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Would Aliens Save or Destroy Us? Seven Possible Scenarios for Extraterrestrial Contact

Would Aliens Save or Destroy Us? Seven Possible Scenarios for Extraterrestrial Contact 88

Would aliens want to help us or hurt us? In a paper by researchers Seth D. Bauma and Jacob D. Haqq-Misra of Pennsylvania State University and NASA’s Shawn D. Domagal-Goldman, the prospect of extraterrestrial contact is analyzed from every conceivable angle.

Would Aliens Save or Destroy Us? Seven Possible Scenarios for Extraterrestrial Contact 89
[Credit: Seth D. Baum, Jacob D. Haqq-Misra, & Shawn D. Domagal-Goldman]

Here are seven of the most interesting possibilities:

1) Detection without any direct contact

While this seems to be the least exciting option, detection of extraterrestrial intelligence alone would actually have a complex impact on humanity. In the realm of philosophy and psychology, knowing that we are not alone in the universe would change the way we view humanity and our place in the universe. The authors of the paper argue that the impact would be primarily positive, as humans are generally eager for answers to these curious, and sometimes existential, questions.

They acknowledge, however, that some would argue that there would be negative consequences as well, particularly in the discovery’s effects on religion, particularly Christianity. SETI astrobiologist Paul Davies claimed that, since certain religions are predicated on the notion that humans are uniquely “saved” by a Messiah, religion can only be reconciled with the discovery of intelligent extraterrestrials by acknowledging the existence of other iterations of Messiahs on other planets, or explaining why humans are worthy of being saved while the aliens are not. Similarly, creationist Ken Ham recently stated that intelligent aliens most likely do not exist, but if they do, then they are going to Hell, as Jesus is specifically the savior of humanity.

This is a common belief within the Christian religion, but not a universal one. Outer Places interviewed a pastor in Roswell, New Mexico who disagreed with this view: “We don’t know the story of other life forms… ours is a story of sin and salvation… but certainly we would believe that God is capable of writing… any story that God wants.”

But even if the discovery of extraterrestrial life seemed to have a negative impact on those who subscribed to certain religions, the authors of the paper argue that blaming this crisis directly on the discovery is the result of a “philosophical mistake,” as the extraterrestrials exist whether we discover them or not. Either way, the comfortable notion of our uniqueness in the universe is false, this discovery would only make the pious aware of that fact: “It is the existence of ETI that challenges such worldviews and not the act of detection. If ETI do in fact exist, then the harm has already been done in the sense that such worldviews are already invalid. Detection simply alerts us to this invalidity.”

2) They help us with literally everything

If the extraterrestrials are more advanced than us, and they are interested in helping us, then they would open our civilization to a whole host of possibilities. They could teach us more about math and science, provide solutions for seemingly intractable problems like hunger, poverty, disease, etc. While this option may seem like wishful thinking, it is consistent with the Sustainability solution to the Fermi paradox. The Fermi paradox essentially asks: if there are intelligent aliens in the universe, where are they? If there are technologically advanced beings who have achieved interstellar travel, why haven’t they tried to colonize Earth yet?

The Sustainability solution asserts that it is in the nature of intelligent beings to expand exponentially, and as a result they do not last very long as this rate of expansion is unsustainable. The inverse states that, if there are intelligent beings that have been in existence long enough to overlap with us,  then they would likely follow certain habits of sustainable populations. They would see value in and protect their ecosystem, and therefore would be unlikely to colonize for resources.

They would also be less likely to expand for expansion’s sake, and instead only explore out of curiosity. If they have no need or desire to colonize or conquer us, then it is more likely that they would be cooperative and helpful.

3) The aliens try to colonize or destroy us, but we turn the tables on them

This option is fairly self-explanatory; like in the book/movie/television show War of the Worlds, the film Independence Day, and countless other works of science fiction, the aliens attempt to harm us but are thwarted, either by our human pluckiness or sheer luck. For example, they could be unprepared for the microbial infections found on Earth, like in War of the Worlds.

This would mostly be beneficial as a moral victory, although there is also a possibility that we could benefit in other ways, such as reverse engineering their advanced technology.

4) They kill us with the extraterrestrial equivalent of smallpox blankets

While we often think of alien invasion as a deliberate destruction of humanity, there is a chance that they could hurt us completely unintentionally by bringing unknown diseases to our planet for which our immune systems have no defense. Similarly, they could destroy our ecosystem even further by bringing invasive species, or destabilize society in a more subtle manner by bringing us advanced technology that we’re simply not ready for.

5) Aliens are just like us, in the worst possible way

It’s possible that at some point in a species’ evolution, they become more moral and less selfish. But if that happens, we haven’t seen it yet. As a result, it seems likely that selfishness is an inherent quality to intelligent beings. Geographer Jared Diamond discussed the reasons he believes that optimistic scenarios for extraterrestrial contact are unlikely: “The astronomers and others hope that the extraterrestrials, delighted to discover fellow intelligent beings, will sit down for a friendly chat. Perhaps the astronomers are right; that’s the best-case scenario.

A less pleasant prospect is that the extraterrestrials might behave the way we intelligent beings have behaved whenever we have discovered other previously unknown intelligent beings on earth, like unfamiliar humans or chimpanzees and gorillas. Just as we did to those beings, the extraterrestrials might proceed to kill, infect, dissect, conquer, displace or enslave us, stuff us as specimens for their museums or pickle our skulls and use us for medical research.

My own view is that those astronomers now preparing again to beam radio signals out to hoped-for extraterrestrials are naïve, even dangerous.”

The authors of the paper concede that some astronomers believe that aliens would be friendly, but go on to say that just as many believe that aliens may attempt to colonize or enslave us, use us as a source of food, harm us in an attempt to evangelize, or even keep us for entertainment purposes, such as in zoos or gladiator arenas.

6) They destroy us for the most random of reasons

This scenario involves aliens that are universalist in their ethics, or beings that have certain principles that have inherent value in themselves, and are not dependent on whether they are beneficial to their particular species (humans do not generally fall in this category). We associate universalism with benevolent, peaceful beings, as they would have no particular reason to harm us simply for being “other” to them.

However, whether they intend to harm us or not would be completely dependent on their specific value system. The authors use the example of the novel The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, in which aliens are attempting to destroy Earth simply because they value infrastructure, and our planet is in the way of a hyperspace bypass.

7) They destroy us because they think we’re kind of terrible

This one is also relatively self-explanatory. Whether they believe we are a threat to their species or not, if they are universalist then they may destroy us if they believe that we are a threat to other civilizations as a result of our tendency to step on any civilization that is less technologically advanced than we are, or a liability to the universe in general as a result of our tendency to destroy ecosystems.


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The unusual hobby of the husband of Elizabeth II is unveiled. The uncle of Prince Philip had a UFO encounter

The unusual hobby of the husband of Elizabeth II is unveiled. The uncle of Prince Philip had a UFO encounter 102

The unusual hobby of the 99-year-old Prince Philip has been unveiled. According to the newspaper The Sun, the husband of the British Queen Elizabeth II, for many decades collected an assortment of books about UFOs and space aliens.

Philip became interested in this topic after his uncle Lord Mounbatten in 1955 wrote an official report on an alien encounter. The admiral and last Viceroy of India (who was killed by Irish terrorists in 1979) reported that a silver spaceship had landed on his estate in Hampshire. 

According to Mountbatten’s report, the “flying saucer” hovered above the ground before someone wearing overalls and a helmet descended from the ship. Then, Mountbatten’s bricklayer Fred Briggs, who witnessed the event, was reportedly knocked off his bicycle and pinned to the ground by an “invisible force.” Lord Mountbatten kept this a secret from the general public.

The Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip is still adding to his collection. So, he made his last purchase last year. And last summer, he read The Halt Perspective, by retired US Air Force Colonel Charles Holt and Police Detective John Hanson, about the Randlesham incident. In late December 1980, a series of alleged UFO landings, accompanied by unexplained fires, took place in Randlesham Forest, British County Suffolk. 

It was not far from an American Air Force base. Dozens of base personnel witnessed these events for several days, observing unidentified triangular-shaped objects, and then strange tracks were allegedly found in the forest. One of the witnesses claimed that he even allegedly touched the triangular UFO. Charles Holt was deputy base commander at the time.

The personal secretary of the Duke of Edinburgh wrote to John Hanson that the prince would read this book with interest, as well as another work by Hanson – “Haunted Heaven: An Encyclopedia of British UFOs.”

“His Royal Highness will add this piece to his collection … This will be the most anticipated addition to his library,” Secretary Archie Miller Bakewell wrote.

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You – The Public Deceived: What are the “aliens” hiding?

You - The Public Deceived: What are the "aliens" hiding? 103

Philip Kinsella’s book You – The Public Deceived  is among the few works that when read, is interesting and helpful.

Cover of Philip Kinsell's You Are the Deceived Public
Cover of Philip Kinsell’s You Are the Deceived Public

The author of the book, which will be published in the UK in 2021, tells in detail about cases of contacts with UFOs, which at one time had a great public response. Newspapers wrote about these events and were told on television. However, the details of the events remain known only to researchers. The value of the book lies in the fact that the author gives a detailed and not biased description of all the details of the events he talks about.

One might get the impression that he is describing a fairly long time ago, because several decades have passed since the UFO crash in Roswell, from the abduction of Betty and Barney Hill, from other events described in the book. However, despite the past years, nothing has changed in the world. Now, too, none of the people are immune from UFO abduction. And I will not be mistaken if I say that thousands of people have already experienced on themselves what abduction or rotational UFO abduction is. 

Therefore, the better we understand what’s going on, the sooner we’ll figure out what these strange little gray-skinned creatures with almond-shaped eyes really need from us. Well, or their owners.

Not just a story about UFO encounters

Philip Kinsella raises a very uncomfortable question – who are they really? After all, it is very easy to believe that these are aliens from other heavenly bodies, especially since they themselves persistently impose such an opinion on us. If we study only the characteristics of the aircraft belonging to them (speeds, side lights, etc.), it becomes clear that our human technology has not yet learned how to create such aircraft. 

You can even explain why the complex and unpleasant procedures of medical supervision are needed to which the abducted people are subjected – they say that guests from another planet arrived and decided to study the aborigines.

You - The Public Deceived: What are the "aliens" hiding? 104

But if we pay attention to other details of contacts between people and “aliens” that are not included in the paradigm of human materialistic science, then the most unexpected begins.

First, these strange creatures did not appear now, but were known to our ancestors for a long time – at least several thousand years (information about this is available not only in historical memory, but also in objects of art and everyday life). Only in the old days they were called differently and were not considered to belong to the human world.

Secondly, they perfectly know how to manipulate our ideas and do not hesitate to use such possibilities of the human psyche, which seem unusual even to us.

Thirdly, for some reason they erase the memory of the people they have kidnapped, that is, they behave not like guests from the stellar worlds, but like secret intelligence officers who do not want to be discovered. At the same time, they are not guided by the interests of humanity, but only by their own interests (this would be understandable, if only they did not harm …)

Fourth, they skillfully use the capabilities of the human body, which we still consider mystical and not fully proven. For example, OBE is an out-of-body experience, or hypnotic phenomena, with the help of which they produce various – necessary for them – effects on the tissues of the body of abducted people.

They constantly monitor what is happening in the human world

One of the first to draw attention to such oddities was the ufologist Jacques Vallee, the closest associate of the American researcher, Dr. Allen Heineck. Further research confirms that the psychophysical aspect of the UFO Phenomenon is the most important in its solution. And Philip Kinsella’s book once again draws attention to this.

You - The Public Deceived: What are the "aliens" hiding? 105

In the book “You – The Public Deceived ” The author shows cases that are especially strange even against the background of a phenomenon that is strange in itself. On the other hand, it raises the question of how great is the role of military and government organizations in suppressing the topic of UFOs. 

It seems that such a role is overestimated in the European and American communities. The same people work in these structures, they are also afraid of those events that become known to them by virtue of their profession. They need to keep calm in the community to which they belong. They have only the education and level of knowledge that they received in their educational institutions. Because of this, they try to hide from ordinary people the facts that become known to them. Conceal by any means, even through intimidation of witnesses and researchers. This is an “ostrich” policy, but it is somehow understandable, because if society understands

One gets the impression that the ongoing events in their entirety should be viewed as a hoax campaign on the part of “aliens”. Now, if we study the UFO Phenomenon “from the opposite”, then we will gradually be able to understand from what real knowledge about its nature it takes us away. If we analyze the UFO cover-up campaign from the point of view of the presence of disinformation in it, only then will we be able to understand who and why is taking the human gaze to heaven, taking advantage of our long-term dream of finding aliens.

You - The Public Deceived: What are the "aliens" hiding? 106

Philip Kinsella in his book You – The Public Deceived draws attention to another oddity – the manifestation of the UFO Phenomenon does not always have a material nature. This is especially true in cases of physical contact. It seems that there was interaction. An eyewitness remembered this interaction as absolutely material. However, not a single material trace of this event remained. The author shows the details of the events he describes, which just indicate a semi-material nature. This fact is confirmed by the information of other researchers. 

Yes, many UFOs are material. But in other cases, what we see is just … a hologram. We see the object, but the object is not, but there is simply its image. A picture, so to speak. A person remembers how he was taken aboard a UFO, and then (as he recalls) they took blood, urine, sperm – and he does not just remember this, he has scars and other marks on his body to prove it. 

In fact, his physical body remained at home (this is not difficult to establish, such techniques are in the arsenal of researchers), and on board the “flying saucer” they lifted some non-material substance, which we, being a little embarrassed, call the soul, or the astral body … But Are the scars real, you ask? Yes, they are real. 

Just think at least of the well-known mechanism of the appearance of stigmata – artificial wounds that are a bodily consequence of mental processes, for example, hypnotic suggestion. The experience of studying such events suggests the following. 

“Aliens” can influence the human body according to the principle of psychosomatics. The impact is made on the immaterial part of the personality, and the physical body then “adjusts” and begins to rebuild itself. And this is not fantasy. 

Therefore, Philip comes to a well-grounded conclusion that the nature of “dreams” may not be completely material or completely immaterial.

Perhaps the so-called “UFO pilots” do not pay attention to the suffering of the people over whom they manipulate, because the body that is being manipulated by them is not physical. They just don’t understand our pain, although for humanity this serves as a weak excuse. 

For us, people, it is very important to objectively understand what the UFO Phenomenon is, who and why is subjecting our fellow citizens to such forced and unpleasant manipulations. Hopefully, then we will be able to protect ourselves from their constant forced monitoring.

An attempt to reveal such a mystery and explain what is really happening is the main advantage of the new book by Philip Kinsella.

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Scientists have established the age of the first alien civilization with which people will come into contact

Scientists have established the age of the first alien civilization with which people will come into contact 107

To search for extraterrestrial civilizations, mankind uses its best equipment, while simultaneously creating more and more advanced technologies. Thus, scientists are trying to find an answer to one of the most important questions in science: “where is everyone?” According to experts, there are many hypothetical solutions for this problem, but eventually the day will come when astronomers will finally answer it.

Scientists have established the age of the first alien civilization with which people will come into contact 108
Photo: open source

Today many are trying to understand what the intelligent civilization that we will find will be. According to astrophysicist Carl Sagan, it is unlikely that it will be similar to ours in terms of technological progress. However, he did not say about the relative age of such a civilization and whether it would want to communicate with us. This question was answered by a group of astronomers using one of the most overlooked mathematical tools: statistics.

According to their model, any intelligent civilization is most likely not just older than ours, it is much older, according to Universe Today. Scientists decided to find out how people can establish contact with a civilization that is a billion years old. As a result, they settled on a model known as exponential distribution. It is considered quite common in statistics and usually requires only one variable to determine the shape of the curve.

Scientists have established the age of the first alien civilization with which people will come into contact 109
© SETIsearch for extraterrestrial civilizations

As a result, it turned out that the most suitable average life expectancy for an intelligent alien civilization is about twice the current age of ours. However, the authors do not directly indicate how old we are, but note that the mathematics works no matter which number is used.

For example, if the age of our civilization is defined as 12,000 years, during which we are engaged in agriculture, then it is likely that extraterrestrial civilizations will do this on average for 24,000 years. But this does not mean that at the end of this period everyone dies, it is just that they no longer do what was used to define the very concept of “civilization”.

On the other hand, if we take the time during which we emit radio waves into space (100 years) as the starting point, then the aliens will do this for 200 years. Around the same time, they will start using more advanced technologies that replace radio waves, for example, lasers. Thus, although civilization has ceased to exist as “radio-emitting”, its representatives are still alive and well, but they are using a new, less detectable technology for us.

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