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Who is sounding the alarm for July 17, 2023: energy impact on Earth, parasitic forces and the Apocalyptic Prediction

Who is sounding the alarm for July 17, 2023: energy impact on Earth, parasitic forces and the Apocalyptic Prediction 1

There are a lot of predictions about July 17, ranging from a major man-made disaster to cosmic anomalies that will change the life of all mankind. It is possible that nothing will happen, and all this is only forcing anxiety and panic. Or maybe something will indeed occur, but we will not feel it.

The first to speak about this date was Sediq Afghan. Six months ago, he predicted that on July 17 something related to uranium would happen that would change the history of our civilization.

Probably, the forecasting mathematician himself is no longer glad that he announced the exact date. The closer it is, the more versions and assumptions and each seer reports that he receives information directly from the Higher Forces.

Who is Sediq Afghan?

Sediq Afghan is an odious mathematician originally from Afghanistan. It is believed that he is included in a special list, the so-called “List of the heritage of mankind.” Organizations such as UNESCO and the UN participated in the creation of this list, which includes objects of material and spiritual culture, as well as outstanding personalities.

Who is sounding the alarm for July 17, 2023: energy impact on Earth, parasitic forces and the Apocalyptic Prediction 2
Sediq Afghan

Although many resources mention that Sediq Afghan is included in the List of the heritage of mankind, however, it was not possible to find his name in the corresponding lists.

Sediq Afghan is a mathematician with outstanding abilities and extraordinary achievements. His area of ​​interest includes such problems as the derivation of a formula for solving the inverse Newton binomial. In addition to mathematics, he is interested in astrology, numerology and the Pythagorean theory of numbers. By connecting all his areas of interest, Sediq deduced a formula that supposedly can predict future events.

Formula for predicting the future

Like Gary Seldon, a character in the Founding series of novels by the legendary science fiction writer Isaac Asimov, Sediq Afghan has come up with a formula that supposedly predicts the future.

Sediq believes that his formula has different prediction accuracy:

● for individuals up to 100%;

● for countries up to 80%;

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● for the whole world up to 50%.

It is believed that, thanks to his wonderful formula, the Afghan mathematician has already predicted a number of events, including the collapse of the USSR, the collapse of the twin towers, the disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

In addition, Sediq Afgan willingly shares his formula. He believes that anyone can predict the future after being trained by him. The Afghan Mathematics course is available on many educational platforms.

Sediq Afghan’s prediction for July 17th, 2023 and beyond

The new prediction of the mathematician says that on July 17 some important event will happen in the world. It is on this date, according to Sediq, that the half-century cycle of the development of the world ends. The scientist himself is inclined to believe that “nuclear blackmail” should be expected. The nuclear potential of the countries will be demonstrated, but it will not come to their mutual disaster. Sediq also mentioned that health issues should be expected to return to the agenda. In addition, we should expect a major change of power in the West in the near future.

Sediq notes that 2023 will be the most difficult year. After it, things will begin to improve, and in 2025 some countries will experience a heyday.

The words of Sediq Afghan did not leave indifferent many Internet users. They began to actively guess what events might happen on July 17, 2023. The top 3 versions were:

1. An outbreak of a deadly new disease.

2. The attack and the collapse of the Eiffel Tower.

3. Big natural disaster in the USA.

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Should we trust the prediction?

Everyone must answer this question for himself. Some people do not believe in predictions at all, while others adhere to a strict system: they trust some types of predictions and are skeptical about others.

So, for example, a number of mystics believe that predictions that include an exact date never come true.

In general, Sediq Afghan’s identity is shrouded in mystery. Information about his life and achievements varies from resource to resource. However, invariably, here and there, his course on predicting the future is mentioned. So all the hype since July 17, 2023 may just be a “warm-up” – an interesting PR campaign for an information product.

Wizards in Mexico are also sounding the alarm

Mexican sorcerers are sounding the alarm: their famous seer Mhoni Sir has already promised that hard times await both Mexico and the whole world in 2023:

“This will be a year when many pillars of power will fall. Powerful and important people will fall into the mud, only the president will survive. People will take to the streets and demand peace and order from the authorities,” she said.

What we think will happen on July 17th?

Celestial bodies will take such a position in space that radiation resembling laser beams will be directed to the Earth.

They are mostly blue or blueish in color. Red and orange will also be present, but to a lesser extent.

These radiations will burn out everything that has a low-frequency nature.

What will happen to the dark ones?

There are a lot of predictions about July 17, ranging from a major man-made disaster to space anomalies that will change the life of all mankind.-2

The Earth has long been under the influence of parasitic civilizations. Among the people there are many representatives of the forces of darkness, as well as their servants from among the people. How will high frequency energies affect them?

The forces of darkness will have to get out of the planet, they will not withstand high vibrations. People, servants of darkness, will be divided into two groups. Those who have consciously made a choice in favor of the dark hosts will physically leave. If the soul was subjugated without the consent of the person, then it will be cleansed, get rid of the dark essence and control of dark entities.

The soul will remain dormant, but it will be blocked for the forces of evil, they will no longer be able to influence the planet through this person.

There are also many people on Earth who are not yet awakened. What will happen to them? It all depends on their content. If there are more energies of low vibrations, then such a person will feel problems with well-being.

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Will parasitic forces continue to affect the Earth?

They will not be able to do this directly, only through unawakened people who have a high percentage of low vibrations. But it will be very difficult to do this, and only on the basis of energies that are higher than the level of burning out.

The Earth is moving to a new energy level, due to which it will begin to purify, strive for light.

What will light souls feel?

There are many of us who are pure in soul, bright, have the energy of high vibrations. After high-frequency energies fall on the Earth, these people will quickly move to a new level of development. They will feel a surge of strength and support from above.

Now it is very difficult for them, because they live in a low-frequency environment. Such people are called enlightened or awakened. There are more and more of them, and they are not born in vain.

Their mission is to transform the world, to bring high energies to the masses. But the awakened now are like pioneers. After the energy impact, it will be much easier for them.

But there is a nuance. If the soul is high and pure, but a person is mired in problems or allowed low energies into himself, then discomfort awaits him, depending on how many heavy vibrations he carries in himself.

July 17th energies

A very powerful energy impulse will come from outer space, which will mercilessly burn out everything that does not correspond to the required frequency level.

Humanity lives in a low-frequency world and is filled with heavy energy. How not to suffer from a powerful impact of high frequencies?

You need to be ready to sync with the new energy. Actually it’s simple. You need to fill yourself with happiness, joy, love. Feel the joy of life. Realize how beautiful the world, nature, air, water, earth.

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Enjoy every minute you live, feel love for your loved ones, hug each other and say kind words.

It would seem that these are elementary things, but the further existence of human civilization on Earth depends on them.

The coming energies are like a cleansing stream – nothing can hide from them, and everyone will get what they deserve.


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