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What predictions of the futurists of the 1950s have already come true, and which will soon come true: distance learning, drones, etc.

Futurology is a very interesting teaching, which is at the intersection of science, art and common sense. It has nothing to do with predictions, as futurologists always carefully monitor technical innovations and try to guess the vector of human development. 

Sometimes it turns out well, and then we admire their sagacity, sometimes the trends are guessed wrong, and in this case it looks funny. Not so long ago, another trend has become fashionable – retrofuturism – the study of forecasts made 50-100 years ago. Let’s check together what from the comics of the famous American futurist artist Arthur Radebo today has come true.

Arthur Radebo spent many years in advertising, until in 1958, where he found his own unique direction – he began to draw bright, optimistic comics that tell about life in the near future. For five years, the Chicago Tribune media syndicate published these illustrations in a separate section. The name of the column, “Closer Than We Think,” has become prophetic. Of course, not all of them, but many of these forecasts really came true, not even a hundred years have passed, some are likely to become a reality in the near future. Today, the name of Arthur Radebo is again popular – users of the World Wide Web are happy to share his “predictions from the past”, discussing what else might come true.

Videophone - the ability to see the person you are talking to (Arthur Radebo comics)
Videophone – the ability to see the person you are talking to (Arthur Radebo comics)

A video-enabled telephone seemed close, but difficult to achieve, for a long time. Technically, people could have done this for a long time, the question was probably in cost. Today, many opportunities are realized thanks to the Internet, but none of the futurists of that time, unfortunately, did not predict it.

Instant machine color change (Arthur Radebo comics)
Instant machine color change (Arthur Radebo comics)

The ability to instantly change the color of your favorite car in your mood may probably seem attractive, but it has not yet been realized. Today, even changing the color of the nails takes longer than painting the car in this picture. Such technologies, by the way, were found a couple of times in semi-fantastic spy films, where a color change of the machine could help agents hide from enemies.

Unmanned vehicles and electric cars (Arthur Radebo comics)
Unmanned vehicles and electric cars (Arthur Radebo comics)

But drones and electric cars can rightfully be considered true predictions. It is expected that in the near future our roads will be filled with them. True, the highway connecting Russia and Alaska, as in the figure below, has not yet been designed.

Tunnel connecting Russia and Alaska (Arthur Radebo comics)
Tunnel connecting Russia and Alaska (Arthur Radebo comics)

Many “predictions” of Arthur Radebo related to home furnishings and everyday life – this topic is close to people, and modern household appliances are really booming, so here the artist’s imagination has unfolded. He guessed something right: with huge televisions today, for example, you will not surprise anyone. It is hoped that multifunctional housework robots are also somewhere on the way for developers.

Huge panoramic TV (Arthur Radebo comics)
Huge panoramic TV (Arthur Radebo comics)
The robot who cooked and served the food, and before that, washed the whole house (Arthur Radebo comics)
The robot who cooked and served the food, and before that, washed the whole house (Arthur Radebo comics)

In the near future, according to the artist, the house itself should be under a hood, in the literal sense – it’s raining outside, and it’s dry and warm in your micro-universe, it’s time to cut the lawn.

House of the Future Under the Dome (Arthur Radebo Comics)
House of the Future Under the Dome (Arthur Radebo Comics)

Probably, by 2020, according to people from the 50s, mankind should have defeated most diseases, and in case of injuries – had the opportunity to simply “assemble” a person from spare parts, i.e. organs. This is not to say that this forecast looked silly today. Diseases, of course, do occur, but organ transplantation has already been practiced for quite some time. The laboratories are making attempts to really grow “spare parts” for humans.

Human Spare Parts (Arthur Radebo Comics)
Human Spare Parts (Arthur Radebo Comics)

And, of course, the artist could not remain silent about the main dream of mankind. In his future, people fly with the help of small personal helicopters. Something similar already exists, of course, it remains to wait for the mini-flying means to come into use, and we can assume that the future has come.

Mini-helicopters are not a luxury, but a means of transporting people in the 21st century, according to Arthur Radebo
Mini-helicopters are not a luxury, but a means of transporting people in the 21st century, according to Arthur Radebo

The next few predictions can also rightfully be considered fulfilled.

A clock with a built-in TV (now smartphones are much more complicated)

A clock with a built-in TV (now smartphones are much more complicated)

An oven that cooks food almost instantly is a type of microwave

An oven that cooks food almost instantly is a type of microwave

Distance learning - the issue is more relevant today than ever

Distance learning – the issue is more relevant today than ever


Bizzare & Odd

Bad Omen? Lightning struck the Washington Monument

On June 3, 2020, an unusually strong thunderstorm began over the central Atlantic, formed by the so-called mesoscale convective system:

As the US National Meteorological Service explains, this is a well-described and occasionally recurring event, the result of which are stormy winds blowing on the east coast in an almost straight line:

The wind caused quite serious damage, in particular, about 500,000 people were left without electricity, which was replaced by thunder and lightning falling from the sky:

The lightning fell not just somewhere, but into the Washington monument:

The Washington Monument is a monument to the first US president, George Washington. It is a granite obelisk lined with marble, 169 meters high and weighing 91 thousand tons. It is the largest obelisk in the world and the tallest building in Washington.

There is not a single skyscraper in the city and, by tradition, none of the buildings can exceed the height of the Washington Monument, so the fact that lightning came directly into the monument is not very surprising: it must have got into it before. But the problem is that this definitely mystical sign is taking place against the backdrop of the riots.

The riots begans in Minnesota and swept almost 400 cities in the United States and somehow strange coincided that the epicenter of all this storm coming from the Atlantic was also … Minnesota.

Therefore, most likely the storm and riots are somehow mystically connected, and the fact that the lightning from this storm hit the main monument of the United States is clearly not a good sign, which portends something. But what? Natural disaster? Disaster? The collapse of the national currency or war?

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Bizzare & Odd

A voice in head led a man to win the lottery

A resident of the English city of Coventry, West Milands County, bought a winning lottery ticket after a voice in his head advised him to do it. This was reported by the Daily Mail.

On May 19, the 31-year-old electrician, Simon Waddup, went shopping. He claims that a voice in his head advised him to buy a lottery ticket and participate in the draw. The Briton bought online two lottery tickets for 2.5 pounds. Before that, he had never participated in major draws and limited himself to buying scratch cards.

On the morning of May 20, he checked his phone and saw that he had received a message from the National Lottery. It turned out that he hit the jackpot of a million pounds. To verify the reliability of the win, Waddap called the hotline.

“The first person I told about the win was my ten-year-old daughter. She asked if she could now get a passport, bearing in mind that she had never been abroad. Then I called my mother and sister, and they did not believe me, ”the winner said.

Waddap hopes that the prize will allow him to realize his childhood dream and become a reenactor of old houses – buy old real estate, repair it and sell it. He spent years working on construction sites and studying various industries.

With the money won, the man bought new clothes for himself and his daughter and bought a coffee machine. He plans to spend part of the money on his family. 

“I will make my daughter a passport, and when we can, we will go abroad – she already told me that she wants to go to Spain,” he said.

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Bizzare & Odd

From witchcraft to hunting husbands: The most unusual schools in the world

These educational institutions are very different from our usual standards. We talk about the most breathtaking schools in the world for those outside the “format”.

Witch School in Salem

It would even be breathtaking if such a school did not arise in a town famous worldwide for its terrible judicial action against 200 inhabitants accused of warlocking. Surprisingly, it was founded by a priest, Rev. Ed Hubbard. The school studies basic warlock techniques and the witch belief system. Most of the courses can be taken remotely, but some subjects are taught on a full-time basis.

The institution’s website was opened in 2004, and since then more than 200 thousand people have enrolled in the school.

The activities of the school of witches are criticized by representatives of the American Orthodox Church. But, despite this, it continues to exist and attract the attention of students from all over the world.

School on the railway platform

At stations in India, you can see a huge number of children begging for passers-by. This is a sad sight, and without education, a completely unenviable future awaits them. The teacher from the town of Orissa – Inderjit Khurana – decided to give these children a chance for a normal life, having organized the first school in the country on the platform 25 years ago.

Initially, only one school of this format was planned. But during this period of time, the organization Rushika, founded by Khurana, was able to open 14 schools in which at least 1.5 thousand children study.

In the morning, about 30-40 people gather at the station for four-hour classes. There are no desks and boards. Kids learn through games, songs, poems and puppet shows. Any of them can come and go from the lesson whenever he wants. The organization also provides children and their families with free food and essential medicines.

Brooklyn Freestyle School

As the name implies, this educational institution is located in one of the districts of New York – Brooklyn. The school has existed since 2004. There is no class schedule and any inherent rules. The theory of the school is to allow students to find their own path. Students decide for themselves what to study and what classes to attend. If they are not interested in the exercises, they can just get up and go home. At school, no one looks at the performance of students, they are practically left to their own devices.

Bangladesh’s floating schools

Floods often occur in Bangladesh due to heavy rains, putting thousands of children under the questionnaire (the pedagogical process, as a result of which students under the guidance of a teacher acquire knowledge, skills) . The non-profit organization Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha took the initiative and organized a huge number of floating medical posts and schools in the villages. Now children do not need to go on foot to classes – boats pick them up on the shore and take them home after school. The project met expectations – at the moment there are more than 100 floating schools in the country, which even have computers, access to the web and small libraries.

Dongzhong Cave School

Dongzhong Cave is located in the Chinese province of Guizhou in the small village of Mao. She is known for the fact that in 1984 local residents opened a school in her, tired of waiting for the authorities to build a suitable building. The cave is quite spacious – up to 200 children could fit in it without effort. In addition to several pavilions with desks and boards, a basketball court was also equipped in Dongzhong.

The cave school managed to survive for 23 years – in 2007, local authorities closed it, promising to build a real school in Mao.

School of the Future in Philadelphia

This educational institution was opened in 2006. According to the statement of its founders, this is the first model of how all schools will look in the future. Students here do not use textbooks and pens. All materials are in Microsoft applications, namely in the One Note Digital Notebook. Every student has his own digital locker, which is revealed using an ID-card.

Classes at school last seven hours – from 9 to 16. In practice, just like working in an office, children are prepared for adulthood.

The first years, the adaptation of students to learning at school was quite difficult: not all students had sufficient abilities to switch to one hundred percent digital learning (the pedagogical process, as a result of which students, under the guidance of a teacher, acquire knowledge, skills and abilities) . Over time, the system was established, and at the moment, the School of the Future is one of the most successful educational institutions in Philadelphia.

Elf School

If you want to carefully study Icelandic folklore about the life of elf creatures tiny and invisible to the human eye, then you need to urgently sail to Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. Since 1990, an unusual school has been opened here, which has already trained more than 9 thousand students – mostly foreigners.

Students learn to distinguish all 13 types of elves. Training materials carefully outline the creatures, and in the classrooms are educational posters with bare elves – to find out if suddenly these creations meet in the forest. At the end of the training, students receive a diploma.

Maharishi School

This school, which was opened in 1986 in Lancashire in the UK, does not go for knowledge of arithmetic or chemistry. In school, Maharishi students develop opportunities for clairvoyance and telepathy. Students meditate a lot and recognize themselves. You must admit that this is completely different from the classical school, but the non-least institution is popular and is among the best schools in England.

Hunting School for Husbands

In the Land of the Rising Sun, loneliness has long since become a mass phenomenon. A large number of ladies aged 20 to 30 years can not make their personal life. In the old days, when the ancestors organized the marriage, families were created much more often. Later, traditions gave way to the space of increasing independence of Japanese women, expectations and requirements for a possible spouse increased.

And here it turned out that finding a suitable spouse is absolutely difficult.

At the Tokyo School for Hunting Husbands, students are taught to maintain posture, have a conversation and set the table, correctly set values, establish communication with the spouse and his family and almost all other things that are needed in home life. Education (the pedagogical process, as a result of which students under the guidance of a teacher master knowledge, skills and abilities) at school is expensive – about 2,000 bucks a year, but it is still very popular – especially among women in the 30+ age group.

Santa Claus School

The oldest school teaching volunteers the art of bringing children satisfaction was based in Michigan back in 1937 by American actor Charles Howard. To this day, students are trained to match the classic look of good Santa. Students must master the rules of etiquette, gestures, an unusual manner of speech and even the art of dressing like Santa Claus in order to become worthy ambassadors of the head sign of Christmas and {New Year}.

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