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Whistleblower Discloses Major Info on UFOs and Aliens in Underground Bases

Whistleblower Discloses Major Info on UFOs and Aliens in Underground Bases 1

From the extreme security measures taken to secure an underground base to extra-terrestrial coworkers assisting you in surgery, Emery dives into all details regarding his work underground in Sandia labs at KAFB & Los Alamos research labs.

This talk will include the incredible technology witnessed in the labs, experiences riding maglev trains to Dulce, the various genetic hybrid programs Emery Smith was involved in as well as retrieving crafts and being a part of the scientific team to study ET crafts.

He discusses his once classified work history in hopes of further educating the public in an effort to spread awareness and potentially bring out the many witnessed suppressed technologies for our world’s benefit.

In short, Emery is a scientist, inventor and a humanitarian looking to join forces with like minds to cure the planet.


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