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Where are the Aliens? Does extraterrestrial intelligent life show us their location?

Where are the Aliens? Does extraterrestrial intelligent life show us their location? 1

Many scientists have been asking this question for decades. They use radio telescopes, send satellites with our coordinates on interplanetary probes. But maybe we are not looking for answers there? Need to search not in the depths of space, but on Earth?

Reply to the message from Arecibo

In 1974, astronomers sent a signal in the direction of a spherical cluster of stars-M13. The distance to the cluster is about 25 thousand light years, and if hypothetical aliens were quick, then an answer must be expected after 50 thousand years. But apparently the answer came a little earlier?

In 2001, the answer appeared on the wheat fields of England? The scheme is similar to the one sent in ’74, but with minor changes. The drawings appeared 25 years after sending the signal. It turns out that at a distance of up to 12.5 light-years there is an intelligent life that intercepted our signal and sent us an adapted version?

From their answer it becomes clear that they have a different molecular structure, a different number of nucleotides in the DNA, and their growth does not exceed one meter. They number approximately 12 billion individuals and they live on three planets in their system. Roughly speaking, on Venus, Earth and Mars, i.e. in the habitable zone. It is curious, but from this message we can assume that their civilization consists not only of carbon, but also a silicon form of life.

As we know, the message was sent towards M13, in the constellation Hercules. Besides that, the starry sky is constantly changing. If we know for sure when the signal was intercepted, it would be easier to determine its source, or guess.

Do the pyramids point the way?

Amazingly, we were able to explain how the universe was formed. We found out what is on other planets, but we still argue on how we built the pyramids and there is not a single theory on that. If we assume that in ancient times the Egyptians had contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations, historical artifacts indicate this.

Drawings of flying vehicles, a coin with an image of an unknown creature, an image that depicts people holding an electric bulb.

Where are the Aliens? Does extraterrestrial intelligent life show us their location? 2
Where are the Aliens? Does extraterrestrial intelligent life show us their location? 3
Where are the Aliens? Does extraterrestrial intelligent life show us their location? 4

Put aside the assumptions, and move on to the point. Amazingly, the Pyramids of Giza point to the Orion constellation. Although today, they do not indicate the exact location, but this is due to the construction methods in the distant past.

Robert Buwell, a researcher in Ancient Egypt, using computer technology, calculated that at the time of construction, three Orion stars accurately repeated the location of the pyramids.

If you trust ufologists and accept the fact that artifacts of the past have a connection with extraterrestrial intelligence, then the ancient Egyptians leave us with a clue revealing the location of aliens.


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