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Who You Gonna Call? Spooky App That Lets You Make a Very Long Distance Call and ‘Communicate With Ghosts’

Who You Gonna Call? Spooky App That Lets You Make a Very Long Distance Call and 'Communicate With Ghosts' 1

An Indiana couple have developed an app that they say lets the spirit world communicate with the living one and gives the dead a voice – through the medium of iPhone.

Ghost hunters Roger Pingleton and Jill Beitz, of Greenwood, created Spirit Story Box which claims to translate supernatural electricity into English words.

Pingleton said his goal was to improve on other paranormal apps for the iPhone. ‘Bottom line is we wanted people to have fun with it,’ he told The Indianapolis Star.

Beitz and Pingleton and about a dozen others recently used Spirit Story Box to search for ghosts at the Wayne County Historical Museum in Richmond.

‘They had a blast with it,’ Pingleton said.

‘They had numerous words spoken that related directly to the areas where they were hunting.’

The Spirit Story Box app picks up changes in random electrical noise to select words from a pre-programmed vocabulary.

When the app hits on something, it comes out of the iPhone as a spoken word.

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Spirit Story Box cost 99 cents to download at the Apple app store, there is no Android version.

Some paranormal investigators think the spirits can manipulate random streams of data.

Scientists, of course, denounce the idea.

The app, like myriad other devices that claim to detect or communicate with spirits, cannot be proven to work.

Wanda Lou Willis, 75, a folklore historian and author from Indianapolis, has researched the supernatural and haunted locations for several books.

She said many people believe that electronic devices can be tuned to communicate with spirits.

‘Electricity seems to attract the spirits,’ Willis said. ‘Human beings have a lot of electricity in our bodies.

‘It is believed that when we pass over our spirit becomes something in the universe, sort of an electrical current.’

Haunted: A female ghost roams her domain. The Spirit Story Box app suggests that the MailOnline office may also have a supernatural female presence

Skeptics, and there are many, say devices and programs like the Spirit Story box iPhone app are neatly packaged random word generators.

Any connections the selected words or phrases bring forth, critics say, are found solely in the minds of gullible users.

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For every critic there’s a believer. A 2003 Harris Poll found 51 percent of the public believes in ghosts.

‘There is nothing in this world that doesn’t exists for someone, somewhere, at some time, including being able to connect with and contact a spirit,’ Willis said.

‘You have to have your mind open to it to have it really happen.’



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