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When is enough enough? Elon Musk momentarily posted the next Illuminati card being introduced into the game

When is enough enough? Elon Musk momentarily posted the next Illuminati card being introduced into the game 1

The “Illuminati” card game is the sole winner of the prestigious American award in the Origins Awards gaming industry – as the best card game of 1995. A coincidence, you say?

In 1994, Steve Jackson Games released a trading card game as a spin-off of the Illuminati board game in the style of Magic: The Gathering, which was based on the 1975 game. And, as it turned out several years later, the card deck made many amazing predictions.

The game can be played by 2 – 6 people. The rules are complex, written on several pages. The goal is to seize control of the world while players tickle their nerves, feeling like secret puppeteers, leaders of the “world behind the scenes”.

Rule the globe from the shadows, manipulating society and delivering fatal blows to your rivals during the game.

The cards contain Shangri-La, the Bermuda Triangle, adherents of Hermes, the Bavarian Illuminati, the gnomes of Zurich and other mysteries. They depict a wide variety of events that we are seeing now. This is the lawlessness of law enforcement agencies, credit slavery and various epidemics. There are cards that are very difficult to understand. One of them shows a torn film reel, some kind of disaster and an inscription that the tape is ending.

On September 11, 2001, two planes hijacked by terrorists crashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York. And the third – to the Pentagon building, the headquarters of the US Department of Defense. Both explosions were accurately depicted on the illuminati cards seven years before the actual terrorist attack! Was the US tragedy of September 11th “predicted” on the cards in advance or was it “planned”?

When is enough enough? Elon Musk momentarily posted the next Illuminati card being introduced into the game 2

In the 20 years following September 11, everyone laughed at conspiracy theorists, talking about “coincidence,” but then 2020 came:

When is enough enough? Elon Musk momentarily posted the next Illuminati card being introduced into the game 3

The card deck predicted a lot of things in the coming decades, about which there are a lot of YouTube movies and articles on the Internet. 

Having made such an incredible number of predictions, collectors are snapping up factory sealed decks on Amazon and eBay for around $2,000, and individual cards sell for $50 apiece. This means there is demand but in reality, everyone is waiting for the predicted final events to occur:

When is enough enough? Elon Musk momentarily posted the next Illuminati card being introduced into the game 4

Who rules the world?

The secret mystical “Order of the Illuminati” was created in Bavaria by Professor Adam Weishaupt on May 1, 1776. The date was clearly not chosen by chance. According to European mythology, on Walpurgis Night – May 1 – witches hold a Sabbath on Bald Mountain, immortalized in Goethe’s Faust, Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita and other classics. The symbols of the order were the “All-Seeing Eye” (an eye in a triangle), an unfinished pyramid of 13 steps, which later appeared on the US one-dollar bill.

When is enough enough? Elon Musk momentarily posted the next Illuminati card being introduced into the game 5
The Illuminati is a real secret society that was formed in the 18th century by Adam Weishaupt. Photo: Pinterest

Nine years later, the authorities banned the order, and Weishaupt died in exile but his business did not disappear. The Illuminati (“enlightened”) began to be called various secret societies with an occult-mystical flavor, allegedly planning all sorts of intrigues and conspiracies against the current government and the church.

In 1975, Playboy editors Robert Shea and Robert Wilson (now deceased) published the iconic Illuminatus trilogy (Eye in the Pyramid, Golden Apple, Leviathan), attempting to provide insights on the mysterious society of the Illuminati, which has been weaving a major conspiracy against humanity (to take over the world) for many centuries. The novel features sex, drugs, rock and roll, riots, secret government, mafia, gangsters, anarchists, hippies, UFOs, Atlantis, the Kennedy assassination, artificial intelligence.

“Illuminatus” gave rise to interest in the world in secret societies, conspiracy theories and a wave of imitations in literature and cinema.

Philosopher Umberto Eco’s novel “Foucault’s Pendulum” (1988) became conspiracy reading for the intellectual public. In 2000, Dan Brown wrote the novel Angels and Demons. The secret order of the Illuminati, rising from the ashes, today decided to blow up the capital of the Catholic Church, the Vatican, with the help of antimatter, along with the new Pope. Professor Robert Langdon thwarts the plans of the conspirators. The novel went unnoticed at first but Brown’s next books about Professor Langdon’s struggle with secret societies and conspiracies, written according to the same scheme – “The Da Vinci Code”, “The Lost Symbol”, “Inferno”, became world bestsellers and brought the author tens of millions of dollars. Later they became movies.

Everything goes according to plan?

In the struggle for world domination, as we know, all means are good. That’s why the cards, illustrated in Tarot style, contain pictures – symbols of the attack on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center, the coronavirus epidemic, and the global crisis of 2008, which turned out to be prophetic.

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The “March on Washington” card is being called a “foreshadowing” of the January 6, 2021 takeover of the Capitol by Trump supporters. Then the members of Congress had to be evacuated urgently, casualties included.

“The blond demagogue addresses a crowd of admiring supporters,” writes Britain’s The Independent. This seems like an uncanny prediction of the rise to power of a reality TV businessman. Considering that at the time of the game’s launch, he was a bankrupt casino in Atlantic City and the likelihood that he would ever be taken seriously again was extremely low.”

Let us remind you that the deck of cards was released back in 1994!

There are other forecast cards that have strangely come true over the past quarter century.

The fact adds intrigue: on March 1, 1990, intelligence services raided the office of Steve Jackson Games in Texas and confiscated hard drives and documents. The official reason for the search was the accusation of hacking against one of the company’s employees. He posted online a stolen set of files detailing how America’s 911 emergency response systems work.

However, conspiracy theorists believe that this was an attempt by the federal authorities to prevent the development and launch of the card game. After all, the “Illuminati”, they say, is a real plan of a secret world government to establish a new world order, disguised as a card game and thrown into the public domain.

Developer Steve Jackson said in an interview with Dragon Magazine that with this game he just wanted to make fun of fashionable “conspiracy theories”:

“The idea of ​​conspiracies and assassinations can be taken extremely seriously. I didn’t want this. Of all the stuff I read, the funniest ones were the articles with really stupid theories, even if they were stated in complete seriousness. By that logic, playing a stupid game should be more fun.”

But somehow the cards about the September 11 terrorist attacks, the epidemic, the “Oil Spill”, “Hurricane”, “Tornado”, “Jihad”, “Energy Crisis”, “Nuclear Power Plant Accident”, portraits of Princess Diana, Saddam Hussein are not conducive to fun, who both tragically died after the game was released. And ahead of us, if you believe the card deck, are “World War III”, “Combined Disasters” (with the falling Big Ben of London), “Fear and Loathing”, “Destruction of States”, “Burning Souls”, “End of the World”, “Messiah”. And all this for the sake of “power over the world.”

Oh, this Steve Jackson is a ‘dark’ persona

Following Steve Jackson, John Grigny, the illustrator behind the prophetic cards, caught up in the fog. He acknowledged the coincidences of the “predictions” but he explained that the “Terrorist Attack” picture about the explosion of the twin towers was supposedly inspired by the potential threat still emanating from post-Soviet Russia, and not by foreseeing the real danger from al-Qaeda.

But aren’t there too many prophetic coincidences in America’s best card game of 1995 to establish a new world order with further real events on the planet?

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It is possible that this time is approaching, as Elon Musk posted a cryptic message yesterday?

Then Elon, as he does quite often, thought well and removed this post, but history has preserved all this and now conspiracy theorists ask each other the question that Elon asked: When is enough enough? That is, when is the enough is enough card implemented?

Elon Musk is a very complicated guy and, at a minimum, communicates with the highest echelons who know more about the Illuminati card deck than we do. But at the most, and as some people think, Musk has long been replaced by an actor and he does not take a step without the command of the circus management:

When is enough enough? Elon Musk momentarily posted the next Illuminati card being introduced into the game 6

According to the general opinion, if there is already a whole owner of X and a lot of other things, he is asking the question “when is enough is enough” – the implementation of the card should be expected soon. 


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