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Wormholes and Ufos: The extraordinary extraterrestrial saga continues near the Sun

Wormholes and Ufos: The extraordinary extraterrestrial saga continues near the Sun 1

Gina Maria Colvin Hill, an amateur astronomer and UFO blogger posted pictures of mysterious black objects leaving the sun on her Youtube channel. She took the pictures from the NASA website and what she saw amazed netizens, as well as the Taiwanese ufologist Scott Waring, who expressed his opinion on this matter and showed a fragment of the mysterious activity around our star.

The author caught two groups of brown UFOs emerging from our Sun. When the activity intensified, six small brown rectangles suddenly appear on the night of January 16-17, 2022. 

First they flicker, lining up in one configuration, then in another. These mysterious objects are clearly visible against the light background of solar flares. It seems that they fly out of the Sun – directly from its flares. Gina, in fact, thinks so.

UFOs have also appeared in other configurations.
UFOs have also appeared in other configurations.

If it was a glitch in the program, it would be black or white, but that was not the case.

“This is something new, this is something important, these are alien ships leaving the Sun,” Scott Waring said. 

He added that the find confirms his theory that there is a hollow space inside the Sun, where the legendary planet X, which many have heard about, can be located. Waring also suggested that there is a mini-solar system of several planets and moons in the sun.

By the way, two years ago, a similar event took place – in the pictures taken in June 2020 by the Solar Orbiter probe of the joint mission of NASA and ESA, from a distance of 77 million kilometers.

In the pictures that NASA and ESA experts posted on their websites, a certain ring structure, similar to beads, is clearly visible. The shape and structure of the “beads” resemble the objects discovered by Gina.

A UFO ring from an image taken by Solar Orbiter in June 2020.
A UFO ring from an image taken by Solar Orbiter in June 2020.
The "beads" of the UFO are larger.
The UFO “beads” are larger.

Hollow Sun

Scott Waring, sharing the ideas of Gina and fellow ufologists, believes that the Sun is hollow inside – a kind of giant bubble, inside of which there is a planet with intelligent inhabitants. Likewise, from there they send their spaceships somewhere, falling into the lenses of telescopes of space observatories.

UFO-blogger's idea of ​​the internal structure of the Earth.
Waring’s idea of ​​the internal structure of the Sun.

Modern astrophysicists have a more sophisticated hypothesis, which, surprisingly, also allows the appearance of aliens from the Sun from which it follows that “star gates” may be hidden inside the Sun.

Using equations, scientists have shown that some stars – including ordinary ones like our Sun – can contain the entrances and exits of “wormholes”.

“Wormholes” are called corridors in the fabric of space-time, which in a short way connect the points of the Universe, separated from each other by thousands, millions and even billions of light years. Even at the beginning of the 20th century, Albert Einstein and the mathematician Rosen, who joined him, assured that such exotic objects were not fantasy, shaking the equations that allow the existence of “wormholes”. They have not yet been refuted.

The entrance to the corridor can be inside one star, the exit – in another. For example, inside the Sun. From which it follows: some advanced aliens could use the opportunity provided to fly back and forth through our luminary without asking us for permission.

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Several space observatories follow our luminary: the already mentioned Solar Orbiter probe, a pair of STEREO A and STEREO B (Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory) probes photographing the Sun from different angles, SDO (Nasa’s Solar Dynamics Observatory) and SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory). Among the pictures transmitted by these devices, from time to time there were necessarily those in which one could make out some strange objects.

For example, in 2016, a white UFO hit the lens of one of the SOHO telescopes, from which a thin trail stretched towards the Sun.

UFO with a train.  Shot from the SOHO probe.
UFO picture taken by the SOHO probe.

Quite recently and while NASA’s colossal archives are being investigated, NASA satellites recorded two unknown objects flying past the Sun. On 10/22/2019, the Satellite Stereo A AIA 304 captured some kind of triangle surrounded by spheres, and on the same day and almost at the same time, the Satellite Stereo A AIA 335 captured some strange cylindrical object.

Several consecutive images taken in 2012 with an interval of 12 minutes and assembled into a video show some kind of elongated object. It does not look like a prominence or a plasma clot. When enlarged, it generally looks like a man-made structure – with a spherical compartment and an extended truss docked with it. The spitting image of a spaceship designed for long journeys.

"Spaceship" next to the Sun.
“Spaceship” next to the Sun.
The enlarged picture shows the design of the "spaceship".
The enlarged picture shows the design of the “spaceship”.

According to skeptics, in the process of transmitting data from space observatories to Earth, interference sometimes occur, which can group and reveal UFOs.

“Alien ships” can also be formed as a result of violations in the operation of the digital matrix. After all, observatories are equipped with digital cameras. Images are formed by a matrix. Several glitched pixels become the source of the UFO. Anomalies disappear when pixel functions are restored.

Failures occur when cosmic particles enter the matrix. The Solar Orbiter is a relatively new device, launched in February 2020. The rest have been working for many years. SOHO, for example, has been flying since December 1995.

It is strange, however, that the pixels tend to fail so that the anomalies in the images take on very bizarre shapes. NASA and ESA give no explanation. Competent specialists have made official statements only once, about the picture taken from the SDO. In 2012, social networks were stirred up, when users saw in the picture a giant black ball – the size of the Earth – stretching some kind of hose to the Sun.

And they got scared. Some more suspicious thought that the “Death Star” reminiscent of “Star Wars” flew up to our star, and refuelled by sucking plasma from it.

A black ball stuck to the sun.
A black ball stuck to the Sun.

Astrophysicist Alex Young from the NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center explained that the prominence fell into the frame, in which cold matter condensed above the surface of the Sun, held by the magnetic field.

But still, what about man-made UFOs? The lack of reasonable explanations gives rise to the suspicion that the space agencies are hiding the truth. Or they don’t know what to say, to not mention aliens.

A ball that flew out of our luminary.
A ball that flew out of our Sun.
Symmetric design: image of the STEREO-B probe.
Symmetric design: image of the STEREO-B probe.

Let’s to also not forget that miraculous numbers do also appear on the Sun.

The number "2" on the face of the Sun: SOHO image on August 11, 2020.
The number “2” on the face of the Sun: SOHO image on August 11, 2020.

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