Why did they actually make CERN? Stargate portal and God’s Cornerstone of the Earth

At the CERN headquarters, the symbol of Shiva (the Hindu god of destruction) can be clearly seen dancing the cosmic dance of death and destruction. Is this a symbolic statement of CERN’s final intention to bring a new era of destruction to this planet?

On July the 5th, CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) launched a new experiment at the refurbished Large Hadron Collider (LHC) that is said to run non-stop until 2026. This experiment has caused a huge amount of conjecture and suspicion among the general public and no one can explain the essence of the project – although there are many official and unofficial smart people who undertake the task of moving further with CERN’s experiments.

The scientists themselves have no idea what they are looking for, what they can find, and what to do with it – if they find it? They throw stones into the abyss and listen – have they awakened any beast? And if they didn’t wake up, then they continue to throw and listen. None of them knows for sure – what can happen as a result of the direction of incredibly high energies, comparable to the explosion of a nuclear weapon, into the smallest point, and not even a point – but an elementary particle. And not even in an ordinary particle – a proton or an electron – but in their, as expected, elementary components.

But there are enough assumptions as to what the real goal pursued by this project is with very vaguely defined goals, a bottomless budget and unknown and unspecified expectations from it. 

According to CERN speakers, “the formation of tiny ‘quantum’ black holes may be possible” after July the 5th. 

The LHC is a gigantic 27-kilometer apparatus buried underground on the Swiss-French border that studies particles. It was built from 1998 to 2008 in collaboration with over 10,000 scientists and hundreds of universities and laboratories and first launched in September 2008.

CERN Collider dimensions.

However, it was closed for several years due to scheduled maintenance and upgrades before being operational again on April 22, 2022.

From July 5th, the collider began to operate continuously at full power, and it is expected to operate continuously for four years – at a record energy of 13.6 trillion electron volts. This is more electricity than the entire African continent has been using for years. And that energy is optimized millions and billions of times as beams of higher energy protons collide with each other than ever before.

Conspiracy theorists suggest that some pretty terrible things will happen in the universe as a result. A theory has spread on social media that the CERN collider will open a huge black hole that will end all life on Earth.

The LHC is back in operation, just over two months old, and officials say the LHC “will not generate black holes in a cosmological sense” and the test is “perfectly safe,” CERN said.

Scientists believe that there are two types of black holes: those that form in space when stars collapse into themselves at the end of their lives, and particles that form when pairs of protons collide. In this case, we are talking about black holes, which are microscopic or quantum black holes, not the type that would destroy all life. What exactly can destroy or do “microscopic” black holes caused by the enormous energy of the accelerator is not specified, since no one knows.

There are many scientists (if not all) who believe that a certain size “microscopic” hole is still able to destroy our world. But there are disputes and experiments about the size of this hole. So far, the holes created are not enough to destroy the Earth, but scientists have increased the power of the LHC by several times, and expect big breakthroughs in increasing the size of black holes.

This, one might say, is the official version – retold in a simplified form, but true in its core. The theory is very scary and just sounds crazy while in the meantime scientists decided to answer this important practical question, empirically for a change. So far, they are doing well, but the final resolution of the issue is still far away.

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Unofficial interpretations of the existence of the LHC sound even somehow more comforting. For example, the theory is gaining momentum that the collision of particles and their massive decay will open a portal to other dimensions. This theory is taking over TikTok where one user said “CERN is opening a portal to another dimension, the portal is opening a gate to the future.”

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Other theories claim that CERN is opening a portal to hell, with another TikTok user adding:

“They are literally trying to open a portal to hell.” To bring out certain essences and elements from there.

Shiva’s Destruction Wheel


Let us throw in another hypothesis. The Bible speaks of the Great Underwater Wall – or the Cornerstone of the Earth as a multifunctional tool on which the well-being of the Earth depends. One of the obvious functions of the Stone is the acceleration of elementary particles and the creation of an electromagnetic shield around our planet, consisting of radiation of various frequencies. 

At both ends of this Stone, stretching from pole to pole, motions of particles are created at an enormous speed, which is visible even to the naked eye – like the “northern lights”.

The Underwater Wall thus acts as a giant particle accelerator. The LHC is a giant, a twenty-seven-kilometer giant, the largest building of mankind and the most expensive scientific project of mankind. But the LHC is just a tiny mini-model trying to emulate the properties of the Wall. Let us remind you that the Wall has a length of 19 thousand kilometers and the width of the inner rod (which acts as an accelerator magnet) is about 1.5 km.

What scientists are actually doing – mostly without knowing it themselves – is studying the properties of the Great Underwater Wall. And the flag, as they say, is in their hands – it’s better than making black holes. But we’re thinking: how afraid the establishment is that people will find out about the Wall! They believe that it is better for us to think that they are making black holes there or opening portals to hell. This is not such a strong exposure for them as the recognition of the existence of God’s accelerator.

And further. Many people, many resources notice that catastrophic natural phenomena are connected with the operation of the LHC. The work of the LHC, in all its periods, and especially at full capacity, starting from July the 5th, has always strangely coincided with some kind of abnormal wave of natural anomalies around the world. The list is too long to list, and there are dedicated resources to monitoring. But that’s not what we’re talking about.

The point is that no matter what manipulations the “scientific” establishment performs and does on its largest wheel in the world, God’s accelerator is stronger, will overpower. These scientists test a bunch of esoteric theories at the LHC in order to find new weapons, new opportunities to destroy, influence nature and the universe, modifying them in the basics. This is clear to everyone, and it is not hidden. The wall will eventually overpower!

And one more thing: when the Wall becomes the property of all people, then all these actions of scientists, which today we classify as sawing the branch on which we all sit, will acquire a different direction, a different meaning. Power is in the truth. If it becomes clear to everyone that we are only investigating God’s miraculous mechanism, then there is hope that both the results of the research and their application will be “Godly”.

On July the 5th of this year, following the discovery of CERN, strangely shaped round clouds filled with electricity formed above the collider ring. This greatly alarmed the inhabitants of Geneva, who vainly demanded an explanation.

Remember that our Earth is this hypercube formed by the Cornerstone. We officially live in a four-dimensional world, a quantum world, and it is the Wall that determines and directs the line of quantum flows, which inevitably forms a hypercube figure in space, motion and time. 

Research carried out at the LHC could be a blessing to mankind – if recognized, in the image and likeness of which the LHC is built. Perhaps there will be incredible destruction or incredible creation. It is impossible to stop progress and curiosity. But the choice of consequences – complete destruction or complete creation – will depend on the moral choice. 

Only recognition of the Creator, creation and the basis of creation -Walls – is able to give experiments the only true, safe direction. Until it is gone.

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