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Why will New Atlantis repeat the fate of the previous one?

Why will New Atlantis repeat the fate of the previous one? 1

Ancient esoteric sources say that the highly developed civilization of Atlantis perished due to the fall of morals, the cult of worship of the “golden calf” and material pleasures, the fall of its elite, and then the people, into black magic and witchcraft. 

Plato’s dialogues allow us to understand that the high priests of late Atlantis degraded along with the population because of the desire for world power and wealth. But aren’t we seeing the same processes now in our civilization that considers itself the heir of Rome and Atlantis? 

Our civilization is degrading as quickly as it once happened with Atlantis. Parasitic-consumer values, pedophilia, participation in satanic rituals of human sacrifice have become the hallmark of not only representatives of the richest banking clans and ruling dynasties of the Earth, but also of the elites. And such a transformation into Sodom and Gomorrah of modernity better than anything shows the degree of degradation of our societies and predicts the inevitability of a new cleansing cataclysm on the body of the Earth.

Neither earthquakes, nor floods, nor tornadoes discharge the negative psychoenergetic charge accumulated in the subtle space of the planet, formed by the negative thoughts of millions of its inhabitants. Feelings and thoughts of anger, mutual hatred, greed, envy are a time bomb that has long been hanging in the subtle plane Earth.

The negative psychoenergetic field grows like a lump due to manifestations of social trouble, on the one hand, and provokes new social excesses with its energy impact, on the other. Facts such as rampant crime, acts of cruelty and vandalism, drug addiction and alcoholism, ethnic hatred are associated with the invisible, but powerful influence of the negative psychoenergetic field that envelops the planet. The growing intensity of this field, partially discharged through earthquakes and floods, is the real basis for the coming planetary cataclysm.

Such a “psychoclimate” in nature, of course, exacerbates the already fragile energy balance of natural elements. In the gospel evangelism, in Hindu philosophical sources (in particular, in the Vishnu Purana), the fact of the moral degradation of society is especially emphasized as a sign of an approaching planetary catastrophe. Recall that many thousands of years ago, the flourishing civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis were swept away from the face of the Earth. The cataclysm was accompanied by changes in the outlines of the continents, significant land masses sank to the bottom of the ocean.

Scientific research confirms the possibility of the implementation of long-standing prophecies. And the course of historical development was so correctly predicted by the ancients that it is impossible to doubt the validity of their forecasts for the future. These forecasts, alas, are categorical. 

“Unfortunately, the present time perfectly corresponds to the last time of Atlantis. The same false prophets, the same false savior, the same wars, the same betrayal and spiritual savagery,” says the teachings of Agni Yoga. 

So, the Apocalypse is not a legend or a myth, but a physical reality that has already visited the Earth in the form of major cataclysms?!

What is the way out of this situation? And does it exist at all? The esoteric knowledge of the claims that salvation lies in a change in the thinking of society, or rather, in its moral level.

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So – an option for salvation still exists. And it is associated with a return to the socially just societies, created in the past. It is impossible to build a harmonious reality without a transition to genuine democracy. And we choose this path for ourselves, then the probability of avoiding most of the negative consequences of a planetary catastrophe will be especially great.

Moreover, the process of “separating the wheat from the chaff” is already in full swing. And we see how the most adequate representatives of our civilization, who have not accepted the parasitic and satanic values ​​of the “new world order”, are striving for all of us. On the other hand, various kinds of subhuman degraders, caught by parasites on the “hooks” of greed, envy, acquisitiveness and striving for material pleasures against the background of complete spiritual degradation, leave us for the territory of New Atlantis, which will surely repeat the fate of the previous one. 

But a feature of the coming catastrophe will be that it will affect not only territories with a degraded population and the international “elite” degenerated into moral freaks, but also those hybrid non-humans who launched this process in humanity.

And it is no coincidence that some clairvoyants have already seen a version of the future in which in the not so distant future there will be a rocky desert without the characteristic signs of a destructive war in many regions of the world. This means that the reason for the formation of this desert will be a natural cataclysm generated by the most degraded parasitic satanic civilization. 

Whether this particular version of the future is realized for us depends on our choice. And from the choice of our elites, which will either diminish along with all the other servants of the global parasites, or start building, together with their people, a socially just and harmonious society without parasites. 

In any case, in the vibrations of the new reality, no parasites and their servants will simply survive. And in order to survive in it, you will need to raise your own vibrations and develop your individual and collective consciousness to its level.

Unfortunately, there are no exact indications of exactly when the Apocalypse awaits us. But what we are seeing around us definitely indicates that the end of the world is not far away. Whether the same end awaits our race as the Atlanteans – depends on the degree of consciousness and readiness to accept that depraved way of life that some leaders are trying to dictate to us.


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