When some things can’t be changed: Why can’t the Devil be destroyed?

Many people believe, this especially applies to believers, that if you destroy the Devil, then humanity will immediately live well, there will be universal love and happiness on Earth. And they are waiting for Armageddon, as the place of the last battle between the forces of Good and the forces of Evil at the end of time, which was described in the last book of the New Testament, “The Revelation of John”, that is, in the “Apocalypse.”

But only disappointment can come to such people – the Devil cannot be destroyed. Why?

We have all heard about the concept of “unity of opposites.” Good & Evil; Love & Hate; Light & Darkness, etc. This is one of the laws of dialectics of the German philosopher Hegel. And dialectics is a scientific and philosophical method of understanding the universal laws of development of nature, society and thinking.

In total, Hegel has three such laws:

– the law of transformation of quantitative into qualitative change;

– the law of the negation of the negation;

– the law of unity and struggle of opposites.

We are always amazed by people like Plato, Origen, Hegel and others who were able to capture particles of higher knowledge and convey them to people.

God has given humanity 132 new laws of the universe, and as such, there is no “Law of unity and struggle of opposites”, but there are others which just reveal the meaning of the third Hegelian law, but at a higher level, of course.

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But in the case of the possibility of destroying the Devil, we will be primarily interested in the third law. The “law of unity and struggle of opposites” is that everything that exists consists of opposite principles, which, being united in nature, are in struggle and contradict each other.

And indeed it is. For example, in the souls created by our God there are two opposition sectors: positive and negative.

The purpose of introducing positive and negative parts into the structure of the soul is to create opposition as a mechanism of eternal confrontation, struggle, search, movement towards perfection. That is, the presence of opposites in the soul prevents the establishment of stagnation and vegetation.

In the Universe there are only two oppositional directions of development, or evolutionary flows, directed to infinity: positive and negative.

Everything in the Universe is energy, therefore these two flows are also flows of energy. They represent opposites of one whole, but differ from each other in the structure and quality of energies. Among people, the direction of improvement towards God is considered positive, and towards the Devil – negative.

The unity of energies has a common beginning in its fundamental expression for all its constituent parts. By uniting absolutely everything that exists in the physical cosmos and the “subtle” worlds, it creates a united coalition equality which exists into a single integral structure.

Therefore, unity is formed under the condition that one powerful volume consists of many parts, and they make it up so constructively that without any one particular, this general volume will not be the Absolute, since it will not reach it in its power and constructive characteristics.

It should be clear from here that all energies that are in the same volume, for example, in Nature, God, the human soul, etc., always form unity, despite their different qualities.

As a variant of such a construction of the soul, on a larger scale we can take the hierarchy of God as the positive part, and the hierarchy of the Devil as the negative part. Both of these opposites exist in a single volume of a larger organism, and each side strives to achieve dominance over the other through achieving greater power. But at the same time, coexisting parallel to each other, these two hierarchies cooperate and do a lot for the overall progression and harmonization of the entire volume in which they reside.

From here we can understand that in the higher worlds the negative and positive hierarchies do not quarrel with each other, but exist together in some single world volume.

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None of the hierarchs will fight against the other, destroying his worlds or destroying essences belonging to another hierarchy, since this only undermines the foundations of the integrity of the existence of the common world in which they all are located. Therefore, their struggle manifests itself in the form of competition and competition aimed at achieving better results in achieving the set goal, as well as for the progression and harmonization of this entire volume.

Considering that world in which God and the Devil exist

In theory and reality God is twice as powerful as the Devil. That is, in the global scope, God is the main one in relation to the Devil. And God is in a higher world than the Devil. Therefore, goals from a higher authority come to God first. Then He transforms them into goal settings and programs, and lowers them along the levels of His hierarchy, starting from the level of the angel system, to the level that corresponds to the level of the Devil Absolute in the negative part. And the Devil already applies these goal settings to his worlds.

We can see that this world volume is also built according to the principle of trinity, that is, it also has a positive part, a negative part and a governing sector. Here we think it’s clear what the management sector does. The volume also contains positive and negative executive parts, which are improved based on the work they do.

As we see, the executive parts are the hierarchies of God and the Devil. Each hierarchy has its own Absolute, that is, God is the Absolute for the positive executive part, and the Devil is for the negative.

Why are God and the Devil Absolutes?

The absolute is the supreme guiding personality that governs the entire hierarchy. For humanity, God is the Absolute.

Each absolute represents the ultimate level of some hierarchical development cycle. All Absolutes are distinguished by order. Each personality heading the hierarchy is the Absolute for the essences developing in its volume. Absolutes can be positive (direction towards God) and negative (direction towards the negative hierarch, the Devil).

At the same time, God and the Devil themselves are included in the control sector of the world volume. Moreover, one must understand that this sector is in the upper range of energies of this level, which means that it is in a different dimension relative to the executive parts of the world volume. By the way, this is precisely why none of the essences included in the executive sector have ever seen God.

We can also state that both God and the Devil always have the same goal, since it is set by a single managing sector and since they belong to the opposition parts, they go towards its implementation in different ways, and in doing so they receive two different results. But these results, again, are not directed against each other, but at the progress of the overall world volume in which They are together.

There is also such an interesting nuance here: when creating a goal, priority belongs to positive systems, such as creative systems, but the mechanics of lowering the goal, that is, moving it down the levels, is handled by negative systems.

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In general, we need to understand that the work of both God and the Devil must always be coordinated and aimed at maintaining the power and integrity of the world volume of which they are constituent parts. Therefore, the actions of God and the Devil are coordinated by a higher hierarchical management law.

This law is aimed precisely at creating a form of management that contributes to the connection of everything separate, disparate and private into a single whole, forcing everything individual to work so consistently that this ensures the endless existence of a given volume.

Definition of the Devil

The Devil, at the present stage of his development, has achieved enormous success in calculations, manipulation of numbers and energies. God and the Devil cooperate with each other, moreover, the Devil is one of God’s helpers, because God is a creative principle, and the Devil is a calculation system.

The meaning of the calculations of His negative system comes down to the fact that they are engaged in the destruction and cleaning of old or degrading objects in different parts of the world volume, but not of their own free will or desire, but only according to a program that plans the general world process, and on the basis of which everything is calculated down to the smallest detail.

That is, the negative system is engaged in clearing volumes in order to build something new, more progressive in them. After all, in order to build something new, you must first clear the site and dispose of old garbage.

Any actions of the essences, processes, progressions, states are programmed and calculated by them, and nothing is done arbitrarily or at the personal whim of any individual negative essence.

Even a person’s life program is drawn up by the Founder from the positive system, and all indicators and norms are calculated by the calculators of the negative system. But here the required quantity and quality of energies are calculated that will be expended by the individual, and which the soul will need to develop over the course of its entire life. Moreover, the same calculations are made for each individual situation provided for by the individual’s program.

Necessity of the oppositional parts

In conclusion, we can only say that God and the Devil, as well as their hierarchies, are an integral part of the world volume, and both of these oppositional parts are necessary for the normal flow of numerous processes in this volume.

Therefore, we think that the naïve question about the Devil’s destruction has an obvious answer. We just need to understand that the positive and negative systems complement each other in the global volume in which they exist, and their opposition is needed as an internal source of movement and development of all things.

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