What’s cooking in the weather kitchen: Is there an “Italian connection” between “Climate warming” and HAARP?

HAARP is a research project to study the interaction of the ionosphere with powerful electromagnetic radiation. The project was launched in the spring of 1997 in Gakona, Alaska.

Unlike radio broadcast stations, many of which have 1 MW transmitters but weakly directional antennas, HAARP and similar systems use highly directional transmit antennas, usually phased array ones, capable of focusing almost all of the radiated energy into a narrow beam and therefore a small area space.

There are aproximately 23 such stations around the world: 4 in the USA, 2 in Britain, as many as three in Norway. There is belief that there are significantly more HAARP stations, it’s just that the Internet community has not yet managed to find out about all of them. 

So what are these stations doing around the world? Why do they irradiate the ionosphere with powerful electromagnetic radiation? They are researching something, but what? Where are the results of these almost 30 years of research?

Or maybe they influence the ionosphere for some other purpose? Perhaps, as a result of these impacts, the notorious “climate warming” occurs? Can anyone refute this assumption?

It is no secret that the terrible fires that have recently occurred all over the world (California, Greece, Hawaii) are considered by many to be man-made. Witnesses claim that the fire came from the sky, even boats floating in the sea caught fire. 

Well, what kind of forest fire could create such a picture, when cars were burned while standing on a stone parapet adjacent to the sea, and only the foliage was burned on a nearby tree while the trunk stood intact? These images create serious doubts on the natural cause of such a fires.

Of course, in addition to rays from the sky, fires are often started by more “earthly” means – drones and helicopters throwing flames – there is also plenty of such footage on the Internet.

But drones and helicopters cannot cope with the entire city of Lahaina on the island of Maui to burn down like this overnight. A “fire from the sky” or a “rain of fire” – looks more believable. There is plenty of video evidence of strange lights in the sky over the burning island. 

So what was it? Or maybe there was some kind of HAARP installation operating in the skies over Maui? Can this scenario be ruled out?

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About earthquakes

They also began to occur incredibly often, and again many people see strangeness in their occurrence. For example, before the recent devastating earthquake in Turkey, people also observed strange lights and unusual clouds in the sky.

Similar lights were seen about in Morocco, preceding the devastation earthquake there.

Moreover, there are publications directly blaming HAARP for creating the disaster in Turkey.

And then it is not at all surprising that some Dutch scientist predicted this earthquake with extraordinary accuracy. Apparently, he could be simply aware of someone’s plans, that’s all.

The same goes for floods. Why couldn’t the irradiated ionosphere over some territory affect the rise of groundwater closer to the surface? It very well may.

Let’s learn what El Niño is

“El Niño, or Southern Oscillation is a fluctuation in the temperature of the surface layer of water in the equatorial part of the Pacific Ocean, which has a noticeable effect on the climate. At the same time, trade winds weaken or stop altogether, and the rise of deep ocean waters to the surface in the eastern part of the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Peru, slows down.

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The phenomena of the Southern Oscillation were first described in 1923 by Gilbert Thomas Walker. He introduced the terms “Southern Oscillation”, “El Niño” and “La Niña”. Only towards the end of the 20th century did the connections between El Niño and the planet’s climate become clear”. Wiki

Strange coincidence – the most powerful HAARP in the world was launched precisely at the end of the 20th century, namely in 1997! And until this time, no one had heard of El Niño.

Wikipedia writes:

“The 1997-1998 El Niño was so strong that it attracted the attention of the world public and the press. At the same time, theories about the connection of the Southern Oscillation with global climate change spread. …A similar phenomenon, discovered in 1999 in the Indian Ocean, is sometimes referred to in the media as the “Indian Ocean Niño.”

So this is the root of “climate warming”. El Niño, a mysterious sudden sharp warming of the surface layers of water in the ocean.

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How can you heat the surface layers in the ocean? Well, perhaps HAARP will be able to cope quite well in a few months, even better if several of these stations make a joint effort.

Quoting Wikipedia:

“First signs of El Niño:

1. Increase in air pressure over the Indian Ocean, Indonesia and Australia.

2. Pressure drop over Tahiti , over the central and eastern parts of the Pacific Ocean.

3. Weakening of the trade winds in the South Pacific until they cease and the wind direction changes to the westerly.

4. Warm air mass in Peru, rain in the Peruvian deserts.

In itself, an increase in water temperature off the coast of Peru by 0.5 °C is considered only a condition for the occurrence of El Niño. Typically, such an anomaly can exist for several weeks and then disappear safely. And only a five-month anomaly, classified as an El Niño phenomenon , can cause significant damage to the region’s economy due to a drop in fish catches.”

So, five months of processing the ionosphere and voila – El Niño is ready! 

And then you can endlessly shout at all corners about climate warming due to planet’s overpopulation and it is simply necessary to declare war on carbon dioxide and stop the entire industry. 

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