered here, starting with the most obvious one; what is all this really about?  Why does the system automatically make itself look so bad, just to gain illegal access to that baby for a period of nearly two weeks?  Exactly what medical procedures were done to this baby, and why?  How come the police, and state CPS committed a crime by assaulting the father and abducting the child; and then tried for days to defend an untenable & illegal position…which they knew a decent judge would disallow?  Clearly, the powers that be wanted that child for some dark, nefarious purpose.  Think Transhuman agenda!

By now, the transhuman agenda is tightly woven into the fabric of the matrix used to control and manipulate humanity.  It’s forerunners were things like fluoridated water & artificial sweeteners like saccharin; and now it’s become a planet wide program of poisoning us with GMO food-like-products as they spray us from the air like so many vermin.   Our food, water and air supply have all been adulterated with toxic substances which are documented to cause mental disorders & cancer.  Why?  The pharmaceutical industry has ever so gradually become one of the major players in the transhuman agenda: as they push ever nastier “medicine” which treats symptoms, but not diseases and having a list of side effects that looks like movie credits.  Why?  We are told that soon it will be necessary for each one of us to be implanted with an I.D. chip, like a pet, or like a tattoo on a slave, to denote ownership!  Why?

Monsanto has made it illegal to grow any food with non-GMO seeds, just as many states have very quietly enacted laws prohibiting the collecting of rainwater, making it a crime.  At the same time “the Fed” continues to crack down on anyone practicing or teaching alternative health or lifestyle choices.  Why?   So very many things we once held as synonymous with good, healthy living are now either illegal, or just gone altogether.  Why?  The smiling cop walking the beat in his smart blue uniform has been replaced with completely militarized commando units toting automatic weapons. Why?  Just ask the folks in Boston how warm & fuzzy those storm troopers made them feel recently!  The government which once went to great lengths to conceal their crimes from us now carries them out in broad daylight, thumbing their noses at us, and we let them!  Why is that?  Every four years the same bunch of liars, crooks and clowns are trotted out to give us the illusion of free elections despite paperless electronic voting machines anyone with a computer can hack into…and we just play along every damn time.  Why????

As we are again being led into yet another war of conquest, this time in Syria, and soon after, Iran, the voice of we the people is frighteningly silent, yet again, even though the excuses are as threadbare as a moth-eaten loin cloth.  Are we really going to let those psychopaths get away with this insanity, again?   Why???   The president who promised to close that torture base in Cuba still hasn’t done that, or any of the other things he promised…but he did put 30 thousand armed drones in the skies over America, ruined the economy and health care system; and is about to clean out your bank account.  How do ya like him now?  Will you still think Obama is the great black hope when those urban tanks pull up onto your street, and masked ‘contractors’ herd your family like cattle into a FEMA caravan for the trip to your new indoctrination center…..ah, I mean communal living gulag??  Just how many things in this world have to be inside out & upside down before the rest of you out there look up from your ipuds and take notice?*

“Things” on this planet are more screwed up than Peter O’Toole on his birthday, and most of you just carry on like the weirdness factor only inched up a notch or two.  In this theater of the insane there are a bunch of us yelling “Fire” at the top of our lungs, and more joining our numbers each day…as the rest of you pretend to be asleep & not hear us with your eyes glazed on the screen, watching morons dance.

To be certain there are many additional examples of this hideous, ongoing geo-engineering of Earth and the Terraforming of the human soul…right now I’m just talking about the biggies; Air, Food, Water & Medicine…and how each of them have been assimilated, privatized, and made toxic to human beings.  If that does not alarm you then I cannot imagine what will.  How about the state barging into your home with armed thugs and taking your child, because you didn’t let a hospital experiment on him as long as they wanted?  How about that… alarming enough for you?

Suppose I told you that right now humanity is on the doorstep of evolution to a higher level of conscious awareness, like waking up from a bad dream into a beautiful new world.  Then, what if I told you that these greed driven jackals, these soul-less, psychopathic, non-human transgressors seek to genetically transform all of humanity into a slave race on a prison planet, for their benefit and advancement?  How does that sound to you?  Serious enough to pull you away from the toys they addicted you with so you wouldn’t notice all these things.  Just like boiling lobsters.**



Stephen Kinzer talks about S. Gottlieb and Mind Control

The CIA has been studying how to control human consciousness for years. US intelligence agencies used methods such as in Nazi concentration camps, as well as an entire arsenal of poisons.

However, the secret program fails. Experimenters only destroy the mind, failing to subordinate it to themselves.

At the same time, many of the resulting developments were subsequently used at Guantanamo Bay as well as in military campaigns in Vietnam and the Middle East.

In an interview with RT America, American journalist and writer Stephen Kinzer tells Chris Hughes about the Secret Service, which he investigates in his book, “The Poisoner. Sydney Gottlieb and the CIA in Search of Mind Control. ”

Stephen Kinzer

K.H.: There are two types of power in the United States. The first, visible, is the White House, the Congress, the courts, the legislatures of the state, the governors. The second type is the so-called Deep State, which continues to operate, regardless of which party wins the election.

Its most powerful organs are the intelligence services. They control a vast shadow world whose mission is to support the functioning of the “invisible” government. Can you tell us more about this?

S.K.: In fact, my entire career is dedicated to what you just talked about – trying to figure out what lies behind the facade of foreign and domestic policy. And I found a lot of amazing things. I can’t believe what it is and that these people really exist.

But let me talk in order. Even before Sidney Gottlieb, an American chemist who participated in the CIA’s undercover programs, CIA propagandists appear on the scene, introducing the term brainwashing.

It was first used by someone who worked at the CIA and who tried to convince Americans that the USSR wanted to “brainwash” them. The CIA believed this for a number of reasons. First, there were events that were interpreted this way by the intelligence department.

K.H.: What events are we talking about?

S.K.: One of them is the Catholic Cardinal process in Hungary in 1949. During the process, his speech seemed at times too monotonous and his eyes “glazed”. In general, he “acknowledges” what he has not actually done. And then, in the US, they decide: brainwashes.

It later turns out that the cardinal was forced to “admit” his guilt through the methods that investigators have used for centuries.

But the CIA decided that in the USSR they invented a kind of “pill” that allows them to control the mind. The situation with US POWs released after the Korean War prompts the same thoughts as they have signed statements condemning the US.

Plus, some of them admitted to using bacteriological weapons that, according to Washington, the US did not use. Again, the only explanation the CIA wanted to see was “they are brainwashed.”

Then, the 5th CIA Director, Alan Dulles, thought that the key to world domination was “mind control.” And that if you find a way to control the minds of others, you can control the world! He really believed it was possible. In part because of the events I mentioned above. But, there was another circumstance.

I’m talking about popular culture – all these movies, books and stories about manipulators. For example, someone drops a “something” into someone else’s glass and the person who drinks the drink commits a murder, which subsequently disappears without a trace of his memory. And the CIA is deciding: if fiction writers can come up with such a thing, scientists are certainly able to do it.

They needed a chemist who thought promisingly and at the same time was prepared to ignore ethical standards that seemed binding on the majority. So, I come across Sydney Gottlieb, who is central to my book.

KH: Back to the postwar period. Operation Paper Clamp: The US recruits war criminals to conduct medical experiments on people in concentration camps in the Manchuria-occupied Japan. Tell us about the scientists involved in this program.

S.K.: Gottlieb reasoned this way: before you “put” a new mind in someone’s head, you must somehow destroy the previous one, destroy the human psyche, his soul and body, if possible.

Where to start? Are there any experts on such issues? Of course – the doctors from the Nazi concentration camps and those who were doing vivisection in Manchuria (during World War II, the Japanese Army set up a Unit 731 in the occupied territory of China, conducting experiments on humans).

Instead of hanging these people, the US decided to hire and use them. It is they that form the basis of the American Consciousness Control Program.

KH: You write that their research has become available to Americans, including tissue samples that are often taken by still-living people in Japan …

S.K.: In the US, they were incredibly happy to learn the results of fatal experiments. And the people who conducted them became valuable colleagues of CIA doctors.

As I was studying the material for the book, it seemed that I had discovered the CIA’s first secret prison, a wonderful hut in Germany. At first glance, you might think that this is a hotel. The owner, a young German businessman, was very kind. He let me in and took me to the basement. There he said:

“There were cameras where CIA doctors, along with their Nazi colleagues, were shooting experiments that were just a continuation of the concentration camp experiments.”

According to him, all the elderly living in the area know very well what exactly happened in this building. He told me about the graves. There used to be a “forest” of them where bodies are buried, but now they are below tall buildings.

K.H.: These people are even described with the term “supplies” …

S.K.: These are called those who were tortured to death or used in experiments leading to the death of the victim. These were people from Europe and East Asia: alleged enemy agents, refugees with no connection to anyone who could file a complaint. On such material, Sidney Gottlieb and his team carried out the most impossible experiments.

K.H.: What exactly were they looking for?

S.K.: They wanted to understand how to destroy a person’s psyche. Gottlieb’s projects have taken place both in the US and in other countries. In America, he preferred to experiment with prisoners.

K.H.: African-Americans?

S.K.: Mostly. By the way, one of the most unimaginable experiments was performed on them. Gottlieb chose seven African-Americans among federal prisoners in Kentucky. He gave them three doses of LSD each day for 77 days, which, of course, they did not know.

The task in this case was to determine whether such an intake of LSD could destroy the human psyche. It turns out he can. The fate of these seven is unknown to us, we also do not know their names – all documents have been destroyed.

In Europe and East Asia, the Gottlieb team conducted even more terrifying experiments, during which people were tortured to death. One used barbiturates on “supplies”, first, the victims were “immersed” in a deep coma and then colossal doses of stimulants were administered. During the transition from coma to hyperactivity, they are shocked by the sharp drops in temperature – from extremely low to extremely high.

Does such a test destroy the psyche? Of course!

Sydney Gottlieb

KH : Gottlieb is known to have equipped the so-called “havens” in New York, San Francisco and Marin County. How did it happen?

SK : He organized a series of experiments – 149 so-called “subprojects”. The purpose of one of them was to find out if a person could be “separated” using sex and drugs in different combinations. To this end, he opened a public house in San Francisco, near Telegraph Hill .

KH : We need to mention here White, who ran the brothel …

SK : Yes. According to a decision by Gottlieb, the agent of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics – George Hunter White, becomes the manager of a public house in San Francisco. This whole experiment was called Operation Midnight Climax.

White, was the guardian of the law, but he himself did not follow it. His position did not prevent him from using drugs and alcohol in huge quantities.

KH : By the way, he previously broke the life of jazz star Billie Holiday …

SK : Yes, in New York he pursued the jazz man, then moved to San Francisco. A group of prostitutes were hired to work in a public house and were paid to entice men. George Hunter White – a man with no psychologist education and no experience, watching what happens through a mirror while drinking martinis.

In ten years of experimentation, Gottlieb has come to the conclusion that there are many ways to physically and mentally destroy a person. But, he never found a way to “put a new mind into the emptiness received .”

In fact, he concluded that mind control is a myth. For ten years he tortured people for nothing.

Later, however, it turns out that Gotlib leaves a noticeable imprint on the CIA’s work. He even wrote a number of materials on interrogation methods. I also note that Gottlieb understood poisons, perhaps the best in America, and perhaps the world.

KH : Yes, Gottlieb and his team, working with biological agents, had a whole arsenal of such weapons. I think it’s worth mentioning the CIA scientist – Olson …

CK : Yes, the scientist  Frank Olson was in the group of Gottlieb. He works in a laboratory at Fort Detrick, Maryland, and had big doubts about this whole business.

In the summer of 1953, Olson traveled to Europe, where he saw people tortured, probably to death, with poisons of his own design. He was so stunned that he intended to leave the CIA, telling his colleagues everything.

The information quickly reached Gottlieb. Of the entire group, Olson was the only one who was tormented by conscience. A few weeks after he began to talk about his doubts, Olson was dying when he fell through a thirteenth-floor window.

KH : Gottlieb secretly gave LSD even to his subordinates, including Olson, to see the effect …

SK : Gottlieb was delighted with LSD. 22 years later, Olson’s family was informed that he was not suicidal because of depression. They are told, “We must admit that we secretly gave him LSD. He had narcotic psychosis that we contributed to. ”

Then, US President Gerald Ford, Jr. , invites his relatives to apologize. This has never happened before! However, even now, the family believes the LSD circumstance is just another attempt to hide information, and that Olson did not commit suicide but was pushed out the window.

KH : Exhumation was done. What turns out?

SK : A huge hematoma was found on his forehead …

KH: And he fell on his back …

SK : We later found a “murder instruction” written by Gottlieb at the time. It states that the most effective way is to fall a person from a great height. But first you have to “disable” it with a blow to the forehead. So, everything fits …

KH : Now, about McGill University, which is studying how to break a person. Subsequently, this became applicable in the so-called ’emergency transfer of persons’ – in Guantanamo, etc.

SK : Yes. All the methods used by Gottlieb are described and form the basis of the manuals used in Vietnam, Latin America and the Middle East.

KH : An exceptional degree of isolation, sensory overload, deprivation was used. And it turns out that with their help, you can very quickly make a person into a state of complete dependence on the one who is questioning him…

SK : Addiction plays a key role. Gottlieb was the first CIA to develop the following idea: ” in order for a person to fulfill your will, you must “cut him from all sensory impulses and make him believe that you are his only way of returning to the real world .” That’s how they acted in Vietnam and Latin America, and then in places like Guantanamo.

Guantanamo Prison Hospital

KH : So this is essentially an updated version of the same methods?

SK : This is just one example of how Gottlieb’s work is still being felt.

At the outset of the Cold War, authorities said that in the event of an emergency, in the face of an unprecedented threat to the United States, Americans would have to compromise on some of the legal, ethical, and moral principles that we normally adhere to. Now they tell us the same thing.

There are all kinds of emergencies that make us vulnerable to statements such as:

“We need to strengthen surveillance, strengthen control and restrict civil liberties. When the threat disappears, everything will fall back. “

But this, of course, does not happen.

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GoFundMe Is Profiting off Medical Scams

On GoFundMe, it’s not hard to find people raising money for unproven, illegal, or otherwise questionable medical treatments — and bioethicists want the company to finally do something about it.

In recent years, according to The Verge, GoFundMe campaigns have raised millions of dollars for unregulated stem cell treatments, unproven cancer cures, and medical scams. On Sunday, bioethics researchers from Simon Fraser University published a paper in the journal The Hastings Center Report that calls on the company to act as a gatekeeper, preventing medical misinformation from taking hold.

“They know this is happening. It can’t happen without their involvement,” paper co-author Jeremy Snyder told The Verge. “I think they should be ashamed of themselves for taking part in it.”

In response, GoFundMe told The Verge that it’s “reaching out to experts and medical regulatory authorities” to beef up its position on stem cell treatments, but that it’s otherwise up to the individual donor to decide whether or not they should contribute to a given campaign.

Credit where it’s due: GoFundMe has already banned antivaxxer campaigns and treatments from a dubious cancer clinic.

But LGBTQ conversion therapy, an abusive practice that really shouldn’t have the word “therapy” in its name, as well as untested neurological procedures, remain on the platform.

“I just don’t see that GoFundMe can continue to stick their head in the sand and pretend this isn’t a problem on this platform,” Snyder told The Verge.

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Covering Up The Causes of Breast Cancer Since 1985

Sayer Ji, GreenMedinfo
Waking Times

Why is it, do you think, that during Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) you never hear the word “carcinogen” mentioned, but are barraged a million times over by the word “cure”?

Truth be told, BCAM should be renamed Breast Cancer Un-Awareness Month, as it has very little to nothing to do with generating awareness about the true causes and solutions for the breast cancer epidemic and everything to do with making the public focus on a presumably not-yet-existent “cure” to be produced through the pharmaceutical pipeline somewhere off in the future only after enough money is raised.

Instead of identifying and addressing the known causes of cancer, like the many mammary carcinogens now identified in body care products, GMO and processed foods, and our polluted environment, the mission of BCAM is to make people think that the best way to prevent breast cancer is to “detect it early.”

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