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Why is sex with aliens an obsession for some?

Why is sex with aliens an obsession for some? 88

‘There’s the possibility of experiencing pleasure that Earth didn’t prepare you for’

Tonia, a 28-year-old student in L.A., is running me through her thoughts on having sex with aliens. “Obviously, the first factor is whether the alien is hot, but that’s subjective,” she begins. “What I think about most is pregnancy: Can the alien get me pregnant? Would my birth control work? I feel like there’s a lot of potential for problems.” The idea still intrigues her, though, because the potential for sexual ecstasy is limitless. “There’s the possibility of experiencing pleasure that Earth didn’t prepare you for,” she explains. “So, ultimately I’d f*ck the alien just for the experience, unless it was really ugly or scary.”

Sex with aliens has been a pop-cultural fascination for years. In fact, it’s become a popular enough film trope to warrant its own IMDb category (the sexual subtext of Ridley Scott’s Alien has been dissected to death, just to take the most iconic example); mainstream rappers like A$AP Rocky and Danny Brown have played smash or pass with pictures of extraterrestrial beings; and websites ranging from Jezebel to Barstool Sports have posed the “Would you?” question. Meanwhile, painter David Huggins infamously claims to have lost his virginity to an alien at 17 — a story magazines are endlessly, pruriently interested in — and it’s a varied, colorful and well-established porn category.

But why do some of us find the prospect of sex with extraterrestrials so intriguing? Bex, a 28-year-old retail worker in Phoenix who uses non-binary pronouns, tells me that on one level, it’s very simple: “Inhuman physical characteristics are very hot.” When I ask them to elaborate, they give me the following list of horny alien characteristics:

  • Tentacles
  • Crests like the kind of bony protrusion you’d see on dinosaurs
  • Eyes that have colors other than white in the sclera
  • More limbs than humans
  • Limbs where the joints would be considered backwards to us, or arms that seem too long or musculature that doesn’t conform to human norms
  • Sharp teeth
  • Differently-shaped ears
  • Scales

Mads, a 27-year-old writer in Atlanta who also uses non-binary pronouns, concurs. “There’re lots of different ways that an alien could be — mean, gentle, curious — and many of them are potentially sexy,” they say. “The Venom movie from last year was a great moment for alien loving. The alien was kind of slimy and tentacle-y, which is viscerally sexy for me.” Mads also notes that there’s a sequence in which the alien spreads out over the entire body of Tom Hardy’s character and envelops him, acting as a living suit: “The idea of a goo monster completely covering a person’s body and touching him all over has a lot of erotic potential.”

A woman I’ll call Sofia, a 27-year-old retail worker in L.A. who asks me to use a changed first name to protect her privacy, laughs, “I like the idea of horny aliens, full of weird holes and shit,” adding that the idea of an alien modifying her body is her horniest fantasy. “I’m into body transformation shit, which makes sense, because I’m trans,” she explains. “Almost everything I fantasize about is just me being pumped full of hormones — an alien abducts me, and then some kind of alien tentacle thing injects drugs into my nipples or something stupid like that. It doesn’t need to be particularly smart.”

“Future tech is basically carte blanche for whatever fetish people are into,” she continues. “Aliens imply a fantastic element, a realm of weirder technology, different genders — like, maybe the aliens only have sex via oviposition, and someone is into that specifically. Everything’s up for grabs.”

There’s also the cultural influence of Japanese pornography, which Sofia tells me is “pretty heavy on aliens.” It’s a practical consideration as much as anything else, since she explains that Japanese porn requires heavy censorship, and portraying “alien” bodies is a way of avoiding censorship laws. A 2002 interview with manga artist Toshio Maeda confirms this point. “At that time, it was illegal to create a sensual scene in bed,” he explains of his pre-1986 tentacle erotica. “I thought I should do something to avoid drawing such a normal sensual scene. So I just created a creature. I could say, as an excuse, this is not a [penis], this is just a part of the creature. You know, the creatures, they don’t have a gender. A creature is a creature. So it is not obscene, not illegal.”

Why is sex with aliens an obsession for some? 89

On one level, then, the horniness for aliens is primal and physical: Aliens might have tentacles, slime, novel orifices, strong, strange bodies — a smorgasbord of fantastical features. But many of the people I speak to are attracted to aliens on a tender, emotional level, too. “Aliens have a different psychology and perspective than what is the human norm, and the process of exploring that and coming to a place of shared experience is an intriguing and attractive concept to me,” Bex tells me. “This might be partly because I’m neurodivergent myself, and I feel like my perspectives are also a bit off from the human norm.”

For others like Tonia, aliens represent the hope of higher intelligence, enlightenment and escape from Earth and its troubles, especially as humans descend into chaos, fascism and self-interested inaction in the face of a potential climate apocalypse.

“I’d hope if aliens f*ck me, they’d also give me a ride off the planet,” Tonia tells me. “I definitely think about [sex with aliens] more since that study came out saying we have less than 20 years to turn [climate change] around.”

As for Mads, aliens appeal in part because they might be surprisingly considerate lovers. “A big part of the appeal of any xenophilia for me is the fantasy of having sex without a presumption that we all already know how to have sex with each other,” they explain. “Learning about someone’s anatomy and how they might like to be pleasured, and teaching those things in return, is a nice fantasy.

“The idea of making contact with an alien that could be attracted to me and vice versa, and having an erotic experience together despite being so different seems very romantic.”



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Psilocybin mushrooms sprout in the blood of an ‘experimental’ patient

Psilocybin mushrooms sprout in the blood of an 'experimental' patient 90

US doctors described the story of a man who tried to relieve depression with psilocybin mushrooms in an unconventional way. He injected an intravenous infusion of mushrooms, causing the mushrooms to continue to multiply in his blood and cause multiple organ failure. The case was reported in the Journal of the Academy of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry.

Many drugs that people traditionally use as psychedelics are increasingly becoming the focus of medical attention. Some of them have already been repurposed and started clinical trials: for example, micro-doses of LSD have proven to be at least safe in the case of Alzheimer’s disease, and psilocybin has helped patients with  migraines and  depression. Often in such experiments we are talking about microdosing – that is, the mass of the substance is not enough for a psychoactive effect.

The story of an American who decided to experiment on his own was described by doctors led by Curtis McKnight of Creighton University School of Medicine. According to relatives, the 30-year-old American suffered from bipolar disorder, but shortly before the incident stopped taking his prescribed medications and suffered from alternating states of mania and depression.

When he stumbled upon research on the potential benefits of psychedelics, he boiled psilocybin mushrooms and injected the filtered solution into his vein. A few days after this experiment, relatives found him in a lethargic state with jaundice, diarrhea and bloody vomiting and took him to the hospital.

Doctors discovered the patient had a problem with multiple organs at once: acute renal failure, liver damage, tachycardia, and low blood saturation and ionic imbalance. He was prescribed droppers to normalize the composition of the blood, vasoconstrictors to raise blood pressure, antibiotics and antifungal drugs. Despite this, he developed septic shock and DIC (excessive blood clotting) and needed plasmapheresis. Only eight days later he was discharged from the intensive care unit, and at the time of publication of the article he had already been in the hospital for 22 days.

In the patient’s blood tests, in addition to the Brevibacillus bacteria , there were also Psilocybe cubensis fungi  – the same ones from which he injected himself intravenously. Apparently, due to insufficient filtration of the solution, the fungi entered the bloodstream and multiplied there, causing intoxication and multiple organ failure.

Psilocybin mushrooms sprout in the blood of an 'experimental' patient 91

The authors of the work note that this is not the first such case – at least in the 80s of the 20th century, doctors already described a patient with similar symptoms after an intravenous injection. Therefore, McKnight and coauthors warn their colleagues: since psychedelics are increasingly used as a medicine (at the end of 2020, they began to legalize it in the United States), it is important to remind patients of the inadmissibility of self-therapy. Intravenous administration can be dangerous – doctors still do not know if it has the same psychoactive effect as the classical methods of administration.

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A part of a person’s essence accompanies him throughout his life: this is confirmed by a brain scan

A part of a person's essence accompanies him throughout his life: this is confirmed by a brain scan 92

A new method of scanning the human brain has produced amazing results. It turns out that in every person there is a certain part of his essence, which accompanies him all his life from the moment of birth to death.

Scientists believe that this is the core of a person’s self-awareness. It combines memories of the past with fleeting sensations of reality and provides a basis for anticipation of events in the future.

It turned out that a certain part of a person’s consciousness is consistent as they grow older and older.

For centuries, scientists and philosophers have been interested in the question: can this sense of “personal self” be stable throughout life? A new psychological study with the results of a brain scan made it possible to conclude that a certain part of a person’s consciousness really accompanies him throughout his life.

It is consistent as it gets older and older. Miguel Rubianes, a neuroscientist at the Complutense University of Madrid, says the aim of the study was to answer the question: Are we the same person throughout life? In combination with the results of other studies, scientists have concluded that there is a certain component that remains stable from birth to death.

The other part of consciousness remains susceptible to current changes. The scientists recognized independence as the basis of identity. And every time a person uses the word “I”, he means a thread that connects together all the events and experiences that have occurred in life.

Experience gained over the years changes a person, changes the components of his identity. Each case associated with personal experiences, a broken heart, a successful career step, expected or unexpected failure lead to the fact that a person compares himself to himself before and after these events. It is a neurological programming scheme that involves visual self-knowledge as an indicator of connection with your impressions of yourself.

This effect makes it possible to cope with memories and recognition of information when it is associated, for example, with one’s own photograph of an infant. Although this principle has a lot of evidence, scientists believe that the very mechanism of the brain involved in this remains a mystery.

This study was published in the journal Psychophysiology.

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Metaphysics & Psychology

Beauty and diversity of our world: 10 movies that will make time stop

Beauty and diversity of our world: 10 movies that will make time stop 93

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we sometimes do not notice how time flies past us, what miracles surround us. We do not have time to listen to the rustle of leaves in the wind and we miss those minutes when the crimson moon hangs at the very horizon.

Below are 10 films that reflect the beauty and diversity of our world. You watch such a movie and forget about everything.


Beauty and diversity of our world: 10 movies that will make time stop

7 fairy tales-ballads based on Czech folklore are filmed colorfully and poetically. 

They endure a time when people were closer to nature, believed in miracles and the spirits of the forest, when the terrible and the beautiful were merged together.

Ashes and snow

Beauty and diversity of our world: 10 movies that will make time stop

Gregory Colbert’s documentary has no plot, but it attracts with its stunning, unrestrained beauty, reflecting the unity of man with nature.

The film was shot for 13 years in the most exotic corners of our planet: Burma, Ethiopia, India, Antarctica, Sri Lanka, Tonga islands and many other picturesque places.

The fountain

Beauty and diversity of our world: 10 movies that will make time stop

The main character Thomas tries to find a cure for his wife Isabelle. Every day she gets worse, and he cannot be near, because he puts experiments in the laboratory. In his soul, love, the desire to be with Isabelle and the desire to extend her life are fighting. 

Darren Aronofsky’s philosophical drama was filmed in vivid colors, despite the fact that the director did not use computer special effects.


Beauty and diversity of our world: 10 movies that will make time stop

This is a beautiful one and a half hour trip to the most amazing places on the planet. 

Director Ron Fricke showed the inextricable connection of all people and events on earth, the cycle of death and birth, the versatility of our world, where beauty coexists with nondescriptness, and the end means the beginning.

The Bear

Beauty and diversity of our world: 10 movies that will make time stop

The story of a bear cub that lost its mother and nailed to a large wounded bear. Together they have to go through many trials, the worst of which is meeting the hunters. 

The wonderful plot of the film is combined with stunning music that helps you immerse yourself in the world of nature and feel it with your whole body.

Happy People: A Year in the Taiga

Beauty and diversity of our world: 10 movies that will make time stop

The harsh Siberian nature, untouched by man, the majestic Yenisei River and the small village of Bakhta with a simple way of life. 

People live and survive in these parts, rely only on themselves and also ask only themselves. Four seasons – four lifestyles for each of them.

August Rush

Beauty and diversity of our world: 10 movies that will make time stop

Young musician August Rush does not know his parents, but he really wants to find them and for some reason is sure that if he plays, they will hear and recognize him by his music. 

Mesmerizing music permeates the entire film and works wonders to dispel the evil spell of separation.


Beauty and diversity of our world: 10 movies that will make time stop

A documentary masterpiece, a philosophical essay accompanied by superb cinematography and music, goes without words. The only and main actor here is life in all its diversity and unity. 

The gaze of a monkey sitting in a hot pond is equal to all the depths of cold space, and the dances of the aborigines are synchronized with the movements of the forest.

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring

Beauty and diversity of our world: 10 movies that will make time stop

This is a beautiful and unhurried philosophical parable about a wheel of time moving into infinity. Each time, with the beginning of a new cycle of rotation, life on earth is renewed, and everyone has the opportunity for a new rebirth. 

The film by Korean director Kim Ki-dook tells about two monks – a teacher and his student – and the obstacles that must be overcome on the way to finding harmony.


Beauty and diversity of our world: 10 movies that will make time stop

The main characters of the documentary narration are cultural and historical monuments. 

They absorbed the life of the people who created them, and have remained for centuries as an imprint of bygone eras.

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