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Where Thoughts Are Born: Mysteries of the Human Mind and the hydrocephalus case studies

Scientists have long linked the human brain and the mind into a single whole. What if it’s not? What if things are much more complicated? Computed tomography (CT) studies clearly show that human cognitive functions exist independently of the development of our “CPU” – the brain.

A pediatric neurologist, Professor John Lorber, has been working on this problem for a long time. With the help of CT, he examined hydrocephalus.

This disease appears in the fetus in the womb. Violations occur due to the accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the cranium. This does not allow the brain to develop normally; its cells shrink vigorously and compact into a thin layer. Ultimately, this leads to a serious impairment of cognitive and mental functions.

This is usually the case, but there are exceptions. This happened to one of the mathematics students at the University of Sheffield.

A young man named Roger entered the research program because of his very large head. Professor Lorber suggested that he had hydrocephalus and persuaded him to participate in the program.

Up until this point, Roger had led a very normal life and didn’t feel any discomfort. Moreover, studying was easier for him than for the rest, because he had a high IQ of 126.

That is why what the researchers saw in the images of the tomograph was immensely shocking:

“When we scanned his brain, we saw that instead of the normal 4.5 cm thickness of brain tissue from the brain chambers to the skull, there was only a thin layer about a millimeter wide. His skull was mostly filled with cerebrospinal fluid.”

Simply put, Roger had almost no brain.

“The areas that should have been extremely important for our intellect and our character were almost non-existent. The entire frontal lobe, which should be the basis of our logic and morality, is hardly there.”

But if so, where is the source of the gifted guy’s intellect? What organ is responsible for his powerful mind?

When looking ahead, we can say it was never found. The Roger phenomenon has not yet been unraveled.

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However, this particular student is not the only one of its kind. The professor’s research was large-scale. Over the years, he has identified dozens of people with similar characteristics and the vast majority of them were perfectly capable people with above-average IQ levels.

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Dr. Michael Nam, a Biologist who studies brain anomalies writes:

“I know of several such manifestations that were discovered by accident. Adults came for brain scans, perhaps because of a headache, or maybe because of sudden involuntary movements that appeared in them. They had a brain scan and found that they were suffering from hydrocephalus and that they had almost no brain.”

How to explain it? It turns out that thought processes do not take place in our brain? But then where?

Scientists are still trying to figure out an answer to this enigma but it is already becoming clear that our mind is not limited to the brain alone.

There are cases when, as a result of serious illnesses, patients completely removed one of the hemispheres of the brain. After that, people recovered and returned to a full normal life.

In this regard, neuroscientists were asked the question:

“It is known that human memory is maintained in connections between neurons scattered throughout the brain. How can you keep memories intact if the entire hemisphere is cut out?“

The answer only raises further questions:

“This is the most interesting thing. Logically, memories are usually stored throughout the brain and even in large areas of the hemispheres, and when one of these hemispheres is removed, the memories, in theory, should be severely damaged. But we see that this is not the case at all.”

Many questions to the academic canons. Is there an exit to the border, beyond which there is a different nature such as the quantum nature of the soul? Is the brain just a tool, an aura or a biofield? Are we being controlled from the universe?


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