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World’s 10 most mysterious plane disappearances and strangest aircraft crashes

World's 10 most mysterious plane disappearances and strangest aircraft crashes  102

Mikey Smith Mirror

As events surrounding the disappearance of Malasian Airlines flight MH370 unfold – we look at some of the most unusual aircraft incidents through history.

Events surrounding the disappearance and possible crash of Malasian Airlines flight MH370 are not yet clear.
It has emerged that two passengers on the flight were travelling using stolen passports.
The owners of the passports have been contacted by authorities and confirmed to be safe and well.
A 12-mile oil slick has been discovered by the Vietnamese Navy – the first piece of evidence that flight MH370 may have crashed.
You can follow updates from the incident at our live blog, here.
In the meantime, here’s our roundup of the mysteries surrounding plane crashes and disappearances through history.
10 – Amelia Earhart disappears while circumnavigating the globe

World's 10 most mysterious plane disappearances and strangest aircraft crashes  103

© Getty Pioneer: Earhart vanished while attempting to circumnavigate the globe

Pioneering American aviator Amelia Earhart disappeared in her Lockheed Electra on July 2nd 1937, while she and her navigator, Fred Noonan, were trying to circumnavigate the globe.
Earhart, who was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic, disappeared near Howland Island in the central Pacific Ocean.
Theories about Earhart’s fate have fascinated researchers – and nutcases – ever since. While most think she simply ran out of fuel and crashed into the sea, there’s also the theory that she was a spy for Franklin D Roosevelt and was captured by the Japanese.
Others claim the plane crashed on a Japanese island, stranding Earhart, who eventually died – and her body was carried off by sand crabs. Some think she survived the flight, moved to New Jersey and changed he name. And, of course, there’s a theory she was abducted by aliens – as dramatised in The 37’s, a 1995 episode of Star Trek: Voyager.
9 – Glenn Miller’s Air Force Plane disappears over the English Channel

World's 10 most mysterious plane disappearances and strangest aircraft crashes  104

Performances: Miller was travelling to entertain troops in France when his plane disappeared

Legendary big-band leader Glenn Miller gave a string of performances in England for Allied forces with the US Army Air Force Band in the summer of 1944.
He spent his last night alive in Milton Ernest, near Bedford on December 14th 1944. The next day he was to fly to Paris to play for servicemen in France. They departed from RAF Tinwood Farm and disappeared over the English Channel.
Again, many theories about the fate of his single engine monoplane have taken hold since then. Some research says his aircraft was caught in a ‘friendly fire’ incident, after a flight of Lancaster Bombers aborted a raid on Siegen, Germany, jettisoning 100,000 incendiary bombs over the Channel before landing.
But journalist Udo Ulfkotte, writing in German newspaper Bild, came up with a more salacious and less believable theory – that Miller had, in fact made it to France, but died of a heart attack in a Parisian Brothel.
8 – Flight 19 and the Bermuda Triangle

World's 10 most mysterious plane disappearances and strangest aircraft crashes  105

© Getty Mystery: The Flight 19 incident sparked the legend of the Bermuda Triangle

On the afternoon of December 5th, 1945, six disappeared into thin air – and started the legend of the Bermuda Triangle.
A training mission of five Navy Avenger planes, led by experienced flight instructor Charles Taylor, took off from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
An hour and a half into the mission, pilots reported that they had become disorientated and couldn’t recognise landmarks below them.
In radio transmissions, Taylor told the Naval Air Station at Fort Lauderdale both of his compasses were out of action.
Despite the efforts of the Air Sation controllers, the team were unable to find their bearings. As the weather deteriorated, they couldn’t find landfall and ditched into the sea, with the deaths of all 14 airmen and crew.
Weirder still, one of the planes sent out to look for the lost training mission also disappeared.
The aircraft, a PBM Mariner sea plane, which took off at 7.30pm and was never heard from again. All 13 crew were presumed dead.
7 – Star Dust and the mystery Morse code

World's 10 most mysterious plane disappearances and strangest aircraft crashes  106

© Getty Cryptic: The meaning of the radio operator’s final message is still not known

When the BSAA Star Dust, a civilian version of the Lancaster Bomber, disappeared during a flight from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Santiago, Chile, it left behind a great many unanswered questions.
The aircraft, owned by British South American Airways (BSAA) and piloted by Reginald Cook, a distinguished air force pilot, left Buenos Aires at 1.46pm on August 2nd, 1947 and headed over the Andes mountains.
The plane never reached its destination, but the radio operator managed to send out one final cryptic morse code message – reading “STENDEC” -before it disappeared.
Theories about what happened to the plane – and the meaning of the cryptic final message – have grown over the years, and include UFO attacks, sabotage and the deliberate explosion of the flight to destroy diplomatic documents carried by a passenger.
More likely is that the plane accidentally flew into a near vertical snow field, which caused an avalanche burying the wreck.
The Star Dust wasn’t discovered until 50 years later, when two Argentine mountaineers found fragments of the engine and shreds of clothing.
6 – The Star Tiger disappears in the Bermuda Triangle

A second BSAA plane, the Star Tiger, disappeared flying from Santa Maria in Azores to Bermuda on 30th January 1948.
The flight took off in strong winds to take their 25 passengers – including World War II hero Air Marshal Sir Arthur Coningham – on their 12 hour journey, flying low to avoid the winds and following a Lancastrian plane which was to keep a lookout for bad weather.
The plane was blown off course and had to fly directly into a gale to reach Bermuda with enough fuel remaining. The lookout plane arrived safely just after 4am – but the Star Tiger was never seen or heard from again.
It’s thought that considering the low altitude, a strong gust of wind may have blown them into the sea – or that a faulty altimeter combined with tiredness from the long flight could have caused them to fly into the water.
5 – The mystery of Flight 191

This one’s cheating really – it doesn’t just apply to a single flight, but to a number of incidents over more than 40 years concerning planes with that number.
One of the most deadly plane crashes in American aviation history was the 1979 crash of American Airlines Flight 191, which crashed minutes after takeoff at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, killing all 258 passengers and 13 crew.
Other flight 191 disasters included experimental plane X-15 Flight 191, which crashed in 1967 killing its pilot and JetBlue Airways flight 191 in 2012, during which the captain had an alleged panic attack, and had to be restrained by passengers.
Some superstitious airlines have retired the flight number 191. 4 – The mystery disappearance of the Star Ariel

World's 10 most mysterious plane disappearances and strangest aircraft crashes  107

Star Dust: An Avro Tudor Mk.IVB Super Trader similar to the aircraft that disappeared

Yet another BSAA plane, the Star Ariel, vanished during a flight from Bermuda to Jamaica on January 17th, 1949.
It was a similar plane to the Star Tiger, and set off into clear skies and no turbulence – but was plagued from communication problems throughout the flight.
It never reached its destination and the search for survivors of the 20 passengers and crew was abandoned on January 25th.
An investigation concluded the cause of the accident was unknown, but Don Bennett, former director of BSAA claimed both Star Tiger and Star Ariel had been sabotaged by a “known war-registered saboteur.”
He also said Prime Minister Clement Atlee had personally ordered all enquiries into the incidents to be shut down.
3 – Alive: The Andes disaster of flight 571

World's 10 most mysterious plane disappearances and strangest aircraft crashes  108

© Getty Alive: Members of a Uruguayan Rugby Team were among the passengers of Flight 571 which crashed into the Andes.

A chartered Uruguayan Air Force plane carrying 45 passengers and crew – including a Rugby Union team from Montevideo – crashed into the Andes mountains in bad weather.
Of the 45 people on the plane, 12 died in the crash.
Six more died in the days afterward, and a further eight in an avalanche that ran through the plane’s wreckage, where they were taking shelter.
The remaining 16 passengers only survived by resorting to cannibalism, feeding on the corpses of their dead friends.
They were not found until 72 days after the crash, when two passengers made a ten-day trek across mountainous terrain, eventually finding a Chilean travelling salesman who gave them food and alerted authorities.
The story was immortalised in the 1993 film Alive.
2 – EgyptAir flight 990

World's 10 most mysterious plane disappearances and strangest aircraft crashes  109

© Getty Recorder: Flight 990 crashed into the Atlantic, killing 217

Mystery surrounds the crash of EgyptAir flight 990, which left John F Kennedy International Airport in New York on 31st October 1999 bound for Cairo.
The Boeing 767 crashed into the Atlantic south of Massachusetts killing all 217 passengers and crew.
Gamil el-Batouty, the co-pilot of the flight had just been reprimanded for sexual misconduct by an EgyptAir executive that was a passenger on the plane.
The chief of the airline’s pilot group, Hatem Rushdy told el-Batouty this would be his “last flight” – to which the co-pilot replied “this is the last flight for you too.”
Later, when the pilot got up to use the bathroom, flight recorder recordings heard el-Batouty say softly, “I rely on God” before switching off the autopilot and pushing the plane into a dive.
He repeated the phrase as the plane descended. The captain returned to the cockpit, but was unable to pull the plane out of the dive.
The US National Trasportation Safety Board ruled that the crash was a result of el-Batouty’s actions, but did not determine a motive for them.
1 – Air France flight 447

World's 10 most mysterious plane disappearances and strangest aircraft crashes  110

© Getty Stalled: Air France Flight 447 crashed into the Atlantic killing 288 passengers and crew

An Airbus A330 from Rio to Paris carrying 288 passengers and crew from Rio to Paris vanished over the Atlantic in 2009.
The final report into the crash suggested ice crystals obstructed tubes in the aircraft, causing the autopilot to disconnect.
The crew attempted to recover from the problem, but failed and stalled, causing the aircraft to plunge into the ocean. 50 bodies were recovered from the sea in the months following the crash.
The black box recorders of Flight 447 were eventually found in May 2011, along with a further 104 bodies. The bodies of 74 passengers still remain unrecovered.

Comment: Since the initial publishing of this article, new facts about the disappearance of Malasian Airlines flight has come out. And they are no less mysterious than the stories mentioned here! Read the following forum thread to learn more about that and other cases mentioned in the article: Malaysia Airlines hunts for missing plane carrying 239



A “mysterious explosion” in Sasovo in 1991 from the newly declassified CIA documents on UFO reports

A "mysterious explosion" in Sasovo in 1991 from the newly declassified CIA documents on UFO reports 117

Recently, 700 classified CIA documents were published simultaneously, which describe cases of observation of strange objects in the sky only observation (!). In them, among other things, they write about a strange case with a UFO in Russia that seems to be related to the explosion in Beirut a few months ago, and they allegedly said that the explosion was caused by large amounts of ammonia nitrate, ie fertilizers stored in port while nowhere in history has such an explosion been allegedly caused by fertilizers.

Black Vault site owner John Greenwald Jr. He said it took a lot of effort to persuade the CIA to declassify the UFO documents by sending thousands of requests to the agency under the Freedom of Information Act.

A case in Russia mentioned in these documents is related to the mysterious explosion in Sasovo, Russia in 1991. The strange explosion occurred in this city at night, shaking even large buildings.

The small town of Sasovo is located about 300 kilometers southeast of Moscow. At 1.34 a.m. on April 12, 1991, half a mile from the southwestern outskirts of the city, a huge explosion was heard. Many government buildings and private homes were blown up by the shockwave, windows were shattered and fragments were thrown as far as thirty kilometers away, reaching the town of Chuykovo.

At the site of the explosion, a huge crater was created with a diameter of about 28 meters and a depth of 3 to 4 meters. In the middle of the crater there was a large bulge of soil 3.5 meters in diameter. Huge chunks of icy soil were scattered around the crater up to two hundred meters away. 

The magnitude of the explosion was so strong that the frozen pieces were thrown to a huge height in the air, and fell and were nailed deep into the ground. According to experts who carefully examined the incident, they pointed out that 25 tons of explosives would be needed to create this effect.

Military experts, such as Colonel Prodan and fire chief Matveyev, with extensive experience in similar incidents, said that in their view, the explosion in Sasovo was unusual. They used it as an argument for this view, that there was a total absence of chemicals that are always found after an ordinary explosion. Also the earthen lump in the middle of the crater is not something that is found in such cases. Even the way the shockwave propagated did not match a “standard” explosion.

The newspaper Komsomolskaia Pravda, proceeded to cite some testimonies about the incident but without commenting and drawing conclusions. From the testimonies it emerged:

  • Immediately after the explosion, a sound was heard like that of a fighter plane flying away from the area, but without noticing it.
  • An eyewitness said two explosions were actually heard, followed by a flash of light, followed by the sound of a jet fighter. And he claimed that he did not see any aircraft.
  • Another witness said that just above the power lines, 100 meters from the crater, a bluish, arc-like glow was visible.

The Russian government attributed the explosion to a large amount of ammonia nitrate in a report, military experts categorically ruled out this version.

The official version spoke of an accidental explosion of ammonium nitrate fertilizers, but many people insisted that before the explosion, they saw a strange “moving fireball” in the sky and were sure it was a UFO.

It’s a similar story to the explosion in Beirut: The FBI did not officially determine the cause – It is estimated that it was caused by an accident .. Two US government sources, who have learned about the official report and analysis of the circumstances of the explosion, said that the US services are also very convinced that the explosion caused by large quantities of ammonium nitrate, which was stored in a port building for years, was due to an accident.

Another incident of declassified records is a story that took place in January 1985, when the crew of a passenger plane en route from Rostov to Tallinn saw a strange object in the sky. The pilot who first spotted him at the beginning looked like an unusual star.

But suddenly a thin ray of light came out of this “star” and fell perpendicular to the ground, the ray of light splitting in two. All four people in the cockpit watched in surprise as two cones of light from the object fell on a white spot in the sky. While one pilot was wondering if he would report what they see in the control tower, at the risk of being considered insane. Suddenly, the white spot turned into a huge green cloud and then the pilot was forced to deviate from the course of the plane, because this object began to approach the plane at high speed at an angle.

After that, the crew contacted the air traffic controller at the nearest airport, it was Minsk Airport, and told them that they did not see anything unusual on their radars. However, the green cloud, meanwhile, began to follow the plane, “as if it were attached to it.” From inside the cloud, small lights shone, “like the lights of a Christmas tree.” 

The green cloud flew around the plane and one pilot shouted “Look, he’s imitating us!” as the “cloud” took the shape of a wingless plane. The cloud began to shine with yellow and green light. When the passengers of the plane were worried, the pilot told them that it was North Sela. It is reported that this cloud was seen by a pilot of another Tu-134 plane that flew in the same area,

In November 1955, one of the passengers on a train suddenly announced that he had seen a UFO in the sky. When he told the other passengers the lights went out and then they could see a “shadow” on the horizon in the sky. The shape of the object was not clear in the dark sky, but it looked like a half balloon with a small canopy at the top. 

The object was slowly rising vertically from the ground. At the top of its dome, a bright white light could be seen, and a pinkish-white glow along the perimeter of the “sphere”. The object was “like a small plane” in size and was about 3 km from the train. Suddenly, the passengers saw that the UFO stopped going up and suddenly moved in their direction, flying at high speed over the train and disappeared.

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The mystery of the Nazca geoglyphs: they can be a spaceship landing pad or a water delivery complex

The mystery of the Nazca geoglyphs: they can be a spaceship landing pad or a water delivery complex 118

The Nazca Lines are mysterious blueprints and signs that are found in the desert in southern Peru. They are about two thousand years old. Symbols in the form of signs, some of which resemble animal figures, have no analogues in the world. Scientists have been trying for years to figure out what meanings they have. It looks like a key has been found to the secret.

For many years, researchers have adhered to two versions. The Nazca Lines can represent either an alien spacecraft landing pad or a complex system of irrigation canals. Both versions one and the second have their advantages, but there was more evidence in favor of the irrigation system.

They were first discovered in 1940 by UFO hunters. From a bird’s eye view, the beauty of complex and simple patterns is mesmerizing. They traverse the barren desert south of Lima.

The mystery of the Nazca geoglyphs: they can be a spaceship landing pad or a water delivery complex 119

Ufologists believe that these geoglyphs serve as a kind of reference point for aliens. Archaeologists claim that the lines were created by the pre-Columbian civilization but their exact purpose is not clear. A group of engineers led by Carlos Hermida from Spain came to the conclusion that there is nothing mysterious about the lines. The Nazca Lines are nothing more than a complex system of irrigation canals.

Hermida believes that the mystery of the drawings was solved with the help of numerous convincing evidence. These lines, in his opinion, were created using a pre-Inca technique known as water harvesting.

The satellites have created a mosaic of nearly 4,000 photographs that can be used for detailed analysis of geoglyphs. The mosaic has 75 rows and 50 columns of images. In total, it covers an area of ​​about 2500 square kilometers in the desert. Engineers are confident that this complex system served for irrigation – water through canals filled dry areas to the desired moisture level.

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There are many mysteries in the Sahara Desert but scientific and archaeological expeditions are prohibited

There are many mysteries in the Sahara Desert but scientific and archaeological expeditions are prohibited 120

Throughout the history of this African desert, tens of thousands of people have gone missing in its vicinity, and this is only according to official data. The sand is much more destructive than the ill-fated Bermuda Triangle. This is understandable, five thousand kilometers covered with sand.

Scientists know for certain that millions of years ago there were rivers, lakes, flowering gardens and, most likely, even the ocean in the desert, since numerous whale fossils were found in the sands.

There are many mysteries in the Sahara Desert but scientific and archaeological expeditions are prohibited 121

The ruins of cities, underground canals, through which water once flowed, were discovered. In one of the Sahara caves, ancient drawings and hieroglyphs were found, depicting humanoid creatures, around which there was greenery and water. There are a lot of mountains in the desert, where people have never been.

Perhaps the most mysterious place in the Sahara is rocky terrain with melted earth and traces of radiation. At this place, according to scientists, an explosion of incredible power thundered. There is a theory that all this is due to the fall of a meteorite.

This is confirmed by the chemical elements that scientists find in glass and iron. These elements are of unearthly origin, and most likely came to us with a meteorite. Moreover, the crater itself is hidden somewhere under the sands, and has not yet been found.

There are many mysteries in the Sahara Desert but scientific and archaeological expeditions are prohibited 122

If you look at the desert from space, then the first thing that can be seen is the rings, called the eyes of the Sahara, with a diameter of more than fifty kilometers. There are rocky rocks near the rings that are not found anywhere else on Earth. The stones themselves are most likely solidified lava.

But all these secrets and riddles are not studied in detail, since archaeological and scientific expeditions are officially prohibited on the territory of the Sahara, due to safety. On the territory of the desert, armed conflicts constantly occur, which are a great risk for scientists. This is what official sources say.

There are many mysteries in the Sahara Desert but scientific and archaeological expeditions are prohibited 123

The desert can be easily studied from space, by analogy with, for example, Mars, where in the infrared range, with the help of orbiting satellites and telescopes, you can recognize artifacts, as well as make new discoveries. Unfortunately, this does not happen.

The Sahara Desert, along with the oceans of the Earth, remains the least studied.

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