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What was Athos, Pharaoh Akhenaten’s solar disk?

What was Athos, Pharaoh Akhenaten's solar disk? 9

One of the figures that has attracted the attention of the theorists of the ancient astronaut more than any other is the pharaoh Akhenaten. The heretic king, as he later became known to some, had an immediate alien appearance in carvings and statues. His wife, Queen Nefertiti, their daughter Meritaton and his son from another Tutankhamun wife, had long heads and long limbs.

Alien beings?

What was Athos, Pharaoh Akhenaten's solar disk? 10

Ironically, Akhenaten and Nefertiti are now among the most famous royal figures today. Why? Because those who came after them, including the famous Tutankhamen, tried to erase his story. It was reopened with the discovery of the city of Amarna only in the 19th century AD.

In fact, King Tut’s name was Tutankaton, but he denied the connection to his father’s name when he ascended the throne. The denial was probably due to his father’s shocking religious revolution, which destroyed the cult of Ammon. The priests of Ammon had accumulated wealth and political influence to the point where they had power that began to rival Pharaoh’s.

Pharaoh Akhenaten led the Amarna Revolution by moving the capital from Thebes to a city called Akhenaten, later known as Amarna. He and Nefertiti tried to turn the whole of Egypt into reverence for one deity – Athena or Athos – the solar disk. This was one of the earliest forms of monotheism in a world where many gods have always been the norm. Its very name Akhnaton means “Pleased to Aton.”

The revolution affected all works of art. Although royal figures have always been portrayed in an unrealistically glorified form, the images of the royal family were intimate and strangely realistic at the time.

From the Encyclopedia Britannica:

“The royal family was depicted with features that, when compared to the standard customs of Egyptian art, appear to be noticeably exaggerated: with a jaw, a slim neck, lowered shoulders, pronounced trunk, broad hips and thighs and spindly legs. The facial features were characterized by angular, narrowed eyes, fleshy lips, nasolabial wrinkles and ear plug holes, while each princess was often depicted with a flattened, ovoid skull. ”

Even stranger, in some cases it is not possible to tell whether the figures are male or female. As if, in fact, they are equivalent.

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“The Karnak colossi especially display these strange features in a remarkably exaggerated form, including one that clearly depicts a king without male genitals. Whether such statues were intended to represent the masculine and feminine elements combined in the personality of the divine king, or whether they were simply statues of Nefertiti, has not yet been satisfactorily established. ”

What was Athos, Pharaoh Akhenaten's solar disk? 11
Nefertiti and Akhenaten

What was Athos, Pharaoh Akhenaten's solar disk? 12

The appearance is so strange that some researchers suggest that the family has suffered from a genetic disorder called Marfan Syndrome. On the other hand, the theorists of the ancient astronaut believe that these are signs of extraterrestrial origin. So far, mummies are still missing, so we cannot know for sure, although several tests have been done on King Tut. These tests are generally regarded as false and suggest that Tutankhamen was the product of incest with a wide range of health problems.

What is Mount Athos?

As the sole mediator between Mount Athos and men, Akhenaten and the royal family became much more important than the priests of Ammon. Only they could speak on behalf of Athos, the only true god. Did Pharaoh really receive the messages from Mount Athos, or was it simply symbolic? Whatever the case, Pharaoh ordered the temples to be closed and old customs declared outlawed and destroyed.

The surviving text, called the Hymn of Athos, depicts Athos as the ubiquitous creator of all nature, assuming millions of forms, not just the known Sun.

“Men were asleep like the dead; now they are raising their hands in glory, birds are flying, fish are jumping, plants are flowering and the case is beginning. Aton creates the son in the mother’s womb, the seed in the men, and gives birth to everything alive. It has identified races, their natures, their tongues and their skin and meets the needs of all. Athos made the Nile in Egypt and the rain, like the celestial Nile, in foreign countries. It has a million forms according to the time of day and where it is viewed from; it’s always the same, though. “

What was Athos, Pharaoh Akhenaten's solar disk? 13
What is Pharaoh doing here? Enhaton and Nefertiti below Athos.

Moses and Athos

The hymn began to sound very similar to the story of Jesus, but from the mid-14th century BC.

“Every foot has been moving since your creation.
You raised them for your son, who came out of your body. “

The resemblance to the biblical texts is noted by the famous Sigmund Freud in his 1939 work. Moses and Monotheism. Freud believed that Moses, who translates “child” into Egyptian, may have been an Egyptian who followed the cult of Mount Athos. In fact, he may have been Thutmose, who disappears from historical records to reappear as biblical Moses.

After Akhenaten’s death, he suggested that Moses was banished. Then, as we know, a new religion based on the one true God changes the world.

Before Akhenaten, the world was used to polytheistic religion. Some ancient astronaut theorists think Akhenaten may have tried to erase previous religious beliefs as a means of disguising the true origins of the human species – a species created by genetic manipulation of alien beings. The more common explanation is that Pharaoh was trying to regain power from the cult of Ammon, who had become too powerful and corrupt.

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Did Akhenaten want to lead his followers away from the truth or to it by connecting with higher consciousness?

Wisdom from heaven

In the descriptions of Athos, the disk lowered its sun-like rays, enlightening and blessing the royal family with godlike status and apparent wisdom. Conventional researchers say that Mount Athos was just the sun, but could it have been much more than that?

According to the theorist of the ancient astronaut Giorgio A. Tsukalos, the description of Athos indicates that he is not at all the celestial body of the sun.

“Atone was described as this flying solar disk. Egyptologists simply say that it was nothing but the sun, but the question is, can the sun teach you different disciplines? And the answer is no, ”Tsukalos explains.

“So we need to find out if our ancestors came across technology and misinterpreted it as something natural,” he continues.


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