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WHO urged to prepare for a new pandemic “now” while another virus similar to “COVID-19” has been found

WHO urged to prepare for a new pandemic "now" while another virus similar to "COVID-19" has been found 1

The World Health Organization (WHO) has called on countries around the world to start preparing for a new pandemic “now”. The corresponding statement was published on the WHO website ahead of the 73rd annual session of the World Health Assembly.

Countries with strong infrastructure to prepare for emergencies have shown the ability to act quickly to contain and control the spread of the coronavirus, according to the organization.

The first part of the assembly took place in Geneva on May 18-19. At the November conference (November 9-14), it is planned to adopt a resolution “on strengthening preparation for urgent situations in health care.”

The draft document, in English, is seven pages long and calls on countries to “give priority at the highest political level” to better preparedness for emergencies.

WHO experts also consider it necessary to ensure “adequate remuneration” for health professionals. They emphasize that it is important to train health care providers and “enhance the role of local health workers”.

The organization is confident that all countries need to improve their equipment “to detect and respond to COVID-19 and other dangerous infectious diseases.” WHO believes that the global community can defeat the coronavirus through science and solidarity.

“Many states and cities have successfully prevented and controlled transmission using a comprehensive and evidence-based approach,” the statement said.

The international organization recalled how the world was able to come together to implement “a plan to accelerate the development of vaccines, diagnostics and therapies.”

Earlier, WHO Director-General Tedros Adan Ghebreyesus listed the long-term consequences for those who have recovered from COVID-19. These effects affect important body systems, he said. The head of WHO explained that we are talking about symptoms such as fatigue, coughing, difficulty breathing, inflammation and damage to major organs, including the lungs and heart.

Another virus similar to “coronavirus” is found in Japan

A virus similar to the COVID-19 coronavirus has been found in the droppings of bats found in Japan. The find was made by a group of scientists from the University of Tokyo.

The virus they discovered in the biomaterials of bats collected seven years ago is 81.5 percent identical to the new coronavirus. At the same time, during clinical trials, it was confirmed that the detected form of the virus is not transmitted to humans.

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WHO urged to prepare for a new pandemic "now" while another virus similar to "COVID-19" has been found 2

According to Japanese public television, this is the first time a coronavirus has been detected in animals in the country with such a high percentage of identity to the new SARS-CoV-2. Previously, experts have already discovered in bats living in China, viruses identical to the new coronavirus by 95 percent or more.

Earlier it was reported that the mutation of the coronavirus COVID-19 was recorded in Denmark. The mutated coronavirus has spread to more than a thousand fur farms where minks are bred , and has already been identified in 12 people. It blocks the formation of antibodies and compromises the effectiveness of vaccines.

The mutated coronavirus is capable of spreading from mink to humans, which is why the UK authorities announced a two-week quarantine for everyone who comes from Denmark.

In total, cases of animal disease with coronavirus were recorded in 17 countries around the world. Most of them are registered in the USA .

The ministry noted: the most possible ecological reservoir of the coronavirus is bats. In our country, a cat caught the first COVID-19.

Three scenarios for the end of the coronavirus pandemic

Science journalist Edmund Yong presented several scenarios for the disappearance of the infection in early 2020. So, the first “Chinese scenario” implied that the coronavirus would hold out in Europe and the United States for several months, and then disappear by itself. As you can see, this did not happen. Yong himself called this scenario unlikely.

According to the second scenario, everything will unfold similarly to the swine flu, from which 0.7-1.4 billion people suffered, and 150-575 thousand died. The number of victims from the new virus is much higher – more than 1.22 million people, and in total 50 million people. This means that the pandemic is much more dangerous than the swine flu.

The third scenario says that the coronavirus can stay with us for a long time or forever. People will be forced to adapt. Many scientists and ordinary people believe that this scenario is close to reality.

The virus has taken root quite well among people, so the chances of its complete disappearance are reduced to zero. The vaccine, if effective, will change the course of the game but will not completely eradicate Covid-19.

If the vaccine does not work, then the coronavirus can become a seasonal illness and weaken a little over time. Doctors will find some means to suppress the strain, as is the case with HIV.

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The vaccine was presented by ten different companies, but it takes a long trial to get it out. We are talking about tens of thousands of people and monitoring them for more than one month. Not enough time has passed to talk about the safety of funds. This is the main reason why the world rejects the Russian vaccine.

The whole world is waiting for the end of the third phase of vaccine testing. There is no hope for herd immunity, although some countries, such as Sweden, believed in it and did not impose quarantine restrictions. Later, the authorities admitted that the human body is not able to fight back in case of re-infection and, moreover, the work of the brain is disrupted. The consequences of infection persist for several months.

We live during the Great Transition and a lot of unexpected things arise on this path, to new lighter conditions on Earth. This excites all the lower energies that previously existed calmly on the surface of the planet: they are activated and strive to prolong their existence in changing conditions, at least for a while…


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