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Why the Illuminati and others from the so-called “demonic elites” do not interfere with the disclosure of their plans?

Why the Illuminati and others from the so-called "demonic elites" do not interfere with the disclosure of their plans? 1

By revealing the truth, they cause cognitive dissonance. They will tell us everything about the 2030 Agenda, but for some reason this information never gets into the media. They will tell us about depopulation, “vaccine” genetic modification and transhumanism. They need our complicity.

And when world chaos and the war of all against all begins, a new world government will appear and become a great savior. It would be an “easy sale”.

To make it happen: “You knew everything, but did nothing.”

Why do they calmly look at the “disclosure of their designs and plans”?
A simple example: anyone can see that no planes hit the World Trade Center 7, the Pentagon, or crashed in Shanksville. They want us to compromise ourselves by accepting these lies and not seeking justice for the victims. Thus, by our passivity and cowardice, morally, we become their accomplices and collaborators. 

In response to the question “How can anyone buy into this hoax? Are there really only fools living in the USA and the world?” To believe this, a person must deceive himself, its what they are striving for. 

By inventing these unbelievable events to a rational and sane person, they force us to participate in lies and our own destruction. The hardest thing in the world right now is to stay true to yourself and to not deceive yourself. 

They need us to be active and lifelong participants in this massive web of lies. If we constantly turn off our minds and deceive ourselves, we work for them. The hardest part right now is just to stay awake, conscious and sane. 

Another explanation is gaslighting:

“Gaslighting is a form of manipulation that sows seeds of doubt in the target person or members of the target group, hoping to make them question their own memory, perception, and sanity.” 

Satan’s obsession is to inverse reality in our heads so that evil becomes good and lies become truth. The Illuminati wants more than just our children, spouses, property, and freedom. They want the highest prize – our soul.

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They tell us about the conspiracy because they want us to be compromised. They deliberately throw in information because they want our complicity. They don’t want us to say, “But we didn’t know anything.”

They made a bet with God. They can sway us to Lucifer’s side but they must give us free will and choice.   

It is for this reason that they reveal their “conspiracies” to us. For example, the Rockefellers sponsored the John Birch Society. Their publication ‘The New American‘ is still one of the best sources of information about the elite conspiracy. This controlled opposition has other functions as well. They can channel guilt in the right direction and make sure that real resistance never arises.

This is why many “debunking” sites function without any problems. They want everyone to know. Some sites may indeed even receive support from the Illuminati.

Ralph Epperson, author of The Invisible Hand (1985), has been talking about the new world order since the 1980s. He confirmed that he never encountered any opposition from the Illuminati and the rest of the gang.


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