World Predators chant: Ave Satanas! Do not resist His will!

Planet earth is the patrimony of Satan, the prince of the material world, the three-day world, so this has been known for a long time. And he does it almost openly, in front of everyone. No one talks about this directly, but how else can one explain such a commitment to Satanic symbolism, which is demonstrated by the world elites?

The “Kingdom Hall” is an architectural complex built in Denmark, where Jehovah’s Witnesses hold their congresses. With its form it reproduces the image of the “All-Seeing Eye” – a famous Masonic symbol, and this similarity cannot be considered accidental.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awards finalists with the Oscar – a golden knight statuette. But its twin brother is the Egyptian god Sokar – the god of sin, fire and the dead. The game of anagrams and letter rearrangements has always been popular among occultists. Oscar \ Socar. Do you think this is an accident?

One of Hollywood’s advisors was Anton La Vey, founder of the Church of Satan. In the 60s, it was he who popularized the “El Diablo” gesture, which is now considered a symbol of rock music. But look at these photographs of world leaders – what do they have to do with music?

The Papal Audience Hall in the Vatican was deliberately designed to look like a giant reptile, both inside and out. When Pope makes his speeches there, it seems that he is speaking from the head of a snake.

This building was commissioned by Pope Paul VI by engineer and entrepreneur Pier Luigi Nervi in ​​1971 next to St. Peter’s Basilica in the area between Italy and the Vatican. The auditorium can accommodate up to 12,000 people at a time. Could it be that such a huge and ideologically important building coincidentally bears similarities to the Ancient Serpent?

The Snake symbol is generally loved by the world’s elites and appears everywhere, for example, on the Alfa Romeo brand badge: a Serpent devouring a bloody human body, a discrete symbol of sacrifice, which might not be that clear at a first glance.

There are simple statistics: in Europe there are about 20 million adherents of various forms of occultism. There are 85 thousand Satanists in Germany where he Wicca pagan cult is very widespread – a radical movement who organize orgies, having many believers among the female personnel of the US air force base in Worms, Germany.

The Satanic organizations of the Order of Thelema and the Order of Saturn (Eastern Templars) practice animal sacrifices and black masses. In Germany in March 1989, the Greens, led by Madame Osterli-Schwerin, demanded the legalization of pedophilia. Homosexual relations with children are one of the satanic rituals that introduce people to this cult.

More than 8 thousand sorcerers and witches practice in England and most of them are members of the aristocracy. The Childwatch organization claims that, according to reports from English psychiatrists, about 4 thousand children are sacrificed to Satan every year in Britain.

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Sometimes people of art close to the elites blurt out or even openly say that the world elites are fans and adherents of Satan. There are well-known interviews on this topic with Mel Gibson and Kanye West. But, as a rule, as soon as someone opens his mouth, he will face severe obstruction, the death of his career, “cancelling” or simply death.

All Satanic symbolism – and most importantly, the actions and behavior of Satanists are not hidden at all, however, no one is allowed to talk about it: Satanism exists, as it were, in the shadows, it is a figure of silence. Those who allow themselves to speak out on this topic are either laughed at, accused of madness, or boycotted and quietly silenced. And it is still unknown which acts more powerfully.

Paul Craig Roberts, a critic of George Soros’ liberal policies and his “color revolutions,” says that the term “conspiracy theory,” which is usually used to explain any information inconvenient for the elite, was invented by the CIA to keep public opinion under control after John Kennedy’s assassination. Using this term, you can discredit any fact and any version that does not fit into the official opinion.

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Well, if a conspiracy theory doesn’t work, you can always talk about “random coincidence.”

A world of predators

Satan put on white clothes, like a wolf putting on sheep’s clothing, and became a god. The material world is a world of destruction, a world of predators, where everyone eats everyone and at the same time everything appears as a matter of course and no one is particularly indignant. The parasite system constantly justifies its criminal inhumane actions by eating the weaker and defenseless. 

Satan constantly needs to feed on the energies of the material world, especially the energies that a person produces and releases during emotional outbursts. 

All negative emotions and their emissions release a large amount of energy, but in order for more energy to be released, people must be made to suffer. It is very difficult to find a happy person, but it is easy to find an unhappy person. The vast majority are sufferers.

In a world ruled by Satan, true love and friendship have never existed and still do not exist to this day. Humanity is constantly at war with each other, and the more human casualties and destruction, the more energy goes to feed Satan and all the evil spirits from his environment. 

Only the spiritual world, where there is no human suffering, is filled with divine energies. But the average person is not interested in it, because there is no money, power, wars, religions, material well-being, there are no family relationships, sex, the struggle for possession, and there is no possession of material wealth either. 


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