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Will the moon soon explode? NASA is concerned about volcanic activity on our satellite, as a large system of granite formations has been found

Will the moon soon explode? NASA is concerned about volcanic activity on our satellite, as a large system of granite formations has been found 1

A massive block of ancient granite has been discovered on the Moon, indicating a previously unknown type of volcanism on this celestial body. This deep-buried giant mass of solidified magma, known as the batholith, was deposited about 3.5 billion years ago, according to analysis. 

Although such granite formations are common on Earth, they are rare in other parts of the solar system because they require specific conditions to form.

Unlike the Earth, the Moon does not have liquid water or plate tectonics to form granite. However, on the far side of the Moon, under a volcanic region near the North Pole, anomalous heat was detected, recorded by the microwave instruments of the Chinese satellites Chanye-1 and Chanye-2. The researchers found that this heat comes from deep within the moon, beneath the Compton Belkovich volcano, and is presumably due to the radioactive decay of elements in the granite matrix.

Scientists claim that the granite matrix on the Moon is much larger than expected, and this indicates the presence of an extensive system of magma channels on this celestial body. The large system of granite formations on the Moon requires special conditions such as a large mantle plume, an anomalously wet pocket, or the presence of radiogenic material to generate the necessary heat.

All this information is very controversial, especially the reference to ancient Chinese devices of the 2005 model or so. They would also refer to Chinese astrologers, because scientists in Arizona, as it seems, do not know anything about the US lunar program

But this is not the main thing. NASA scientists suddenly got excited and published the history of anomalies on the moon that astronomers have been observing since 1540. The archive was compiled no later than 1968, but only now appeared in figures. And everywhere they write about volcanism, creating the illusion that the moon is a solid caldera.  

This NASA-ESA interest in lunar volcanoes looks strange, especially in light of even stranger observations of the moon made in the winter of 2023 and early spring:

Another group of observations of the moon – more frequent outbreaks, which are presented as meteorites:

In the light of the above, there is heavy discussion on ufological forums about an “increased volcanic activity on the moon”, which will be broadcast from all media. There will be many outbreaks and everyone will say: well, these are volcanoes, they have been observed there since 1540, and the Chinese station has found something else! 

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This, by the way, has been predicted many times by sensitives and pastors: 

These dreams are quite metaphorical and it’s impossible to say for sure that everything will be just like that. However, NASA was not just fussing around and something may soon explode on the moon.  


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