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Why is the US Army cooperating with TTSA? (video)

Representatives of the US Army Land Forces Research Center say that in collaboration with To The Stars Academy (TTSA), they are studying different metamaterials which may be useful in the defense sector.

At the same time, TTSA gained notoriety in 2017 as a UFO survey organization.

Experts believe that the US military has come up with a new idea for spending the military budget and a new legend to disguise the development of secret weapons.

The Center for the Development of Ground Transportation Systems for the Development of the Combat Capability of the US Army has confirmed that it is participating in a joint research project with To The Stars Academy (TTSA). The US media defines them as an organization dedicated to UFO research and unidentified atmospheric phenomena.

Moreover, it is precisely the representatives of the United States Army who are initiating the joint project. According to a contract concluded between TTSA and the Research Center in October 2019, the US military is interested in research, and in particular in such exotic areas as active optical camouflage, object inertia reduction and communications, based on principles of quantum physics.

In addition, the government is interested in a project by To The Stars, called ADAM, which collects and analyzes metamaterial data.

Douglas Hollow, the official representative of the Center for the Development of Ground Transportation Systems for the Development of Combat Potential of the US Army, calls it “a global network for the collection and study of new materials “.

It is worth noting that, according to TTSA, some of these new metamaterials were obtained from the company’s specialists in investigating various unidentified flying objects. This is a hint of their extraterrestrial origin. However, representatives of the US Army are not disturbed by such statements by TTSA.

Vice quotes Halow as saying:

“If the materials studied under the ADAM Project are scientifically tested and the TTSA can justify their appropriateness for military use, it will make sense to investigate them in more detail.”

A spokesman for the Army Research Center added that, according to US authorities, ” the most important technologies or potential being explored by the Land Force in collaboration with the company are undoubtedly at the threshold of feasibility “, but at the same time, these studies are not costly.

To The Stars Academy first appeared in the spotlight on US media in 2017. The company was founded by Tom DeLong ( Tom DeLonge ), former lead singer of the popular rock band Blink-182 ( Blink-182 ).

TTSA has promised to become a leading ufological organization and, at the same time, an intermediary between US government sources and citizens who want to know the truth about the UFO phenomenon.

In December 2017, the organization sent a video to a leading US newspaper, which showed how a US military aircraft F / A-18 Super Hornet pursued an unidentified flying object with unknown high-speed configuration.

Watch the video:

According to the organization, this video, along with other material, was obtained from former participants in the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program – AATIP), which was funded by the Pentagon from 2007 to 2012

As part of the Project, $ 22 million was spent to investigate unidentified flying objects and unidentified atmospheric phenomena.

With the publication of these videos provided by the eccentric musician’s organization, the question of the origin of the UFO phenomenon returns to the front pages of reputable American media.

TTSA claims to have some unusual alloys to explore with the US military. At the same time, TTSA participants themselves prefer not to be called ufologists.

In an interview with Vice Magazine, Luis Elisondo, a former Pentagon employee and now director of the International Security Directorate and TTSA Special Programs, said:

“No one in our company is considered a ufologist and is not classified as such. In fact, most of us have previously worked in US government agencies, both defense and intelligence. It is our patriotic duty to cooperate with the authorities if they believe that our work is useful in strengthening national security and protecting citizens. “

In an interview with RT, the political analyst Alexander Asafov notes that the interaction of American military with various strange organizations lasts more than a year.

The expert explains:

“The Pentagon’s budget is big enough and has to be spent. Surveys of extraterrestrial or extraterrestrial forces are well suited to write off additional funds. “

According to Asafov, the US government has always acted rationally: the case is either about money or benefits, using slightly different methods than those published in statements and other materials.

The political scientist says:

“Of course, this is not only a cover for real military research programs, but also work with our own electorate, with the citizens of America. Remember the joke that went with Facebook about the attack on the famous Area 51, and how much turmoil it caused. To control people, including those with exotic interests, we need our own agents, opinion leaders, such as Tom Delong and his organization. “

For his part, military expert Yuri Knutov, in an interview with RT, noted that such public statements by the US military indicate that he expects to receive new technologies that require his own legend in the near future.

The expert points out:

“A new wave of interest in UFOs and military involvement may be a cover for all real military research programs. For many years, the UFO theme has served as a cover for the experiments being conducted in Area 51, where the Aurora bomber project is being developed, as well as stealth technology aircraft.

It can be assumed that different studies and tests will now be carried out on new types of equipment, and UFO stories and exotic materials will serve as a cover for them! “


Conspiracy Theories

KGB would have hidden documents relating to the “First Contact” with Star Ambassadors

The first contact with a group of gray aliens, a kind of Star Ambassadors,  supposedly took place not only in the United States in the 1950s but also in Russia, in 1942. At that time, a series of diplomatic visits took place to discuss the planned issues of common interest, and according to alleged Russian documents,  a treaty was drafted.
Under the Treaty 23/04, these meetings would take place in secret. A limited number of special agents would have accompanied the visitors and they would meet only with high ranking officers.


According to document 072 / E, at the 1961 meeting there was an incident involving 3 subjects due to the violation of the treaty by the officers at the military base, when it was discovered that the soldiers themselves had a hidden device to record the meeting, but without the consent of both the alien team and the KGB team of special agents. According to the Treaty 23/04, the meetings would have been reserved and therefore not allowed audio and photographic recordings of the meeting. After the accident, the treaty was revised and resumed, according to reports.



All this was reported by the independent newspaper and from Pravda, where an article had been published on the news of an alleged “first contact” between a team of “gray aliens” and the Russian government, which presumably took place in 1942. At that time, a series of diplomatic visits would take place to discuss matters of mutual interest and alleged” treaties “with a team of aliens. Everything would be written in a series of documents hidden by the KGB.

In 1969 in the Sverdlovsky state, a UFO would have crashed and recovered from the Russian military. There is an alleged video showing the recovery, with close-ups of the impacted UFO on the ground. Presumably, there was a dead alien found in the flying saucer. The remnants of the alien and UFO debris were taken to a secure Russian site, where an alien autopsy was performed.


According to the Russian newspaper “Pravda”, the KGB allegedly had a special unit designed to collect and monitor all information regarding mystical and inexplicable phenomena reported in and outside the Soviet Union.
Also according to Pravda, General Ponomarnko, then commander in chief of the Ural military district, had declared that the special unit affiliated to the KGB also had the task of ensuring that the same intelligence officers had to be involved in the works pertaining to the UFO Crash, at all stages. The reports of the agents were promptly transmitted to Colonel Grigoriev, head of the KGB scientific department.
According to Billy J. Booth from, there are unfounded reports that a UFO had crashed or / was shot down near the city of Prohlandnyi, in the USSR on 10 August 1989.

A Soviet military radar had detected an unidentified flying object, resulting in an unsuccessful attempt to contact the mysterious aircraft. So the UFO was classified as “hostile” and the Soviet Defense had been alerted by flying MIG-25s to try to identify the UFO and bring it down.


The alien aircraft that flew very slowly, was shot down. Once dropped, the intelligence military went to the impact site and saw that there was obvious damage to the outside of the flying saucer. Given that the recovery team would have to wear external protective clothing and then move to the site where the UFO’s impact on the ground had occurred, here was a small amount of radiation and some team members tried to carry out analysis.

A helicopter flew to the crash site where the UFO was transported to the Mozdok Air force Base. The Russians entered the UFO and discovered three bodies, two dead aliens, one barely alive.

Image results for alien gray, ufo crash

Image results for alien gray, ufo crash

A team of doctors and other medical personnel have made every effort to keep the aliens alive, but failed to do so. All three beings were about 1 meter and 20 cm tall, with a gray skin. Under their skin, which was a blue-green color, it seemed they had a fabric similar to a reptile. Perhaps it was Reptilian Gray Aliens, similar to the mummies recently found in Peru, near Cusco and Nazca?

Image results for alien gray, ufo crash

an armed department of Russian KGB agents would have recovered some Aliens, whose bodies were similar to the Reptilian Gray mummies found in Cusco in Peru and recently analyzed

These beings had no hair, but had large black eyes covered by a thin protective film and the fingers and arms were long and thin with three fingers per limb. The alien bodies were stored in glass containers and the UFO was brought to the Kapustin Yar cosmodrome. This information was reported by three Russian researchers, Anton Anfalov, Lenura Azizova and Alexander Mosolov who say they are convinced of the existence of KGB Top Secret documents, where there is a testimony of the incident. However, the three researchers failed to have any documentation to support their history.

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Conspiracy Theories

Are ISS astronauts observed by a space force ship? (Video)

An unknown object appears in a video taken outside the International Space Station.

Images of astronauts have been revealed at the International Space Station (ISS) being observed by an alleged spacecraft of the Space Force from the US, according to some researchers and anomaly hunters.

Images of an alleged US Space Force ship have emerged. “following” astronauts in space, some independent researchers have claimed.

According to reports, astronauts from the International Space Station have captured a “space force ship” watching them during a spacewalk.

The US Space Force It is a branch of the proposed space war service of the US Armed Forces, which aims to control military space operations.

And a video was recently uploaded to the Internet which been disclosed by conspiracy theorists who believe that space force may have already been implemented.

In the video, captured by one of the astronauts, an object seems to move through the sky near the ISS.

Object captured in space and that, according to researchers, would be a spacecraft of the US Space Force.
Object captured in space and, according to researchers, would be a spacecraft of the US Space Force.

The flying object resembles an elongated cloud at the beginning. However, from another angle, the object has other characteristics. The supposed ship moves along with the ISS, staying close.

YouTube researcher MrMBB333 said in a statement:

You will see the object in sight several times from multiple different angles. I’ve put it in slow motion, look at it right there, it’s amazing. ”

As the ship flies closer to the ISS, it becomes clear that it is not a cloud.

MBB333 indicates that the ship has dark windows and contours, however such information cannot be confirmed.

Flying object appears in a video captured in space.
Flying object appears in a video captured in space.

Another video captured the ship quickly before turning sideways. According to reports, it would be an alleged extraterrestrial spacecraft approaching the ISS astronaut.

So far thousands of people have seen the video and many believe that the images show a supposed spacecraft fleet ship.

It is very risky to say that it is a US Space Force ship. We have no confirmation that the Space Force has such ships in its possession and much less can it be said that what is seen in the video is a flying object. A logical option would be possible. space junk, as we have seen in other cases.

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Conspiracy Theories

The NASA Lunar Orbiter photographs a massive structure on the Moon !!

What is the Moon hiding? A UFO researcher found a photograph taken from NASA’s lunar orbiter LRO which shows an alien structure with a diameter of 10 miles on the surface of the satellite.

NASA has always avoided giving a direct answer to the question “why didn’t we go to the moon anymore?” Although some former employees know the answer, NASA has always preferred to hide the truth from people. The answer to this question for some of the former employees of the US Space Agency is clear: “The Moon is infested with Aliens and the astronauts have confirmed all this even since the 70s”.

an outpost of alien origin photographed on the Moon from the NASA LRO orbiter

The Moon is full of alien bases and structures. Signs of activity on the surface of the Moon were not new to those who were immersed in the Apollo missions. For centuries, renowned astronomers around the world have reported the presence of “objects” that fly over the lunar surface.

a city with a dome inside a lunar crater

Glenn Steckling, a well-known investigator, gave a very interesting interview during the TV show “Coast to Coast AM”. Steckling, during the conversation with the conductor Art Bell, revealed the possible presence of alien bases on the Moon. The detective, thanks to the presence of photographic evidence, has practically revealed the existence of alien activity on the Moon. The photos, from NASA and the Apollo missions and the LRO obiter, show luminous objects, mining activities, pyramid-shaped structures and even several UFOs immortalized in the vicinity of the astronauts during the historic Apollo 11 mission.

Now the ufologist who calls himself the Paranormal Cricible on social media, discovered a mysterious anomaly while he was doing research on the raw lunar images, which were recorded by the NASA probe “Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter”. The structure shown in the photographs has enormous dimensions that measure an incredible ten-mile diameter. What are you waiting for? Perhaps it is a ship or an alien structure?

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