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Where are the Aliens? Does extraterrestrial intelligent life show us their location?

Many scientists have been asking this question for decades. They use radio telescopes, send satellites with our coordinates on interplanetary probes. But maybe we are not looking for answers there? Need to search not in the depths of space, but on Earth?

Reply to the message from Arecibo

In 1974, astronomers sent a signal in the direction of a spherical cluster of stars-M13. The distance to the cluster is about 25 thousand light years, and if hypothetical aliens were quick, then an answer must be expected after 50 thousand years. But apparently the answer came a little earlier?

In 2001, the answer appeared on the wheat fields of England? The scheme is similar to the one sent in ’74, but with minor changes. The drawings appeared 25 years after sending the signal. It turns out that at a distance of up to 12.5 light-years there is an intelligent life that intercepted our signal and sent us an adapted version?

From their answer it becomes clear that they have a different molecular structure, a different number of nucleotides in the DNA, and their growth does not exceed one meter. They number approximately 12 billion individuals and they live on three planets in their system. Roughly speaking, on Venus, Earth and Mars, i.e. in the habitable zone. It is curious, but from this message we can assume that their civilization consists not only of carbon, but also a silicon form of life.

As we know, the message was sent towards M13, in the constellation Hercules. Besides that, the starry sky is constantly changing. If we know for sure when the signal was intercepted, it would be easier to determine its source, or guess.

Do the pyramids point the way?

Amazingly, we were able to explain how the universe was formed. We found out what is on other planets, but we still argue on how we built the pyramids and there is not a single theory on that. If we assume that in ancient times the Egyptians had contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations, historical artifacts indicate this.

Drawings of flying vehicles, a coin with an image of an unknown creature, an image that depicts people holding an electric bulb.

Put aside the assumptions, and move on to the point. Amazingly, the Pyramids of Giza point to the Orion constellation. Although today, they do not indicate the exact location, but this is due to the construction methods in the distant past.

Robert Buwell, a researcher in Ancient Egypt, using computer technology, calculated that at the time of construction, three Orion stars accurately repeated the location of the pyramids.

If you trust ufologists and accept the fact that artifacts of the past have a connection with extraterrestrial intelligence, then the ancient Egyptians leave us with a clue revealing the location of aliens.


Aliens & UFO's

Near Earth outer space is a real war for the Earth

Strange events occur not only in our world, but also very close to us in space. An unusually large number of UFOs have appeared on our planet and it seems that the real “Star Wars” has unfolded there, someone is bombing our Sun and it is quite likely that the coronavirus also came from space.

If you look at all the latest unusual incidents, you can see that the number of meteorites falling on the surface of the earth has increased dramatically, but is it meteorites at all? Maybe these are fragments of alien spaceships – echoes of a space war that unfolded over our heads in outer space?

On March 20, something exploded on the far side of the sun. The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (Soho) recorded debris flying above the eastern tip of the sun. The place of the explosion was hidden from view, so we do not know what exploded. But, it was not a sunspot. According to astronomers, it is more likely that the thread of magnetism became unstable and exploded, throwing pieces of itself and the surrounding plasma into space.

The sun has long been at a minimum of activity, no emissions, active spots, flashes – no, and suddenly such a powerful explosion. But what if all these tales of the “strands of magnetism” are set aside and imagined that a fleet of alien spaceships was moving toward the Earth, but in near-solar space he met with another fleet, another alien civilization, and a battle took place.

The result of all this was “meteorites” and “threads of magnetism”, or maybe a giant star cruiser with powerful weapons on board and a power plant with such energy just collapsed onto the surface of our sun that the incredibly powerful explosion occurred that pierced a huge hole in the sun and throwing so much energy into space?

A lot of strange events have been happening in space lately, think about the wave of huge alien spaceships and clusters of smaller UFOs observed from the ISS and they are visible on live broadcasts. They were visible in February and the first week of March. Although at the time of the appearance of these objects, the broadcast is interrupted, but enthusiasts manage to record live footage.

Further analysis of frames with large alien spacecraft seen from the ISS shows that they were destroyed or at least seriously damaged, and are surrounded by countless fragments and broken parts from these UFOs, while clusters of smaller UFOs can be rescue capsules. 

Rescue capsules with crews of spaceships destroyed in battle during the battle of two groups unknown to us with space battle fleets.

COVID-19 pandemic, look at what’s happening in the world. I can’t believe that the whole world is ruining the global economy because of this virus. Indeed, well, let’s argue sensibly – there is no pandemic, nothing out of the ordinary for taking such quarantine measures is happening, the conclusion is essentially isolation of entire countries, cities – millions of people on Earth!

What is happening, that the leading states of the world are ruining the global economy of our civilization – they are ruining their economy in the end. Is that the deadliest virus? Is this a plague? no – dying of ordinary flu – now – more people than worldwide died from coronavirus! Why have these unusually harsh measures been introduced now in this regard? Maybe the virus really came from outer space and the consequences for those infected are not limited only to the likelihood of death. Maybe everything is much more complicated? Maybe the survivors will not be the same?

Maybe for the Earth very close to it by cosmic standards there is a real battle? The virus does not stop the global economy. There must be better ways to deal with this virus than simply shutting down the global economy. Something more than the virus is happening, and it looks like they are testing a methodology for global isolation of our planet’s population for the upcoming World Event.

From this point of view, it seems that there is a space battle going on, and we are on the line of fire of this space war, which, it seems, is still ongoing and it is not yet clear who will triumph in it – those who flew to Earth to enslave it or those unknown forces that entered the battle with these invaders and are now waging a space war with them?

The world is being prepared for something to happen that everyone should be prepared in advance and it is likely that a “pandemic” was devised, just to begin further global isolation, to prepare all services, forces, government and military for something more dangerous than “coronavirus”?

Earth’s population is preparing for something global and very crushing. so dangerous that civilization is ready to sacrifice the world economy and stability in order to prepare the population for this event. To prepare him for a ruined economy, worsening living standards, for life in cities locked and blocked, to prepare and train him to live in such very unusual conditions for modern civilization. To accustom the population, to prepare power, medical, rescue, service, military structures for actions – the right actions in a situation for which everything should be prepared.

Maybe I’m right and in space next to the Sun there is already a space war and the outcome of its outcome is not yet clear. Whoever wins will get our planet in ownership. Who will it be – the aggressors or those who are trying to protect us. But are they protecting us, or is there just a battle between two forces – the aggressors for the right to possess the Earth?

Or something is coming that is no less global, but not related to the theory of alien invasion, but of such a nature that it can inflict no less damage on our civilization and put it on the brink of survival. Perhaps such. There are options – for example, a pole flip or a powerful flash (explosion in the sun), such a force that our civilization will be discarded in development in the Stone Age.

Hypothetically, there is the likelihood of such a cause of everything happening – yes, there is. It remains only to wait and observe, analyze and search for pieces of information in order to understand the essence of the current events. 

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Aliens & UFO's

General Douglas MacArthur’s interplanetary war

The peoples of the whole world must unite for the next war, which will be an interplanetary war. The people of the Earth must someday create a common front to repel the attacks of people from other planets.

MacArthur participated in both world wars and believed that any problem could be solved by force of arms. He owns the phrase:

“He who said that the pen is more powerful than the sword, obviously, never came across a machine gun.”

General liked to talk on global topics. He said that Rome, Carthage, Byzantium, Egypt and other great empires and nations fell because they neglected national defense, were careless and were afraid to use an iron fist against pacifism.

In an interview, the general talked about the need to unite the peoples of the whole world into a common front to repel an attack from other planets. In 1955, at the height of the Cold War, the famous American general, commander of the Pacific Armed Forces Douglas MacArthur, made a strange appeal to the US military and scientific forces:

“The nations of the world must unite, since the next war will be an interplanetary war …”.

Apparently, he knew what he was talking about. He was echoed by former Secretary of State J. Marshall:

“The US authorities established the fact that flying saucers brought visitors to space from space and these guests, before landing and making contact, tried to develop a method of existence in our atmosphere.”

In general, contact with the aliens at the highest level, apparently, took place. However, the case ended with the fact that the US military and politicians classified everything around the UFO phenomenon and contacts with them. The ban is still valid. At the same time, a huge number of ufological fakes are deliberately thrown into the media and, after them, revelations. As a result, the public of many countries classifies the UFO problem as journalistic fiction. And this was what is needed to impress.

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Aliens & UFO's

A huge energy surge in deep space, spaceship armadas and a white UFO

What caused this huge energy surge in deep space?

Last February, NASA’s stereo A HI1 satellite captured something strange in space for several days.

What we see is a huge force field coming to the right, surrounded by some kind of energy ring. This is followed by a huge surge or “discharge”, turning it into a giant bubble and it rotates, although it is almost imperceptible, but watch it closely.

A white UFO was captured in the sky over Scotland

Eyewitnesses who filmed an unidentified flying object soaring in the sky posted their video on Twitter.

Witnesses of an incredible sight were the inhabitants of Scotland. An unidentified white flying object hovered in the sky as if it intentionally attracted the attention of others. Witnesses, taking the opportunity, immediately recorded what happened on the video, and then the video was posted on Twitter.

Most commentators agreed that this object most likely belongs to representatives of alien civilizations. Others tried to compare this object with something famous, for example, an airplane or a drone. Despite this, discussions of the provocative video with UFOs on the Web are still ongoing.

Big alien ships are watching us.

It is becoming more and more exciting, these UFO formations and huge spaceships moving freely in space close to the International Space Station.

The continued appearance of these clusters of extraterrestrial spacecraft is no longer a coincidence, something is happening in deep space, causing these UFOs to move to other places.

You can clearly see the structure and shape of some of these large alien ships.

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