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What’s Up With All These Booms in Mason City, Iowa?

A frost explosion. A meteor sonic boom. Blown transformer. Trains. Tannerite. Fireworks. Build ups in the sewer line. Aliens.

Yes. Aliens.

All these have been offered up as possible culprits for a semi-regular, unexplained “boom” that’s been heard by residents of Mason City for the past few years.

Map shows the most recent locations of booms heard and reported on local social media platforms.


Some insist they only hear it in the southeast part of town, while others insist it’s farther north.

Even the intensity of the boom isn’t wholly agreed upon. Some of that could be explained by location. The farther away you are from something, the less intense it’s going to sound, after all.

But there’s a lot of metaphorical distance between someone messing around with something as explosive as tannerite and frost quakes, or cryoseisms, which can happen when ice in the ground expands too rapidly.

Uncertainty about the source(s)

Mason City Police Chief Jeff Brinkley said that there isn’t even a consensus on the cause from the calls the department gets and what officers hear for themselves.

“In a couple of cases we have found that they have had a business or industrial cause, in one case we found one person who had made a homemade firework, and many of the rest we are unsure about,” Brinkley relayed.

He added that the booms do appear to be sporadic: “There isn’t a pattern that we have been able to identify.” Which is backed up by plotting locations mentioned in a North Iowa Rant & Rave comments thread on Facebook.

Using that as a resource, booms have been heard at or near: Ninth Street Southeast, North Madison Avenue, East Park, 12th Street Southeast, South Virginia Avenue, North Kentucky Avenue, the Southside McDonald’s and the entire east side of town.

“We would like to have residents call when they have information that may help us identify the source of the noise or the area where it originated,” Brinkley said.

Night time is the wrong time

“I hear them mostly in the evening, but they have happened in the middle of the night, which makes you sit straight up in bed,” Mason City resident Lori Caspers shared.

Caspers said that she herself hasn’t contacted any local officials about the matter but has heard rumblings about a homemade cannon being to blame. Though, in the same turn she mentions the possibility, Caspers somewhat dismisses it.

“If I was this person’s neighbor I would have turned them in a long time ago,” she said.

Based on her own timeline, Caspers thinks it’s been going on since last winter, which would lead credence to the ice boom theory. But she swears she’s heard similar noises in the summertime as well and, as frigid as North Iowa can get, conditions for cryoseisms aren’t quite right in mid-August.

Nicole Kesten, who lives on the Northeast side of 12th Street, has also heard “it” for about a year, and usually at night, like Caspers.

“One time it sounded like it was in my backyard and scared the living crap out of me! Woke up on a dead sleep!” Kesten remembered.

She’s cycled through the ideas about what’s causing such a headache. At first she just dismissed it as train cars hooking up. Then she, too, considered the cannon possibility. After the last incident, a firework.

“I honestly have no idea what it is, it’s just totally weird! [I’m] getting so used to the boom that, if it ever stops, I’d be [like]: Where’s the boom?” she joked.

Something bigger…

In July of this year, Accuweather ran a story entitled “Mysterious ‘skyquakes’ continue across the world with few answers to their origins.”

The story’s author, Michael Kuhne, cited a figure that “more than 64 different incidents involving loud, unexplained booms worldwide” were reported in 2017, “according to a NY Post report.”

Later in the piece, he reckoned that possible explanations for the booms included lightning from distant thunderstorms, large meteors entering the atmosphere, earthquakes, mining operations such as blasting and super-sonic aircraft. And there was a case in San Diego that was attributed to jets.

But the closest large military base to Mason City is Camp Dodge in Johnston. So that wouldn’t explain larger, closer, booms.

So maybe aliens?

The website “Mysterious Universe” “looked into” the matter in February and said that there was a “deafening silence” on the part of law enforcement bodies. And while the article stops short of X-Files type speculation, the author does suggest that “Someone out there knows something the public doesn’t.”

To its credit, the article does also make mention of the “Baader-Meinhof phenomenon,” or “recency illusion.” Think of it like buying a car, and then starting to notice that make and model of car on the road a lot more because you now have a reason to look for it. That’s the Badder-Meinhof phenomenon. The threshold for confirmation bias is low too so it doesn’t take much for the effect to take hold.

And that may well be it then. It’s to a point where residents have almost “trained” themselves to listen for “the boom.” If it’s aliens though, we’ll at least know when they’re here.

Jared McNett
Globe Gazette


Bizzare & Odd

The smallest man in the world died at the age of 27 from pneumonia

The little Nepalese took part in various television shows, traveled around the world, met with the highest people in the world and enjoyed the attention to his person.

Khagendra’s height was only 67 cm and weight 5.5 kg. From a very young age, this little man was of miniature growth, born with primordial dwarfism. When he was a child, he was already known in many countries as the smallest boy in the world, and then as the smallest teenager.

After the official title of the Guinness Book of Records, Khagendra became a living symbol of Nepal, attracting tourists to this poor mountainous country.

Because of his abnormal growth, Khagendra often suffered from many medical problems, ranging from asthma to problems with breathing and bone pain. Shortly before his death, his heart began to ache often, and then he also caught pneumonia and his body simply could not withstand such a load.

Despite all the above problems, Khagendra remained a cheerful and optimistic person to the end. He was completely dependent on his parents and moved with great difficulty, but he had normal mental development and was well aware of his condition and position.

Khagendra had a younger brother, who was born completely normal and then helped Khagendra cope with various domestic inconveniences.

“He was so small at birth that could fit in the palm of my hand and it was very difficult for us to bathe and care for him,” says Khagendra’s father Rup Bahadur.

Before the death of Khagendra, the official smallest man in the world was recognized as Junrey Balawing from the Philippines, 56 cm tall, but he cannot walk on his own.

Of those dwarfs who can walk, now the smallest is the Colombian Eduardo Nino Hernandez (pictured below), whose height is 70 cm.

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Bizzare & Odd

A chicken in Brazil laid an egg with a text message

This happened in the municipality of Ceará, Brazil. According to, a stunned farmer named Raimundo Aluceno came to the local newspaper and demanded that the jounalists send the best scientists to the poultry farm. The reason for this was one of his birds, which laid a somewhat abnormal egg.

Raimundo has long been engaged in his business and has seen everything. But for the chicken to lay an egg with some mysterious symbols – this is what he sees for the first time.

First, our hero shared the discovery with his neighbors, who, too, were stunned. Then at a meeting of the villagers, it was decided to send Raimundo to the scientists to explain this strange phenomenon.

Unfortunately, he did not reach the scientists, however, the TV channel Monólitos, broadcasting in Portuguese, became interested in the incident. The journalists went to the place and checked everything, after which they took a short interview from Raimundo.

The egg turned out to be real, not fake, and now no one knows how to interpret this event. The opinions of people are divided.

So, many people think that aliens are to blame for everything, since Brazil is a continuous anomalous zone. But why did aliens need this? Is this some kind of joke or message left to people?

On the other hand, many see the divine sign in everything. Moreover, since the symbols more closely resemble to numbers, not letters, believers see this as the date of prophecy about the Apocalypse.

The situation with this egg is funny on one hand, and not on the the other. Why it is not funny can be understood if we recall that many cultures of the world are engaged in coloring eggs – they draw some patterns, inscriptions and so on.

All this, of course, could be some kind of witchcraft, whose roots go back to times about which nothing is known. But, apparently, there was some reason for the ancient people to make inscriptions on chicken eggs.

Maybe the ancients really had some sacred birds through which some forces transmitted messages to people, painting something on the shell. Then the messages ceased and the people themselves began to draw some patterns, repeating a forgotten ritual.

If this assumption is correct, then probably these ancient and forgotten times are returning and now many birds in the world will be carrying some quotes and valuable advice, so we follow the development of events.

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Bizzare & Odd

Strange multi-colored flashes in the night sky of Ohio still have not received a logical explanation

These strange multi-colored flashes in the night sky were shot last Sunday by an outdoor surveillance camera installed on a house in Bethel, Ohio.

The population of the town is only a little more than 2700 people and of course in such a small settlement there are no large stadiums, night clubs with spotlights and other institutions that could theoretically be involved in these bright flashes of light.

In addition to the camera, outbreaks were personally observed by the owners of the house on which this camera was installed. Tim Walker and his daughter Carolyn took up garbage collection late at night and literally froze in place when they saw colorful flashes that lit up the night sky.

The flashes lasted only a few seconds, and then stopped, but when the father and daughter went further along the road, the night sky again lit up with a bright flash. That is, if this happened intermittently, then this is clearly not a falling meteorite.

However, no one knows what it could still be , although news of these strange outbreaks soon appeared in many media. None of the logical versions could explain where these reddish-orange-pink-violet flashes came from.

According to Carolyn, at first she thought that something big had exploded there and felt very anxious. However, no loud sounds were heard.

And according to Tim Walker, what he saw reminded him of the explosions of shells that he saw while serving in the army. Except that here all this was completely soundless.

In the following days, reporters asked the local police and the Clermont County Emergency Department, to which the town belongs, but could not explain anything there. Also, nothing is said about whether it could be an accident on power lines or any substation.

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