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Who and why began to irradiate us with ultrasounds

Who and why began to irradiate us with ultrasounds 1

One of the rather common conspiracy theories that appeared around the COVID-19 pandemic is the theory of a certain radiation, exposure to which gives the symptoms of the disease. This statement is for the most part speculative, since neither it can be confirmed nor disproved.

However, at one of the conspiracy forums, a person writes the following:

I am not a supporter of conspiracy theories, nevertheless, I like to read you and I also try to collect evidence and facts regarding RF / EM that are either difficult or impossible to explain. And today I’m really observing some strange things, namely, the presence of strange ultrasonic noise everywhere.

I found this in New York – quiet but annoying ultrasonic tones. They move a little in frequency and change their intensity throughout the day. Frequency 21 000 – 22 000 Hertz, level 25-65 dB. All last night I watched this noise. It was registered both at my house and throughout the entire area of ​​my yard. It changes in intensity every 30 minutes, amplifying from 30 to 60 dB. At the same time, the amplification is stepwise, and not smooth or spasmodic, that is, 30-40-60-60 dB. It took time to research this and write enough data for analysis. So I’m wondering: does anyone else register this, and if so, when and where? By hearing, very few will feel the noise, however, I hear the required 21,000 Hz quite distinctly.

The noise reminds me of the sounds of transformers on old televisions or CRT monitors. If and most likely you don’t hear this sound, a mobile phone can help you. It should be powerful enough and fast. In particular, I have Samsung Note 9. You can download the Ultrasound Detector program on it and test your environment. You will also need to set the sampling at 192000 Hz, Keep Awake and Record with an alarm threshold of 30 dB. For people with good hearing, this is some kind of real madness and I can’t understand this. Most cannot hear these frequencies, but some can. In particular, I can and my cat also hears it definitely. So check and you are your environment.

And now we read what they write about sonic weapons: … All chemical reactions in the cells of living organisms are caused by electromagnetic vibrations, pulsations and vibrations, which are collectively called vibrational frequencies. All physical matter vibrates at its own vibrational frequency. When a wave connection is established between the source and the target, which vibrate at the same frequency, a phenomenon called resonance occurs. And when this resonance is reached, an exchange of energy occurs on the surface of the membrane of each cell. If the energy source is more powerful, it directly affects the target material, which leads to a biological reaction.

Some organic and inorganic objects can function as resonant chambers. These objects are usually enclosures with a small hole. For example, a glass or bottle will act as a whole. On a larger scale, the chest / abdominal region of the human body also functions as a resonance chamber. The resonance can be induced electromagnetically using a sound pulse generator, which can establish a connection, for example, with the internal organs of a person, resonating it in the chest area. As soon as this connection occurs, the power level of the generator can be increased, which will automatically transfer energy to a person.

If the power level is moderate, the person may experience pain in the chest area or his organs may vibrate. Raising the power level will destroy the organs. Such an interesting situation arises, which does not exclude that people are really being irradiated with something now. Therefore, anyone who wants to, can also download the right application and test their environment, after which we can exchange impressions.


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