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Wingless Sky Monster!

I have just spent the afternoon frying my brain, trying to solve a 65 year-old UFO puzzler, and I can suddenly understand why it has remained a puzzler for 65 years… One of the UFO sighting  cases Dr. J. Allen Hynek evaluated for the Air Force’s Project Sign in  1948 involved a high-speed, mid-air fly-by between an Eastern Airlines  DC-3 and a “double-decked, jet-propelled, wingless transport shooting a 40-foot flame out its back end.” So amazing was the sight that newspaper headlines across America were describing it as a “Sky Devil-Ship,” a “Flame-Spitting Aerial Monster,” a “Mysterious Ball of Fire,” and, last but not least, a “Wingless Sky Monster.” I have already written a haunting account of this case, known to UFO buffs as the Chiles-Whitted Incident, so I won’t tell the whole story again. I’ll just mention that when the pilot and co-pilot saw the Wingless Sky Monster, it was at about 2:45 am, in the skies near Montgomery, Alabama. Why is this important? Because a ground crew grunt named Massey was on duty at an Air Force airfield in Macon, Georgia exactly one hour earlier, at 1:45 am, when he looked up and saw a freaking Wingless Sky Monster! streak across the sky and disappear to the southwest. His description of the object matched that of the airline pilots to an astonishing degree, and it was clear that they had all seen the same Wingless Sky Monster! Or had they? See, when Dr. Hynek started looking at the case, something troubled him. He was new at the job and still trying mighty hard to make his employers at the Air Force happy by positively identifying the WSM! as an ordinary, everyday astronomical occurrence. Well, an ordinary, everynight astronomical occurrence.
And he tried hard, he really did. But something bugged him. The Air Force base where Massey saw the WSM! from the ground was in Georgia, which put him in the Eastern time zone. Chiles and Whitted were flying past Montgomery, Alabama, which put them in the Central time zone. So, Hynek wondered, if Massey saw the WSM! at 1:45 EDT and Chiles and Whitted saw it at 2:45 CDT, did they really see it one hour apart?  It gets even more problematic when you consider that the two locations are 200 miles apart and both Whitted and Massey estimated that the WSM! was going 700 mph.   Holy shit, what is going on here? Like I said, my brain is fried. I can’t figure it out. Did one object appear in two places an hour apart, or did two eerily similar objects appear at the same moment 200 miles apart? Or did a single object travel 200 miles in an instant? Did it ever exist at all? Oh, and if that wasn’t bad enough, then Hynek tosses daylight freaking savings time into the mess! What if they really were an hour apart–or not–because of daylight savings time? And then, what if one of them crossed the International Date Line…?

In the end, Hynek made a bold judgement. “If those two sightings refer to the same object, there are two possible interpretations,” he wrote. “One is that the object was some sort of aircraft, regardless of its bizarre nature. The other possible explanation is that the object was a fireball.”  
Furthermore, Hynek decided that if the reported times were accurate, the object was an airplane, but if the times were incorrect the object was a meteor.
So, despite the fact that he started out his report by claiming There is no astronomical explanation, if we accept the report at face value,” he ended up deciding it was a meteor.
I still can’t figure it out… But then, neither could the Air Force. Months after Hynek declared that it was a meteor, the Air Force reclassified it as a “true Unknown.” Not a false Unknown, mind you, but a true Unknown. Then some time after that, they reclassified it as a meteor. I still prefer Wingless Sky Monster!

Aliens & UFO's

UFO caught on camera in Kamloops, British Columbia

© Harprit Singh

James Peters
CFJC Today

Harprit Singh swears he is not one to make bogus UFO sightings.

That’s why what he saw in the sky above Kamloops baffles him.

Singh sent CFJC Today video he recorded at 4:15 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 10, at the New Afton mine just west of Kamloops, where he works.

The video seems to show a strange movement behind the clouds.

WATCH: The strange movement can be seen in the upper half of the frame, near the middle. (Video Credit: Contributed / Harprit Singh) LANGUAGE WARNING

Singh says the disc-shaped object moved upward very quickly, which is when he took out his phone to record what he was seeing.

Singh says the disc-shaped object moved upward very quickly, which is when he took out his phone to record what he was seeing.

“I thought it would be some smoke that would disappear soon,” said Singh, “but when I watched continuously, it was something behind the clouds. It didn’t disappear and I got shocked when it moved up in a very quick movement.”

“At that moment, I realized it was something different; something strange. When it gave some different movements, I started recording this video. It was some sort of disc that moved into a vertical and horizontal position afterward,” he said.

Singh is hesitant to call the object a UFO because of the skepticism associated with UFO sightings, but he doesn’t know how else to explain what he saw.

“I don’t want to say that it’s a sort of UFO. But I have seen some videos similar to this kind of thing, that’s why I said it’s some sort of UFO,” said Singh. “I know it’s awkward to say this, but seriously, after seeing this… it was really strange.”

“I have never seen these things in the sky. Never. This was really something different.”

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The Extraterrestrial Find Of The Aztecs In Ojuelos De Jalisco (Mexico)

Our ancestors may have had a constant relationship with extraterrestrial beings. We informed you about the material that made one of Tutankhamun’s daggers.

However, this is not the only unique discovery, since a surprising series of archaeological objects is the clear proof of the existence of a remote pre-Mayan culture (possibly the ancient gods with elongated skulls or cone-shaped heads), hidden by those who rule the world and forgotten by humanity.

Several families from the city of Ojuelos in the province of Jalisco, Mexico, have been collecting for approximately 50-60 years a total of approximately 400 extraordinary archaeological objects, with the dream of one day opening their own museum and becoming known by the public. said objects.

The Collection Consists Of Tablets:

Knives, plates, figurines, rings and jade pendants, made of stone or metal, which clearly describe how these ancient extraterrestrial extraterrestrial gods (of elongated skulls and large slanted eyes, with a high degree of intelligence).

A high state of consciousness and a deep spirituality and connection with the universe, traveled in their spaceships.

Through the high technological development of their UFOs, they knew very well not only our solar system, in which they traveled between the Earth and their planets of origin, but could also come from beyond our solar system or from our galaxy.

They have also discovered a series of skulls discovered in several Latin American countries, especially Paracas – Peru, called “Paracas Elongatus”.

Also in Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia and Mexico, have been in recent years, a series of skulls and skulls in the shape of a cone, which have left scientists without words.

In the last dates also one was found in Australia, that received the name of “Australian Elongatus”.

What do you think? or forget to leave us your comments below and spread the information with your friends

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Montana Air Base Suffers Power Outage as Giant Circular UFO Hovers Overhead

You would think events like this would have been all over the news at the time when it had occurred.

According to a report published by The Mutual UFO Network a Montana witness near Great Falls reported that a contact on the Malmstrom Air Force Base described a 10-minute power outage after a circular-shaped object “over a half-acre in size” hovered over the base” on January 24, 2018.

“My base contact described the object only as black,” the reporting witness stated. “If contacted, Malmstrom AFB will confirm the power outage but nothing more. Investigators are on their way. Last sighting was in May 2017. This source is reliable and confirmed as am I.”

The witness describes himself as a retired police detective “not given to exaggerations.”

The filed report indicates the object was black in color with no structural features. The object size was larger than 300 feet. No exterior lights. No emissions. The object was hovering at less than 500 feet in altitude. The object was over one mile away from the witness. No landing was observed.

Investigators contacted the media relations department at Malmstrom and did not receive a reply. The power outage may have been limited to the launch site area and not the entire base. ‘

MUFON CAG Investigator Marie Cisneros and Montana State Director John Gagnon closed this case as Information Only.

“Ruled out for astronomical or weather anomalies,” Cisneros and Gagnon stated in their report. “Ruled out for bolides or fireball activity. Ruled out for obvious hoax.

“Our conclusion: Unidentified object. Size, shape, flight pattern and path does not fit with known conventional aircraft. Because this was reported by someone other than the witness, this case has to be filed as an Information Only unless further information is forthcoming by the witness.”

Malmstrom Air Force Base is in Cascade County, Montana, adjacent to Great Falls. It is the home of the 341st Missile Wing (341 MW) of the Air Force Global Strike Command (AFGSC). As a census-designated place, it has a population of 3,472.


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