Apocalypse & Armageddon

Will the building ceremonies of the Third Temple of Solomon officially begin on Passover in April 2024?

The Christian website “Star Telegraph of Israel” reported on July 27, 2023 that the five cows are being cared for and fattened to be sacrificed at the Jewish Passover ceremony in April 2024, thus marking the construction of the 3rd temple. 

As you know, in the history of the Jewish people there were two Temples. Both were on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, known in Hebrew as “Har Habait”. Traditionally, it is considered the place from where the earth was taken for the creation of Adam and where he subsequently offered sacrifices to God. Here, Abraham demonstrated his devotion to God by going to sacrifice his son Isaac. 

The first temple, according to the Tanakh, was erected during the reign of King Solomon and destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 BC. It is believed that the construction of the Second Temple was completed 70 years after the destruction of the First, in 516 BC. It stood for almost 600 years and was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD. This event was a terrible tragedy for the Jewish people: in subsequent years, most of the Jews were expelled from Judea. 

Since then, Jews have not stopped mourning the destruction of the Second Temple – especially on the day of the fast of the Ninth Av – and cherish the dream of restoring it. 

But now, two thousand years later, the Jews returned to Zion: the modern State of Israel has existed for more than 70 years and they believe its the right time to build the Third Temple.

The “Jerusalem Post” newspaper said on September 20, 2022, “The Torah explains how the cow will be burned in front of the al-Aqsa Mosque and its ashes mixed with holy water, so that all Jews who have become impure due to the death of the soul, they can be purified with it: The Jews will be cleansed twice with a mixture of cow ashes and holy water, once after three days and a second time after seven days.”

And in the video of the Jewish Channel “12”, about the completion of the breeding of these red cows, it was mentioned that the deputy minister is the one who supervises the case.

The news channel confirmed that various ministries were involved in September 2022 in efforts to achieve this dream that has haunted Jewish circles, “since the destruction of the Second Temple, which is represented by the finding of a red cow.”

Jewish Channel 12 said:

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“Proponents of this dream are pinning their hopes on five red cows flown in by private plane from Texas after being carefully screened and selected as suitable for a Jewish purification ritual upon entering the Temple.“

It is known that the “Jewish Power” movement led by the Minister of National Security Itamar Ben Gvir and the “Religious Zionism” led by the Minister of Finance Bezal Smotrich are the most representative of the Jewish religious messianic movement, which believes in the idea of ​​the descent of the expected savior.

This savior, according to their beliefs, will achieve Jewish salvation after the outbreak of the “Gog and Magog” war by destroying Al-Aqsa and building the Temple on its ruins.

This is what is seen as a condition for the descent and victory of the “expected savior,” an idea espoused by extremist evangelicals in the United States.

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The religious movement “Hardali Salvationist”, to which Ben Gvir and Smotrich belong, adopts the most extreme interpretation of the idea of ​​Jewish salvation and the descent of the expected savior, who will make the Jews the leaders of the world, and build the Temple on the ruins of Al Aqsa.

As these movements of religious Zionists, “revolutionaries, revisionists or secularists” as they are called, see the building of the Third Temple as the key to solving all the problems and religious and spiritual miseries of the Jews, and see themselves as “God’s tool” to bring the coming of the Savior closer.

They also believe in “accelerating the end” and not waiting for “the will of the Lord” as their rabbis call them, hastening the invasion of Al-Aqsa and the building of the Temple, according to a study conducted by Ashraf Othman Badr, a researcher at the Al-Quds Center for Studies at Birzeit University on May 18, 2022.

During a television interview with Jewish Channel 2 after arriving in the Knesset (the Israeli parliament) for the first time in 2016, Smotrich threatened to say, “We will demolish Al-Aqsa and immediately build the Temple,” and “The Third The temple will be built on the ruins of the mosque.

Israel TV’s investigation confirms that the project is not only funded by extremist evangelicals, settlers and rabbis, but also includes some ministries such as the Ministry of Jerusalem, “which presented an engineering plan to build a park on the Mount of Olives whose aim is to serve the rituals of slaughtering and burning the red cow in the future.

Perhaps their most extravagant project is an intensive attempt to breed that very red heifer, the ashes of which can be used to purify the unclean.

He pointed out that “millions of dollars are transferred from Israeli government agencies to organizations that finance this red cow project, including the ministries of agriculture, education, religious services and settlement.

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Not everyone wants to wait for the Messiah

Although most rabbis agreed that the construction of the Third Temple must wait for the Messiah, some Jewish groups are trying to force things. So, in Jerusalem, there is a whole Institute of the Jerusalem Temple (Temple Institute of Jerusalem). 

The Institute is not shy about advocating for what many Israelis see as radicalism: replacing the Dome of the Rock with a new Jewish Temple. The organization’s headquarters in the Old City of Jerusalem has a mock-up of what the Temple will look like. And the painting on display at the institute’s exhibition depicts a new city plan: a tram line will take residents straight to the Temple Mount. 

With the support of some members of the Knesset and archaeologists, members of the organization are trying to achieve the expansion of the rights of Jews to visit the Temple Mount – in particular, the opportunity to pray and the removal of time restrictions.

Representatives of the institute are also trying to secretly read prayers on the Temple Mount, believing that this will bring the arrival of the Messiah closer. 

Unlike the Jews, the Evangelicals in the United States, who pour money into the work of the Third Temple, believe that it will also be desecrated and then the war of Gog and Magog (they call it Armageddon) will break out.

They say that in this war two-thirds of the earth will die, and in such a situation chaos will prevail all over the world as a prelude to resurrection and salvation, according to their beliefs. 


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