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What will happen to us after death and does the soul exist: scientists have finally found the answer

What will happen to us after death and does the soul exist: scientists have finally found the answer 1

For millennia, philosophers and scientists have researched and put forward theories proving whether a person’s soul is immortal or whether it dies when the body ceases to function. Scientists from various fields are trying to understand the mysterious nature of the soul.

Some scientists believe that the brain is like a computer, and the human mind is like software, which is activated by a bioquantum computer brain. It turns out that the soul does not die, but continues to exist in this Universe after death.

The relatively recent discovery of two leading scientists in their field shocked the scientific world – they claim that in fact our brain is a biological computer, and our consciousness is a program executed by this computer that does not disappear anywhere even after we die.

“Soul” does not disappear after the death of the body

As scientists explain, after the death of a person’s physical body, his soul does not die, the information contained in it simply returns back to the Universe. For many centuries, the best minds of mankind have been busy with an endless discussion about whether the soul exists, and if it exists, whether it is immortal, or whether it dies with the body. The mysterious nature of the human soul has captured the attention of many generations of scientists … and only relatively recently has a team of researchers discovered a new scientific fact about the human soul. In fact, our soul does not die at all, it just returns to the Universe.

Since 1995, Dr. Stuart Hameroff, American physicist and Doctor Emeritus of the Department of Anesthesiology and Psychology, University of Arizona, together with Sir Roger Penrose, physicist at Oxford University, have been working on a quantum theory of consciousness based on the idea that the soul (or what usually is called) is supported by structures of brain cells called microtubules.

This groundbreaking (and thought-provoking) theory argues that a person’s soul is held in place by brain cells through subcellular formations called microtubules.

Scientists believe that what people perceive as consciousness is in fact a collection of quantum attraction effects created by so-called microtubules. The researchers named the process “Orchestrated Objective Reduction” (Orch-OR).

This theory explains that when people are in a state commonly called “clinical death,” the microtubules located in their brain lose their quantum state, but the information contained in them is not destroyed at all. Or, as scientists themselves say, when people die, their soul does not die with them, but simply returns to the Universe.

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In an interview with Science Channel, Dr. Hameroff explained his theory in more detail:

“Let’s imagine that the human heart has stopped beating, that blood no longer flows through its vessels, that microtubules have lost their quantum state. But the quantum information contained in microtubules is not destroyed at all – moreover, it cannot be destroyed, it only returns to the Universe, dissolving in it. If the patient is resuscitated, this quantum information returns to the microtubules, and the patient who is brought back to life later tells that he saw something great on the verge of death.”

“If the patient dies, it is very possible that this quantum information can continue to exist indefinitely outside the body – in the form we usually call the soul.”

As stated by this theory, the human soul is much more than just the result of the interaction of neurons in our brain, and, most likely, each soul has existed not from the moment of our birth, but from the beginning of time.


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