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Who still doesn’t believe in transition? We are witnessing an immense speed of events so what’s next for us?

Who still doesn't believe in transition? We are witnessing an immense speed of events so what's next for us? 1
Photo: The Signal (2014)

Everything that happens to us, we have already seen in science fiction films. It is not for nothing that there is information about the fifteen-minute cities that we see in China or South Korea.

The highest elites, computer specialists and the so-called numerous representatives of various services will gather there. But these will be very small enterprises, where a small number of people can still be useful.

The rest of the work will be performed by numerous robots that have not yet been shown to us – for the time being. This is what concerns the fifteen-minute cities where the main, remaining population will gather.

We remember films that show such islands in which there is really no law or arranged life. The “Mad Max” movie comes immediately to mind, a really crazy existence. We hardly understand that it will not be possible to survive in such settlements just like that, only getting up from the couch.

Who still doesn't believe in transition? We are witnessing an immense speed of events so what's next for us? 2

But, you noticed the speed and how have the pictures and people changed? 

If we pay attention to people, then we realize just great changes. Some friends repeat memorized phrases – in a stupor, others – do not recognize you on the street. People are driven by fear of the unknown rather than interest in the future.

Employees sit without documents, act like wound up dolls. This applies to almost all institutions. Most of the people are ready to go wherever they are sent.

We are all surprised by the change in the quality of people and the strange behavior of many. Perhaps nothing can be done with spiritual messages and we need to get involved in real life. Mad Max has now a normal alternative – to build a decent life for people. There is to this and a normal level of technology development, without trash.

There will be another ‘island life’

Some citizens will cling to Earth but they will remain without technology. And it will not be easy to survive in such settlements. Most likely, you will have to live without energy carriers, because in five-minute cities, another type of energy will be used.

In such villages, the most hardy and skillful will gather, in the sense that they can do everything themselves, but they will find themselves without clinics, banks, hairdressers and “McDonalds.”

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There will also be enough incompetent people there and it is unlikely that we will be allowed to have animals. We will also be given a new religion – many will rush there.

And luring into adherents will be generally good – “Respect for nature.” And cows, chickens, goats, as you know, release gases. Sorry for the details. Do not forget that a person sometimes indulges in the same things.

Those who have never left such villages will hardly feel anything, maybe be a little surprised when the electricity goes out. It doesn’t hurt to stock up on candles though.

Others are advised to break away from the TV set and calmly, balanced think: “Where would I like to be, in connection with future events?”

If you watch the news less, then everything will be much easier and better.

The level of awareness will rise in part of the population, in the other part it will remain the same and they will have to increase it through suffering, through participation in all sorts of wars, cataclysms and other events that cannot touch those people who have already raised their consciousness to the level of new energies and perceptions that have passed some spiritual correction.

What’s next? Post-industrial society

Everything is right, except that we have to take everything calmly but still need to act.

A spiritual epoch cannot be made from a material one by leaps and bounds. First there will be a post-industrial society.

Post-industrial society is a concept that describes a society whose economy is dominated by an innovative sector with high-performance industry, knowledge industry, with a high share of high-tech and innovative services in GDP, as well as a higher share of the population employed in the service sector than in industrial production.

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In a post-industrial society, innovative products are consumed by all economic agents, the population, gradually increasing qualitative, innovative changes.

Scientific developments are becoming the main driving force of the economy. The requirements for the level of human capital are increasing, which forms the education, professionalism, learning ability and creativity of employees.

And this means – there will be no factories, no plants. Do you already see this trend? What about robots?

But such a life does not shine for everyone as servants don’t need a lot of services.

Spirituals in Cyberpunk

Will a spiritual society emerge from the cyberpunk sector as also hinted at in science fiction films? 

The change in people’s consciousness is going by leaps and bounds. It does, but not for everyone. Technologies will be preserved, but techies, as a lower caste, will not be controlled by humanitarians, no, spiritual ones will control. Moreover, they will manage the techies so that they survive without destroying the planet.

And the spiritual will need little. Dependence on food will be reduced, clothing, freed from the dictates of fashion, will be simple because the attention of the spiritual will be directed to the inner and outer beauty of a person.

Spirituality is the balance between the sensual and mental mind. Refinement of perception will greatly develop the speed of thinking, but for this the frequency of vibrations of the entire complex of human bodies must rise. The development of consciousness among the spiritual will allow two processes, transmutation and transformation, to change the human form and move on to the next level of being.

In any case, we hone the skills that suit us for survival in the proposed places. In the meantime, fasten your seat belts.

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