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Who rules the world and how they manage it over the centuries

Who rules the world and how they manage it over the centuries 1

The heirs of old names and huge fortunes try to avoid being mentioned in the press, as well as the Forbes lists. There are facts that say that nothing in the world is fundamentally changing, all the main people remain in place. The lists of the richest are all the same names as 600 years ago.

Italian researchers have found an interesting pattern. They conducted archival checks on the taxpayers of Florence from 1427 to 2011. Here’s what they found.

Among the richest taxpayers since the 15th century, the names have coincided in 900 cases.

Novels have been written about the bankruptcy of the aristocracy at all times as we believed that a modern aristocrat is an old man beaten by life, living in his castle with a leaky roof and with difficulty heating one room in which he lives.

It turns out that the aristocracy is alive, it has survived all social cataclysms. Nothing, neither wars nor revolutions, prevented them from preserving and multiplying their fortunes. Their wealth on the other side, is actually not subject to accounting.

Who rules the world and how they manage it over the centuries 2

The Counts Kavdor, famous characters from Shakespeare’s tragedy Macbeth, are still alive today. Their ancestral estates and castles stand still in Scotland.

The German princes of the Fürstenberg family date back to the 11th century and continue to thrive today. And they have rich real estate and land in Western Europe.

Representatives of the noble family of Schwarzenberg own dozens of castles and palaces throughout Europe.

A good half of British land is owned by the so-called “black aristocracy”.

Who rules the world and how they manage it over the centuries 3

The entire central part of London is divided between dukes, earls and barons – these are the famous districts – Mayfair, Belgravia, Sloane Street, Kings Road, Harley Street and Marylebone High Street.

It is impossible to buy real estate in these areas, you can only rent at the highest rental price in London.

Home rentals in these areas are in the hundreds of millions of British pounds. The lease term is up to 35 years, while the cost of renting the land under these properties is paid separately on an annual basis.

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Real aristocrats are not included in the “Most Honored and Outstanding” lists.

In the castles of the “black aristocracy” a huge number of ancient books are kept, originals of famous masters, antique furniture and other works of art.

It is impossible to calculate the full value of this wealth. It is Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg who cannot hide their assets, everyone can find out what time their companies are quoted. The wealth of the old aristocracy is reliably hidden from prying eyes.

Many of these gentlemen call themselves humble farmers, because they own the best lands in Europe.

Who rules the world and how they manage it over the centuries 4

And so they are entitled to subsidies that the European Union pays to support the European vegetable garden.

Each year, farmers such as the Dukes of Marlborough, Northumberland, Westminster and Lord Rothschild receive between £ 700,000 and £ 1 million.

Don’t pay your taxes and sleep well

It would seem that taxes and fees should have already ruined these gentlemen.

After all, when selling any house or painting, you have to pay capital gains tax, which is from 30 to 40%. The same tax is paid upon inheritance.

In Europe, everyone pays such taxes, but not these gentlemen

The circuit is very simple. All real estate is transferred to the ownership of a special fund, which is owned and managed by the family.

As a result, each generation inherits, but does not pay a dime to the budget.

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When selling antiques, other schemes have been worked out.

For example, a painting is sold for millions of dollars and it is announced that it is not the rarest piece of art, but part of the upholstery of the castle.

Who rules the world and how they manage it over the centuries 5

And the courts recognize that their masters are right. Such families prefer not to communicate with the press, the exception is only a few, for example, the royal family.

Thanks to such modesty, the richest people in the world skillfully avoid public interest in their wealth, and, consequently, in ways of making a profit and avoiding taxes.

After all, these capitals were originally acquired by shady means – piracy, colonial wars, the slave trade, a monopoly on the drug trade, cooperation with the bloodiest regimes.

An entire generation of Chinese have been turned into opium addicts by the British East India Company and this potion was brought to Europe under the guise of ordinary tea.

Nothing has changed today. Any large financial flow is the prerogative of a well-built elite in power structures.

Who rules the world and how they manage it over the centuries 6

Prince Charles controls the Island Club, which is made up of thousands of aristocratic oligarchs – the financial backbone of the British monarchy.

The founders of the US printing press are all the same peers or bankers of peers – Warburgs, Morgan, Rockefellers, Rothschilds.

The upper house of peers in Britain is hereditary, the grandfathers of these peers were representatives of questionable professions.

Who rules the world and how they manage it over the centuries 7

The British political system is based on the principle of the Venice political system, which is again based on playing off unwanted opponents among themselves and supplemented by the Malthusian concept of overpopulation.

This is how, over the centuries, the world has been ruled by 300 families who know each other well. These chosen ones rule the economy, elect governments, and decide the fate of the world.

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