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Why world pyramids emit photon beams of radiant energy towards a mysterious cosmic cloud?

Why world pyramids emit photon beams of radiant energy towards a mysterious cosmic cloud? 1

A cloud of very strong photon energy is starting to surround us for some time now. This cosmic object has a clear influence not only on our Sun, but also on the planets, in many measurable qualities and parameters.

Many pyramids around the world are responding to this cosmic energy body. Several cases of visible beams emitted from the tops of the pyramids have been recorded.

At the same time, in many places around the world, people are hearing very non-specific sounds that defy classical explanation.

Tourists have taken dozens and possibly hundreds of highly detailed photographs of energy beams of radiation that shoot from the tops of the pyramids into the sky. You can see some of the images in this post. More recently, this has happened to the famous Pyramid of Kukulkan in Mexico.

The popular Bosnian pyramid scheme reacted similarly in 2009 and 2010. A narrow beam of honey-colored energy was seen by hundreds of observers over the course of several days. Earlier this year, the Chinese pyramid in Xianyang reacted in the same way. Some groups of scientists have even suggested that this activity may have an extraterrestrial origin.

Photon cloud of energy and energy beams emitted by pyramids around the world

At the top of the pyramid in Teotihuacan, tourists saw a very interesting whirlwind of energy. At first glance, this thing looks like a classic air whirlwind that can form even under a blue cloudless sky under exceptional conditions.

Of course, the probability that a vortex forms right at the top of the pyramid is so small that it is practically impossible. Rather, I think that this air vortex was already the result of a column of energy in that place. In this case, it was an invisible type of energy.

A very strange energy vortex was recorded in complete darkness on camera at one of the Egyptian pyramids. Surprisingly, it was a double helix similar to human DNA. Of course, in parallel with these phenomena, a number of questions arise.

Photon cloud of energy and energy beams emitted by pyramids around the world

There are two scientists who have been able to systematically analyze these phenomena. One of them is astrophysicist Paul Violette, and the other is astrophysicist Dr. Alexei Dmitriev. They are both convinced there are dramatic and rather radical changes taking place on our planet and in the solar system.

An image of a spiral energy vortex over an Egyptian pyramid.
An image of a spiral energy vortex over an Egyptian pyramid.

Both scientists unanimously declared that our solar system is in a process that cannot be affected by any process artificially caused or controlled by man.

“There is nothing in our hands that could somehow affect the situation. Moreover, we are at the very beginning of gigantic changes and events of a much larger caliber. At the same time, I am convinced that this is not the first time our planet has gone through this process. She has experience and knows what to do to protect us. We all go through and will go through the test of humility and the mechanism of spiritual surrender (which has nothing to do with the classical form of surrender),” said Dr. Dmitriev.

Dr. Dmitriev also noted that earlier the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 probes had already received information that unambiguously demonstrated the presence of a massive photon energy cloud. Instead of informing the public in time, scientists simply hushed up the matter.

It is now too late to offer any comprehensive information as people will not have enough time to properly absorb all the information. A gross mistake was made in this respect on the part of responsible scientific institutions.

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Photon cloud of energy and energy beams emitted by pyramids around the world

Dr. Metrav Ofer of George Mason University, NASA’s Heliophysics Research Center, also spoke on the matter and confirmed that information about the highly unstable and turbulent nature of the photon energy cloud has been kept from the public.

Many of us are convinced that our entire solar system is experiencing some kind of strange activity that affects all life at all levels of evolution.

Recently, the interaction of the interstellar energy cloud with respect to our Sun has increased again, which led to the creation of an increased magnetic flux, which in turn perturbs the initial level of the magnetosphere and the severity of the geomagnetic field of individual planets in our solar system.

This situation leads to subsequent mutations of the planetary climate, to the activation of anomalous energy vortices in the energy field of the Earth and other planets, to polar magnetic disturbances, to weather disturbances in the global sense.

As a kind of icing on the cake, there are incessant eerie sounds that appear with inexorable regularity almost all over the planet, frightening the unsuspecting population. Many recordings have appeared online, and while the vast majority are nothing more or less than a hoax, there are at least a few dozen original recordings of the phenomenon.

The cause of strange sounds that frighten unsuspecting people could very well lie in the core of the Earth where in parallel with the plasma cosmic cloud, very bizarre processes take place there.

Photon cloud of energy and energy beams emitted by pyramids around the world

For example, on November 16, 2013, a strong gravitational impulse was recorded by geophysical stations of the Atropatena type, at exactly the same time (taking into account time zones). Scientists agree that this colossal release of planetary energy heralded a kind of starting signal when our planet, in terms of the internal energy of the Earth, enters a new active phase.

The solar system is mobilizing. Planet Earth is mobilizing. The pyramids and perhaps other ancient sacred structures are being mobilized and are entering a state of awakening. What about us?

People have lost potential. We look and do not see. The deaf also hear, in the literal and figurative sense. If this is not in official science and scientists do not recognize it, then this cannot be. Clairaudience is a gift from heaven. But, unfortunately, they don’t look at Heaven, and they don’t believe. It’s a pity. 

The Sounds, as if blown into a Horn, are described in the Scriptures. And this is a clear indication of vigilance. 

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