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Aliens & UFO's

Who in this world knows the most about aliens?

Who in this world knows the most about aliens? 1
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Recently, the topic of aliens has increasingly begun to appear in the media, and each of us has a different attitude to this information, but the fact remains that the number of UFO sightings is growing. 

The papal throne in the Vatican has a very serious attitude to this topic, and we will find out the reason why this secret, in fact, information began to be brought to people today.

Geoglyph Tarapaca of the Atacama Desert (Chile) on the clothes of Pope Francis.
Tarapaca geoglyph of the Atacama Desert (Chile) on the clothes of Pope Francis.
Who in this world knows the most about aliens?

The time has come for people to know the truth, and many say that contact with aliens has not stopped since antiquity, but the question is, with what kind of aliens, for what and for what truth are we prepared? 

Oddly enough, it is the Pope and Catholic priests who know the most about aliens, because they have been doing this for a long time. Since the 17th century, many observatories have been operating under the auspices of the papacy, and now the Vatican Observatory in Castel Gandolfo (Lazio, Italy) is not only one of the oldest, but one of the most technologically advanced. 

Their other observatory in Arizona on Mount Graham has one of the most powerful and modern telescopes in the world called “Lucifer“. This name is not accidental, as it reflects the whole essence of their secret space program. 

The large binocular telescope Lucifer allows observing the birth of stars and planets in the infrared range, as well as conducting extragalactic research.
The large binocular telescope Lucifer allows observing the birth of stars and planets in the infrared range, as well as conducting extragalactic research.

According to alternative history 25 thousand years ago, we were in slavery to the evil non-human race of Apexians. They look like gray men who are soulless, but very intellectually developed. Technologically, we are still incomparable with them. 

If you take levels of development of civilizations, then they are at the 4th level of development, while we have not even reached the first. 

They have free energy, easily move in interstellar space, capturing other planets, exploiting and enslaving them. Then they colonized us humans.

Artifacts of paleocontacts of Mexico.
Artifacts of paleocontacts of Mexico.
Who in this world knows the most about aliens?

Humans, as animated beings, have that power that they don’t know about. Particle of God or The soul is in every person, and it is given to us for the birth of Eternal Life. But even in this world, the power emanating from it is the most valuable currency in the universe, the power of Vril – the power that our Soul radiates. The more the Apexians are able to collect and accumulate this energy, the more opportunities they have. 

If a person is kept in fear all the time, causing him pain and suffering, then over time he ceases to be afraid and being emotional. If you do mass spectacles or sports competitions, then this force is also released, but for a very short time. 

The Apexians needed a constant supply of Vril power, and for such backward civilizations as ours, there is a long-established mechanism – religion, with the help of which a person gives this power voluntarily.

Temples of a special dome shape were built, a cult of sacrifices was created, other methods were used to collect more of this power from people. Anyone who disobeyed the Apexians, they severely and publicly punished. And those who obeyed them and helped to subdue others, they exalted. So there was a caste of priests – intermediaries between gods and people. After all, each of us strives for power over our own kind, and the priests have such an opportunity. 

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It ended with the fact that people, being in such slavery with the Apexians, asked for protection from another humanoid race – the Anunnaki, and they quickly removed them from this planet. The Anunnaki are the superior alien race, and those parts of the Apexians that did not obey them ceased to exist. But these intermediaries still remain in the form of a caste of priests. 

Who in this world knows the most about aliens?

That is why a campaign is now beginning to prepare people for the acceptance of the Apexians on the planet. Pope Francis and his predecessor Benedict XVI many times declared that“we are not alone in the Universe” and promised that in the near future all mankind will learn about the existence of alien civilizations, and nothing will prevent them from being accepted into the bosom of the Catholic Church.

At the moment, the staff of employees engaged in research on unidentified flying phenomena is expanding. Recently, 24 theologians joined the NASA staff, one of whom Andrew Davison bluntly stated that“contact with extraterrestrial life forms is becoming more and more real every year. The mission of church ministers is to prepare humanity for this event.” 

Naturally, they want to at least become mediators between real gods and people again. The only thing that interferes with this is the Anunnaki. After all, while they have been guarding us for the last 24,000 years, none of the evil races has conquered us, and this agreement between them and people took place when people united and expressed a request for help. 

The modern priesthood knows that if the same association of people gathers, and they express a desire to break the agreement with the Anunnaki, they will be forced to leave this planet, and then the Apexians will come in their place.

In fact, the clergy should be concerned with God, and not seek contact with aliens. If earlier they convinced us that aliens do not exist, and the facts about paleocontacts were brazenly denied, now they are carefully preparing for contact with them. And they will set us up for symbiosis with the Apexians. But the choice is ours. People must decide which way to go. 

We can become a free civilization, able to develop and colonize other planets, or we can again become slaves of some world government that wants to conclude an agreement with the Apexians. And now each of us participates in this choice.


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