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Your Aura & 12 Chakras: Keys to the Kingdom

Your Aura & 12 Chakras: Keys to the Kingdom 96

Isn’t it amazing that the aspect of our existence which we depend upon the most is the one we understand the least?  I’m speaking here of the human energy matrix; the Aura and 12 chakra system.   The first thing we need to understand is that the auric field and 12 chakra centers are one complete system of energy and must be looked at as such if understanding it is what we seek.

Most people go from day to day without as much as a casual thought about their energy system, or its condition; never realizing that although it is a system which canfunction automatically, it is designed to respond to direct input from us…and only operates at peak efficiency when such is the case.  Without direct input & regular maintenance from you, your aura and chakras operate in a kind of default mode. Now this works well enough for a while but will eventually lead to a situation where instead of your energy responding to you…you are reacting to your energy, and emotions. The impact of this is perhaps greater when put in visual terms.

Your Aura & 12 Chakras: Keys to the Kingdom 97

Next we must understand that the aura is a multi-layered, multi-dimensional bio-electric body suit which is NOT generated by the body, but which, in fact, createsthe body!  This goes contrary to popular thought mainly because most of the material available is just re-hashed variants of information passed between teacher & student ages ago, and is inherently wrong on a couple of key issues.  We know by now that we are spiritual beings having a human experience; and that Earth, having been in third dimensional awareness for eons, is now transitioning to a higher frequency resonance.  For our spiritual resonance to exist in such dense, muddy environs as third dimensional space-time some accommodations & adjustments are required, hence the human form comes into being thru the resonance and intent that is you.

Chakras are ‘observation & measuring devices’… spinning vortices that function much the same a sensors & scanners…and they are also repositories of dedicated data, (not at all unlike a CD-Rom disc) and you have two sets of them so to speak.  First are the traditional seven chakras most may be familiar with, associated with the body.  Then there are the five chakras you probably have never heard of, called the trans-personal or spiritual chakras.  To be sure there are many who have written about the twelve chakra system, unfortunately there isn’t always good continuity of information between them.  It’s almost as if when writing a book on astrology, the author could name the planets anything he wanted.  Unlike astrology, where each planet has a universally accepted name, such does not seem to be the case on the subject of chakras; leading to much confusion to say the least.  The information here is mostly from the channel Lazaris and is a synthesized condensation of his many hours of audio tapes and presentations on the human energy system.  My goal here being to provide a basic, rudimentary guide to the energy system, and how it works.

Your Aura & 12 Chakras: Keys to the Kingdom 98
The structure and function of the 12 chakras is as follows:

1st, Root chakra @ base of spine, center of security & comfort

2nd Sacral Chakra @ pelvis, center of primal creativity-sexuality

3rd Solar Plexus Chakra @diaphragm, Full range of human emotion

4th Heart Chakra @upper chest, center of love

5th Throat Chakra, The full range of human expression

6th Brow Chakra @ forehead, center of intuition & wisdom

7th Crown Chakra, @top of head, realm of unlimited potential

8th Auric Chakra, below feet, realm of unlimited probability

9th Etheric Chakra, just above the head, the causal plane ~ realm of all possible things.

10th Real Self Chakra (above 9th)  realm of the real, transcendent self.

11th Soul Star Chakra,(above 10th) Realm of true spiritual essence.

12th Divine Gateway Chakra. (above 11th) God force Consciousness.


Although the human body is physical because it’s the vessel we occupy to experience this dimension of reality, the chakras are not physical, they are energetic, part of the light body.

The next step on our tour of the human energy system is perhaps the most significant as it details exactly how the aura is constructed, and the fullness of the flow of this energy which is us.  As Lazaris says; “That place into which God-Goddess-All that Is breathes the breath that becomes you, is the twelfth chakra, the seat of God Force consciousness.”

From here the energy spirals down into the eleventh chakra, the Soul Star, which is the realm of the higher self.  Bearing in mind the sheer power and magnitude of God force energy, you can readily see that a secondary function of the 5 transpersonal chakras is to also function as ‘step-down transformers’, modifying the energy so it will be compatible with the frail human bio-suit that is our body.  From the eleventh, the energy spirals downward into the tenth, the Real Self chakra, and the realm of your true, transcendent Self.  Next the energy encounters the all important ninth chakra.  I say all important because it is here we find the causal plane, and the realm of unlimited possibility.

Your Aura & 12 Chakras: Keys to the Kingdom 99

Everything that exists on Earth existed first on the causal plane.  Events transpiring on Earth happen first in the causal plane, then here; and this ninth chakra, the doorway to the casual plane, rests just a few inches above the head.  From here your energy does not proceed directly into the crown chakra, but instead it balloons outward & and downward forming an energetic ovoid shaped shell, connecting with the eighth chakra below the feet, which is the realm of unlimited probability.  From here your energy again balloons outward and upward now, just inside the first shell, and then enters the physical body thru the seventh chakra, called the crown which is the realm of unlimited potential. Whether or not you fully realize it, you are an ageless, timeless energy entity existing in the realm of unlimited potential, between the realms of unlimited probability, and unlimited possibility.

Now your energy courses into the body and the seven traditional chakra centers; bringing it first to the brow chakra which is the center of intuition & wisdom.  Not only do the traditional chakras function as sensors, always searching for new data in their informational range, they also store all of this information, a function which will clarify as we proceed.  Next your energy encounters the throat chakra, the yang energy hub, whose function is the full range of human expression.  From here it spirals down, entering the heart chakra, your center of unlimited, unconditional love.  Spiraling on down your energy enters the Solar Plexus chakra, our yin energy center whose function is the full range of human emotion.  Next comes the sacral chakra, where all of our primal sexuality and creativity originate from; and finally your energy reaches the first chakra, the root, or base chakra which is the domain of security and comfort, and represents the end of the goddesses exhale breath, and the beginning of the next inhale.

As God-Goddess-All that is begins the next breath your energy passes the sleeping and dormant kundalini, and begins its return trip to the source.  You’ll recall that the chakras hold data…well on the return to source your energy copies all the data from each respective chakra center in the seven traditional chakras, carrying it back to source.  Upon its return to the crown chakra, your energy again balloons out, and back down to the eighth chakra, only outside of the previously made ovoid shells, navigates the auric chakra and then balloons out and upward to re-enter the casual plane at the ninth chakra level, creating the final outer layer of the aura as it does so.  Back tracking its original path your energy ends up where it began, at the twelfth chakra, where it delivers the latest energy dispatches from your chakra system.  This information is then used to construct your on-going ‘reality’ as you experience it in the flesh.

The universe really does re-arrange itself to fit your picture of ‘reality.’  For example:  If you’re a negative sarcastic pessimist who believes mostly negative things about yourself, that will be the reality presented to you…conversely, if you are full of confidence, and see each day as a new opportunity, such will be reflected in your personal reality as well.  Only when we change out dated, obsolete thoughts and emotions, replacing them with positive, life-affirming counterparts will we see a change in our perceived reality.  As previously stated, this elegant energy system can operate on an automatic, default setting, but is really designed to respond to our thoughts, and intent.  By becoming familiar with its structure and function you come to know yourself as never before.

Consider your computer for a moment.  If you never preformed any of the required tasks such as defragging, dusting and anti-virus protocols, within a few months the computer’s speed would be reduced, as would its efficiency in general.  Let it go even longer and serious complications can arise, like blue screens, freezing and crashing.  The human energy system is a lot like that.  “It will take a licking and keep on ticking” to be sure, but it will not be operating anywhere near “manufacturers specifications” and neither will you.Visualize the string of an instrument, say a harp, piano or guitar.  To keep the sound resonance true, musicians keep the strings clean.  A dirty string will change the resonance of the vibration it makes when plucked or struck.  Same thing goes with your aura & chakras.  If not dealt with by routine attendance, the residue from negative, toxic events and emotions can build up in the energy system; dulling the colors of the aura and clogging up the chakras.  Since one of the auras functions is to protect the body from unwanted, possibly harmful influences, you’re really letting your guard down when you ignore the condition of your energy.  When we take a look around at the transformations now underway in the world with each new day bringing even more complexity to the survival equation, we begin to see why having control over our energy is preferable to reacting to whatever state our energy is in.  The former can get you through, while the latter can get you dead.

Because this energy system is so elegant and functional, it is also fairly easy to keep clean.  This is an excellent area for guided visualization and similar type meditations. You can even create them yourself, after all, who knows you better?  Intent is the key principle to structure any such meditation around; and that is because energy alwaysfollows thought.  This brings us to the destiny formula, because these days who isn’t wondering about destiny just a little?  It’s perhaps helpful to note at this point that in the dictionary destiny is between destination, and destitute.

The Destiny Formula

Everything is energy,

Energy follows thought,

Thought becomes belief,

Belief creates reality, and

Reality determines destiny!

If you don’t like the way your life is going, or some of the things showing up in it all you have to do is change the way you think and believe.  When you argue in favor of a limitation, it becomes yours…where your thoughts go your energy will follow, every time without fail and where ever they go they will begin weaving your reality, according to the nature of those thoughts.

In the course of a normal day it’s a good bet that someone will do or say something which disrupts your energy a little bit, resulting in an aversion reaction from you.  Each and every time this happens, that little disruption will hunker down to reside somewhere in your aura or chakras, as unresolved negative emotion unless you learn to just let it go without holding onto it. Most folks don’t ‘catch & release’ such energies; for some reason we prefer to collect them, and hold onto them, never realizing just how toxic that energy is.  So…you think maybe you’ve got a few “klingons” lurking about in your energy system, and want to evict them.  As said previously the human energy system is actually fairly easy to clean and maintain, all you have to do is ‘show up’ with that intent and half the work is already done.

Your Aura & 12 Chakras: Keys to the Kingdom 100

To be sure, it seems there are any number of techniques and meditations out there which are designed to help maintain the energy system, and I would suggest you try all which vibe positively with you.  In my personal experience and practice I find that absolutely nothing works better than sound, to rid the energy system of unwanted debris.  The musician Steve Halpern a pioneer of spiritual acoustics.  Several years back he released a CD entitled “Spectrum Suite” which balances and attunes the chakras one by one.  The musician Jonathan Goldman is another pioneer in this field.  I highly recommend his work “Chakra Chants”- as the deep voice Tibetan chants he employs do a magnificent job of cleaning & balancing the chakra system.  The San   Francisco artist Alex Grey creates astoundingly beautiful paintings of the energetic human in all its glory, and many people include them in their guided visualizations.

Going thru life with a muddy colored aura and blocked chakras is like hauling a load of bricks uphill.  Once you begin the process of cleaning up your energy system, everything starts to become lighter, more effortless.  Once you begin clearing the blockages from the chakras, especially the heart & solar plexus, you will invariably discover old emotional hurts coming to the surface, some having been completely forgotten.  Don’t let this throw you off your intent.  When such things surface it’s just a normal part of the process, and here’s how you deal with it.  Almost without fail, such negative energy is associated with a painful lesson we’ve learned.  We seek to keep the lessons learned while removing the negative charge attached to it.  When these things come up simply visualize a fully charged battery, any kind of a battery.  The battery represents the lesson learned while the energy within is toxic, and unwanted.  In whatever manner works best for you, hold that battery in your minds eye, and then drain that sucker dry.  Some blockages might have been around for a while, so repeat as needed.  You won’t have to guess whether or not ‘it’s working’, you’ll be able to feel the difference as you release these dense negative energies from your light body.

Your Aura & 12 Chakras: Keys to the Kingdom 101

The human energy system is not only an elegant and complex life support system for the soul; it’s also the means by which we have access to our eternal, unlimited nature, and the realm of Christ consciousness from which we originate.  The aura & 12 chakras represent the key, the map and the owner’s manual for being incarnate in human form; and the majority of us take it all for granted, never realizing the keys to the kingdom reside within us, awaiting our directive.


Why does Satan’s name mean “light-bearer”?

Why does Satan's name mean "light-bearer"? 114

In modern languages, Lucifer is one of the names of Satan. However, from Latin the word lucifer literally translates as “luminiferous” and comes from the words lux (“light”) and phero (“carry”). What kind of light is this that the infernal ruler carries?

Franz von Stuck.  Lucifer
Franz von Stuck. Lucifer

The ancient Romans called the planet Venus by the word Lucifer, that is, the “morning star”, which is better than all other celestial bodies visible in the morning (as well as evening) firmament. By the way, this name is “tracing paper” from ancient Greek: the ancient Greeks called this celestial entity Phosphorus (from Φωσφόρος – “carrying light”).

Lucifer means ‘that which brings light’. From φῶς (phôs, “light”) +‎ -φόρος (-phóros, “bearing”), from φέρω (phérō, “I carry”).

Venus in the morning sky in January
Venus in the morning sky in January

Why did the name of the star become the name of Satan? This happened as a result of “translation difficulties”. The Bible, in the Book of Isaiah, contains a prophecy about the death of the Babylonian king – a terrible enemy of the ancient Jews. It looks like this:

“… You fell from the sky, morning star, son of the dawn! He crashed to the ground, trampling on the peoples. “

“Morning star” and “son of the dawn” here are nothing more than magnificent oriental titles of the ruler. When Jerome of Stridonsky, the first translator of the Bible into Latin, translated this passage, he translated the Hebrew word הֵילֵל (“heylel”, “morning star”) as lucifer, because that is how the morning star was called in Latin.

Caravaggio.  Saint Jerome
Caravaggio. Saint Jerome

However, Christians, contemporaries of Jerome, associated this passage not with the king of Babylon – the embodiment of evil for the ancient Israelites, but with their enemy – Satan. And the word “lucifer”, which was just the title of the Babylonian king, began to write with a capital letter. So the innocuous name of the star became a terrible hellish name.

Jerome’s other translation error led to an amusing misunderstanding. In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, European artists and sculptors depicted Moses – the main biblical prophet … with horns on his head! Why?

Why does Satan's name mean "light-bearer"? 115
Why does Satan's name mean "light-bearer"? 116
Why does Satan's name mean "light-bearer"? 117

The Bible says that when Moses came down from Mount Sinai, his face was radiant. In Hebrew, the words “ray” and “horn” are similar. So Jerome got it: “His face became horny because God spoke to him.”

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There is a man on Earth who makes caves: you will be amazed when you see what has done alone after 25 years

There is a man on Earth who makes caves: you will be amazed when you see what has done alone after 25 years 118

Everyone has their own hobbies. Some are passionate about collecting, others are gardening, and still others are passionate about sports. But the hero of this article has a special passion. Ra Paulette is an American sculptor from New Mexico who burrows into hillsides and caves to create intricate artistic spaces within mountains. Maybe he is now the only one in the world.

You might think that he is a professional architect or sculptor, but no, it’s just that this person has a hobby. Although talent is undoubtedly present, he creates real works of art, sculpts caves like shrines, like sacred places.

He describes his places of work as “a sanctuary for prayer and meditation,” while others describe his caves as works of art. The caves are decorated with “scallops, patterns, smooth curved lines, smooth cornices, crisp ledges and inlaid with stones”. Its caves attract tourists from all over the world.

He has been hiding in a cave in New Mexico, USA for 25 years and has now decided to showcase the interior of his home.

There is a man on Earth who makes caves: you will be amazed when you see what has done alone after 25 years 119

What he did to the inside of the cave is almost impossible to describe in words, as if we are entering the world of fairy tales.

In ancient times, people made dwellings in caves or dug new rooms in the sandstone, but only for the purpose of living. The works of this artist are more for soul resting.

All this beauty is made in white sandstone cliffs just an hour from Santa Fe. Has anyone from you seen this beauty in real?

Tired of the whims of his bosses and customers, the artist, who was bored with art, began his personal and independent project.

There is a man on Earth who makes caves: you will be amazed when you see what has done alone after 25 years 120

The results of the project, as well as the process itself, are very impressive. Ra Paulette, who spent the last 25 years in the cave, completely alone, apart from his dog, away from society, spent time carving out walls.

He spent his time carving the sandstone cave he found, transforming it into a wonderful underground space full of light.

There is a man on Earth who makes caves: you will be amazed when you see what has done alone after 25 years 121

Paulette created different designs and styles for each cave, giving each one a distinct quality and texture.

There is a man on Earth who makes caves: you will be amazed when you see what has done alone after 25 years 122

The goal of this gigantic piece of art is to create an environment that inspires “spiritual renewal and personal well-being.” It will also serve as a venue for artistic events when its project is completed.
Ra Paulette works exclusively with hand tools, a pick and a shovel. First, he digs in various halls and vaults in any form, not forgetting about ventilation. The artist himself called his style – “dances of the digger” . When he likes what he gets, then he proceeds directly to creativity: decorates the halls and vaults with mysterious carvings and patterns.

In some places, his works look like real natural caves, and in other – like a completely civilized housing

Ra Paulette Cave
That is, you can wander and relax there.

There is a man on Earth who makes caves: you will be amazed when you see what has done alone after 25 years 123
When Ra Paulette made his first cave, it attracted connoisseurs of beauty and tourists. But it was made on state land and, in addition, he could not guarantee the safety of visitors. The cave had to be filled up.

Only later, when he began to make safe projects and all legal issues were met, it was possible to create endlessly. At the moment, 15 underground palaces exist for sure.

A documentary film “Cave digger” was even made about him and this man became even more famous.

In the video below, you can virtually take a trip through one of the caves decorated by the artist.

We can only be surprised by such people who just alone create beauty with which, we become kinder and better beings.

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Sacred Mount Meru: home of the gods and center of the universe

Sacred Mount Meru: home of the gods and center of the universe 124

According to Hindu records, Christians believe that the earth is the center of the universe. In contrast to this belief, the Hindus consider Mount Meru as the universal center and home of their gods.

In the eyes of the Hindus, Mount Meru is quite large, its height is about 84,000 yojanas (about 1,082,000 km). Since Hindu and other Eastern religions idolize Meru, it seems to them that the sun and all the planets of the solar system revolve around it.

According to Jain mythology, Meru is surrounded by two suns, two moons and two “sets” of stars. When some of them are in sight, others hide in the shadow of a mountain, which they believe is about 100,000 yojanas wide.

For the Hindus, Meru is the axis of the earth. Without it, the planet will not be able to rotate. In addition, they see the mountain as the home of the gods, with their kingdoms spread across all of its inconceivable height.

Followers of each of these important gods travel to these heavenly realms to rest and await their next reincarnation.

Sacred Mount Meru: home of the gods and center of the universe
A fresco depicting Mount Meru (left) and a painting (right) from Jain cosmology

For the Javanese, Mount Meru contributed to the origin of the island of Java. According to their legends, Batara’s guru ordered Brahma and Vishnu to fill the island with people. At that time the island of Java roamed and was not tied to any solid land. To stop the movement, the gods moved a part of the sacred mountain from India and attached it to Java. This new anchor was Mount Semeru, now the highest volcano in Java.

For Buddhists, the importance of Mount Meru also lies in their belief that it is the center of the universe. Unlike the Hindu version, Buddhists believe that the mountain was surrounded by a body of water and believe in 31 levels of life on Meru.

Since Mount Meru is the ecumenical center and sacred site, many mythological characteristics are attributed to it. First, it is so high that the mountain touches the sky, and the pole star shines directly above the mountain, giving it a sacred appearance. Secondly, it is said that the Ganges comes to the mountain as one river, and, having reached Meru, is divided into 4 separate rivers.

Third, there are 4 cities filled with residents, one on each side of the mountain. Ancient myths say that these inhabitants constantly see the sun at its zenith, and they always work. The sun rises and sets only for those who do not live on the mountain.

In addition, there is one lord of the heavens, God Indra, and he lives at the top. There are also four heavenly kings on Mount Meru, one on each side. The mountain extends to Jambudwip, which itself is divided into 4 continents. The southern continent is where Buddha was born and his teachings are followed here.

Many famous Hindu, Jain and Buddhist temples were built as symbolic images of this mountain. The basis of the style is a characteristic feature of Chinese pagodas.

Although ancient Buddhists believed that the mountain was real, European visitors began to express other thoughts about the earth, which contradicted the Buddha’s teachings about Meru. Modern Buddhist scholars have decided that this is an allegorical story, and not a description of a real mountain.

However, many Buddhists still refuse to change their beliefs about the sacred mountain. For them, belief in the existence of Meru is the same as belief in Buddha.

Sacred Mount Meru: home of the gods and center of the universe

If you plunge into reality, Mount Meru is a volcano located 70 kilometers west of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, 4562.13 meters high.

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