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Who prevented US from launching a nuclear strike on the Moon? Revelations of the participant of the project A119

Who prevented US from launching a nuclear strike on the Moon? Revelations of the participant of the project A119 3

In the late 50s – early 60s of the last century, Soviet and American scientists wanted to make a nuclear strike on the Moon. This would be a serious demonstration performance during the arms race and constant rivalry between the two superpowers.

In 1959, the Soviet apparatus “Luna-2” reached the surface of the earth’s satellite. It was the first earth ship to visit the moon. This mission was being watched on both sides of the ocean. At the moment of lunar landing, Earth’s satellite literally shook. This amazed all researchers.

A nuclear strike on the moon is a fascinating and dangerous sight.
A nuclear strike on the moon is a fascinating and dangerous sight. 

Mathematicians made calculations that showed that the moon either has huge cavities inside, or consists of a substance that is extremely fragile and porous. In the USSR, it was decided to abandon the use of nuclear weapons in space, since this could lead to unforeseen results, up to a shift in the orbit of the Moon.

The Americans did not immediately abandon this task. Until the early 70s, according to Ross Dedrickson, the man who personally implemented this plan as part of Project A119, there were at least three attempts to deliver nuclear weapons to the moon.

Project A119 was declassified only in 2000, its existence was confirmed by the former head of NASA, Leonard Reiffel. He personally oversaw the project in 1958. 

Who prevented US from launching a nuclear strike on the Moon? Revelations of the participant of the project A119 4
Ultimately, the command abandoned the project, considering a more acceptable option for a man to fly to the moon. 

Various anomalies are often seen on the moon.
Various anomalies are often seen on the moon. 

At the same time, Ross Dedrickson reports that all three times the cargo was destroyed while approaching the moon. Unknown objects flew out towards the devices with nuclear filling inside and literally caught the earth ship in the lasso. Then the connection was interrupted. As a result, it was decided to send live people.

But, the big question is what kind of civilization protects the moon ? It is known that there are practically no conditions for existence. The absence of an atmosphere, cosmic radiation, low water content and poor mineral content – all this casts doubt on even the silicon life forms on the earth’s satellite.

UFOs are regularly seen in the lunar space.
UFOs are regularly seen in the lunar space. 

Today the moon is being studied by thousands of people around the world. The level of development of telescopes makes it possible to record a mass of anomalous events on its surface. So, over the past decade, more than 180 flights of unknown crafts have been recorded. Most often, these are small rounded objects, but there were also giant (up to 1.5 kilometers) cigar-shaped ships.

Kevin Knuth, a longtime physicist at NASA, spoke out recently. According to him, there are several “outposts” in our solar system. One of them is located under the surface of the moon. The fact is that some “hatches” were discovered by NASA employees (and several amateurs). The researchers were surprised by their darker color, distinctively different from the lunar landscape. Experts were skeptical about the discovered find and considered the three “hatches” found as a play of light and shadow.

Image shown by Kevin Knuth.
Image shown by Kevin Knuth.

In several frames obtained in 2014, these objects appeared too dark to employees. Analysis of the images showed that instead of a “hatch” cover, there was a void. That is, in other words, according to one of the versions, the objects are of a technogenic nature. 

An amateur Japanese astronomer saw through his telescope how a spherical unidentified flying object flew into this passage. Kevin Knuth claims that they contacted the Japanese and asked for the exact coordinates, after which they monitored the specified location. The physicist said that NASA has evidence of flight into the inner cavity of the moon and departure from it.

Elementary calculations of the scientist made it possible to conclude that the Earth’s satellite is hollow inside. It is difficult to say whether it is completely hollow or has huge cavities under the surface, but the fact remains. Accordingly, the researcher compared all the available information and came to the conclusion that one of the outposts is located under the surface of the Moon. Since it does not belong to humans, it means that aliens are settled there.

It turns out that the satellite of the Earth is protected. Flights of people to the moon for peaceful purposes are not prohibited, but if humanity again wants to use weapons there, it is likely that we will again face the defenders of this cosmic body. Perhaps because of this, the US no longer sends people to the moon (if, of course, they were ever there ).

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In addition, some activity is recorded on the moon. Sometimes beams of light are directed towards the Earth from the satellite. They are being recorded even on the ISS. They look like flashes on the lunar surface but, if there is no atmosphere, then it cannot be lightning, which means that it is possible to assume the presence of intelligent creatures there

Since they interfere with the use of weapons in space, they are more intelligent than us.

There is something on our mysterious satellite! No wonder the USA and the USSR in the last century, stopped at once their research on lunar programs, although everything was prepared and considerable funds were spent on the continuation of the exploration and study of the Moon, and this is an indisputable and amazing fact!


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