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You can volunteer in Australia and help hundreds of animals

You can volunteer in Australia and help hundreds of animals 9

Australia has been plagued by voracious and unstoppable fires since September 2019. Thousands of firefighters try to stop the progress of the flames and other volunteers are collaborating with the emergency, helping thousands of people and saving animals from a painful death. You can be one of them!

Australia now needs everyone’s help. Whatever the cause of the fires, the situation has gone out of control and is leading the country to a catastrophic situation.

More than 10 million hectares have been devastated by fire, it is estimated that more than one billion animals have died directly and indirectly from forest fires and more than 20 people have died.

Many of us tweet or share the news about the tragedy in Australia, and this is a way to help, informing the population of the real problem; But there is another way to help that might interest you.

Help victims in Australia from abroad

You can volunteer in Australia and help hundreds of animals 10
You can help from wherever you are

If you have the financial means to help, you could make donations to various institutions that are in aid work in Australia.

  • NSW Rural Fire Service: The Rural Fire Service allows donations to the organization or to specific brigades. The options for help are bank transfer, credit card or check.
  • Queensland Fire and Rescue: It is a fire and rescue service in the Queensland area. Donations are possible on its website.
  • Western Australia: You can also send your donation to the Western state of Australia.
  • Australia Red Cross: You can collaborate with a help for this organization.
  • The Salvation Army Australia: Salvation Army Emergency Services (SAES) teams are responding to the devastating wildfires in Australia.

The Department of Fire / Emergency Service Australia has a list of other organizations to which you can send a donation.

Volunteer in Australia

You can volunteer in Australia and help hundreds of animals 11
You can volunteer in Australia

If you have enough means to go to Australia and volunteer, although not necessarily in fire-affected areas, you can take a look at the following options:

  • Volunteering Australia: It is a national body that allows you to volunteer in Australia. Its website contains a lot of information on how to volunteer. In addition, on its website you can search for several program options that interest you most through keywords, location, duration, etc.
  • Koala Hospital: Do you want to help the Koalas fire survivors? This is a very famous international volunteer program in the country. For a month you could volunteer at Koala Hospital, learning and collaborating with all activities related to the care and welfare of these noble animals.
  • Australia Red Cross: The Australian Red Cross organization needs your help, and if you have basic knowledge in these tasks, you could be very supportive! Check out the different options published on their website.
  • Palms: If your thing is to help people and you have great charisma, this is your volunteer program. Palms is a global volunteer program, which allows working with a community with the objective of developing the skills of the local population.

Adopt a Koala

You can volunteer in Australia and help hundreds of animals 12
You can adopt a koala

You also have the option of adopting a koala and providing financial assistance to ensure your future.

  • Australian Koala Foundation: This organization works exclusively for the conservation of koalas. Through this organization you can donate money, buy products for animals that still survive and even plant a eucalyptus tree from a distance. You can also adopt a koala and ensure its survival. On the website of Australian Koala Foundation You will find a list of names with the image of each one to choose the koala you want to help.
  • Friends of the Koala: This nonprofit organization offers an adoption package for one year that you could choose. For 365 days you will help cover the treatment of rescued koalas and finally be released back to nature, while possible.
You can volunteer in Australia and help hundreds of animals 13
You can support the work of firefighters in Australia

And if what you want is to make a donation directly to a fundraiser with the aim of fighting fires, an example is Light Blue Barber. She has provided substantial assistance to the Rural Fire Service of NSW (New South Wales) to help stop the spread of fire. In just 5 days, he has already raised more than 27 million euros. It should be noted that the amount is free.

These are some ways to help in the disaster Australia is experiencing. You can select the one that is within your reach and support in stopping fires and improving the situation of victims and people.


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