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Apocalypse & Armageddon

World War III map: Eight Potential Locations are identified For War With Unexpected Twist

World War III map: Eight Potential Locations are identified For War With Unexpected Twist 1
Photo: Us Navy

“A frightening map” was published by the US edition of The Sun. It depicts hotspots, fortunately, potential ones, from where a global conflict, or rather the Third World War, can begin. Experts periodically present an analysis of such potential places that could become a detonator of the world war.

In the new “version” of experts, a large-scale conflict may start from Taiwan. As you know, this island has long been in a state of confrontation with China. The Taiwanese authorities are confident that China intends to seize the island in 2025. 

The head of the defense department of Taiwan, Qiu Guozheng, even noted that relations between the two Chinese states had reached the peak of tension over the past 40 years. The Sun adds that US President Joe Biden was forced to talk to Chinese President Xi Jinping this week about the current situation in Taiwan. 

In short, the atmosphere is heating up, and the US publication expressed concern that the military conflict between the United States and China over Taiwan could become the most destructive in the world.

Another hot spot is Kashmir, which is a disputed region between India and China. In the border territories, Kashmir, which China claims, clashes occur periodically. Earlier, The Indian Express reported about the October clash in the northeast of India of a local military patrol with a Chinese one. 

As a result, a skirmish took place in the Tawang sector, Arunachal Pradesh state, which is located on the border of the countries. The Indian media also writes about the invasion of 100 soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army of China into the territory that India considers its own.

The Strait of Hormuz, located in the waters of Iran and the United Arab Emirates, is also “enrolled” in the list of explosive places that can provoke a world conflict.

World War III map: Eight Potential Locations are identified For War With Unexpected Twist 2

There was a political scandal here in 2019. On April 22, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) announced its readiness to block the Strait of Hormuz in response to US plans to impose a complete ban on oil exports from Iran, which is under US sanctions. 

At the same time, the Iranian military threatened that in case of a ban, they would block the strait. And then “accidentally” in the territorial waters of the UAE strait four oil tankers burned down and, accordingly, Iran was blamed. 

Since then, the situation has at least ceased to be acute, but the tension, nevertheless, has not been relieved.

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The authors also consider a possible conflict between the United States and North Korea. The conflict has been dragging on since the 1950s, sometimes exacerbating, sometimes fading. But experts at The Sun do not rule out that the DPRK and the United States may start bombing each other with nuclear missiles.

Of course, there are many more hot spots globally. In particular, there are at least 10 from which a local conflict can develop into a global one. But no matter how many there are, no one leaves any doubt that nuclear weapons will be used. That is why the US edition has prepared recommendations for a nuclear attack.

“To protect yourself from radioactive particles, you should take shelter in the nearest building, preferably made of brick or concrete. If within a few minutes you manage to find a good shelter – for example, a multi-storey building or a basement, immediately run there, ”.


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