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Will we see signs of an alien invasion of Earth?

Will we see signs of an alien invasion of Earth? 1

Many science fiction writers really like the theme of alien invasion of the Earth. In all the plots, a small fleet of aliens coming from Jupiter causes human panic and ugliness in the streets. The invulnerable alien ships hovering over London, Washington, Tokyo and Paris, illuminated by a shot, destroy megacities in one second.

Advanced alien races go through modernization of bodies and become cyborgs

Advanced races of aliens have gone through the modernization of bodies and become cyborgs. Can they take over the Earth?

Our forces of science and technology have no chance to strike back. In the face of alien enemies, an army of people is just a sacrificial piece of meat.

So, before the alien invasion of Earth takes place, can we see any signs of the coming in advance?

First of all, suppose that aliens and we live in the same universe. The same laws of physics work for them and for us. In this case, we will use similar space travel technologies. Including the basic principle of motion of objects in the universe, the speed of which cannot exceed the speed of light.

Aliens must carry enormous energy, because in addition to acceleration, their ship must slow down, approaching us. If we assume that the speed of the ship can reach 10% of the speed of light, then this will require a lot of energy. But even at this speed, before they reach Earth, we can detect the ship due to the slow release of energy. Unless the aliens, of course, “hide” behind the super field of optical invisibility.

Possibilities of alien invasion of the Earth.

Suppose an alien invasion fleet moves over the orbit of Pluto. Pluto is about 4 light years from us. For example, the flight speed of strangers is 10% of the speed of light. In this case, we have 40 hours of time to prepare the space defence forces.

Can we see any sign of an alien invasion of the Earth in advance? Probably yes. Astronomy is an ever-evolving science, with regular scans of the sky in search of change. This change includes a supernova explosion, fast moving asteroids and comets as well as smaller changes in space.

The construction of a large-scale integrated geodetic telescope in Chile is one of the new observatories. After commissioning in 2022, the telescope will be able to accurately study the surroundings of our home system. After processing the data, the computer will be able to record the slightest changes.

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Is the alien invasion fleet disguised? Again, relying on the laws of physics, we note; no matter what technology the aliens possess, they will not be able to hide the heat of their ship. So by observing with infrared telescopes we can detect this heat. A large spaceship spending energy to slow down the flight will lead to significant heat generation, and this will be visible to space observers.

Astronomers are still looking for extraterrestrial civilization, looking for the waste heat of the Dyson sphere. Dyson’s sphere in some way can contain whole stars, even all stars in the galaxy, in order to get all the stars of the energy device. However, astronomers have so far found absolutely nothing.

At the same time, if aliens want to avoid detection and get as close to us as possible, then they have a chance. You can use one of the oldest tactics – fly to us under the cover of the sun.

On a significant part of the earth’s surface, the plasma ball – the Sun – is blinding everything. On this side, asteroids sometimes “creep up” to us unnoticed. An alien invasion fleet can also enter from the side of the sun. In this case, will we be able to notice “strangers” before a critical moment?

Yes, our modern technologies are not so original and advanced to control the entire space of our system. But still there is a chance that before the aliens arrive, we will find them. Automated observatories and space equipment for early warning will help us with this.

The only question is that we still have no answer to the question;
Are we alone in the universe or not.
Both options are horrific .
Arthur Clark.


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