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Which Websites Are Under NSA surveillance – This May Shock You!!!

Which Websites Are Under NSA surveillance – This May Shock You!!! 1

Firefox plug-in  warns computer users about potential government surveillance.  A 28-year-old artist and developer from Brooklyn, NY has found a fun way to alert users of potential NSA snooping by creating the “The Dark Side of The Prism’ browser extention, which plays songs from Pink Floyd’s 1973 classic “The Dark Side of The Moon” each time a questionable website is crossed.

Since I already have many plug-ins, proxies, gadgets and other goodies that keep me invisible to prying eyes online, I definitely had to give this one a try. I installed the plug-in and accessed several webpages that Ive always been a tad suspicious about. Well, the songs went off on pretty much most of the ones I suspected!

Below are some of the websites where the “alarm” went off. I’ve compiled news, social media, alternative news, governement and pro-constitution websites. Now the question is if these sites are unknowingly being tracked to keep tabs on visitors or if the ones behind them are nothing but government shills feeding the masses controlled oppositon. You decide. Comments are more than welcomed so we can extend the discussion. (Constitutional Sheriffs)

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