Apocalypse & Armageddon

Words indicative of the prevailing terror: from Apocalyptic global food shortage to hunger driven cannibalism

Inflation, rising energy prices and now food shortages will be causing havoc and distress in the nearest future and when it comes to public announcements, top financial executives as well as media people seem to show that the situation is slipping away.

We are witnessing a step-by-step development of a real famine in Ukraine and the world. The point is the real, not the media consequences of what is happening, which will be measured in human lives.

The Economist came out today with a very telling cover. There is no name of the country on it, but “Ukraine” is perfectly readable between the lines.

Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey has warned that “revealing” food shortages around the world are on the way, citing rising inflation.

“This is a big concern. “It’s not just a big concern for this country, it’s a big concern for the developing world,” said BoE Governor Andrew Bailey.

In a meeting with lawmakers in the Treasury Select Committee on Monday, Bailey explained that the British people are facing a “very big income shock” that will worsen as inflation accelerates to double-digit levels in the last quarter of 2022.

“The [danger] I will find rather revealing, I suppose, is food,” Bailey said, adding that a meeting with Ukraine’s finance minister had revealed that Ukraine would not be able to send its wheat and oil reserves abroad as the country is in the midst of its conflict with Russia.

“Ukraine has food, but it can not get it out right now. While [the finance minister] was optimistic about planting crops – as you know Ukraine is a major supplier of wheat, a major supplier of oil – he said he was optimistic about planting, but said at the moment we have no way of sending it as it is, and it’s getting worse,” Bailey said.

“This is a big concern. “It’s not just a big concern for this country, it’s a big concern for the developing world.” “Sorry to be revealing, but it’s a big concern.”

Bailey then called for more military intervention by NATO and the United States to help Ukraine move its food exports abroad.

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“I am not a military strategist at all, but anything that can be done to help Ukraine get its food out there would be a huge contribution.”

This comes just weeks after Rockefeller Foundation President Rajiv Shah warned that a “massive, immediate food crisis” worldwide would begin “in about six months”.

Before the shortage of baby milk soared in the United States, Joe Biden warned in March that food shortages in the United States “would be real.”

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People will turn to cannibalism because of hunger

The famous British journalist, Jeremy Clarkson, made a statement that makes the rounds of the world.

With the food crisis approaching unprecedented numbers, he says food shortages will mean people will become cannibals and “eat their neighbors.”

The war in Ukraine have led to a shortage of certain food products and therefore has caused prices to rise.

Clarkson says farmers are already starting to produce less amid rising costs of some vital items, such as fertilizers.

As the cost of living continues to rise, millions of people are trying to save as much money as possible to pay their basic bills.

The former Top Gear presenter believes that food is more important to people than other needs, such as heating and clothing.

He told Amazon Prime: “People can live without heat, clothes or even sex, but they can not live without food. “Hunger makes people eat their neighbors.”


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