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What makes QR-codes different: Closer and closer to the “Mark of the beast”

What makes QR-codes different: Closer and closer to the "Mark of the beast" 1
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What is the fundamental difference between the existing paper documents – a passport, driver’s license, medical record – from the new QR code box, which, as some people think, is simply added to personal documents.

Reasoning – why everything is not so simple and what is the difference

A passport, a driver’s license, personally filled questionnaires, a medical card and other analogues of paper workflow are documents that a person controls personally and which are spelled out in the law to the last letter. Intrusion into your personal documents is punishable by criminal liability (forgery). Passport, license, medical card, which are stored in your home in the sideboard, are fully protected by law, and you know this well.

You are sure that there cannot be such a situation that you took your driver’s license out of the sideboard – and another category is inscribed in it by itself. Or that the date of birth in your passport will change by itself, or that an entry appeared in your medical record that you are a drug addict. Your documents in the sideboard are your armor, fully protected by law.

What is your personal digital square, which from now on determines your life activity?

This is a link to an unknown and beyond your control resource. This resource is managed by people who are unknown and beyond your control. This link is not regulated by law in any way and if among these unknown specialists there are malicious ones, then according to your personal link, if they wish, they will be able to change the data on you at least every hour, according to a schedule – say, for example on Fridays (and for some reason there are always malicious among people).

The bottom line is that you cannot control in any way what kind of information at each moment of time is under your link, whether someone has added something else there and whether someone has transferred something that has been added there.

Your box is not a document. This is not a passport, this is not a license, this is not a medical card. This is a link. Not regulated by law

Therefore, digital links pinned to a person is a possible violation of Federal Law, since the personal data of citizens may be freely available to fraudsters.

In essence – fraudsters can have access to citizens’ data and profit. Even if it has now become easy and simple for them to do this – this is not a digital concentration camp yet, this is just the expropriation of property.

The first terrible phenomenon: Citizen Segregation

QR-codes are not an invention of today, people have always been divided.

A thousand years ago – a slave and a master – a slave is obliged to present his code when visiting public places.

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Eighty years ago – Jew and Gentile – a Jew is required to show his code (or badge) when visiting public places.

Today – vaccinated and unvaccinated – vaccinated are obliged to present their code when visiting public places.

Only the form of these codes changes and the point is not where exactly your current personal code leads and how it is deciphered because it just doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter simply because it takes your attention to the little things – you start to figure out how exactly the number stamped on the hand of a Jew in a concentration camp is deciphered or where exactly your personal QR code link leads, toolkit of color revolutions – a “substitution of concepts”.

For medical purposes, the QR code is useless because according to the organizers of the fight against covid, the vaccinated are carriers of pathogens, therefore they are forced to wear masks and gloves as well as those who are not vaccinated. The point is not only in segregation, not only in the fact that people are divided into obedient and disobedient. 

Since 2020, the fundamental right to movement has been withdrawn from us, even before 2020, it was unconditional. We were forbidden to go to rallies, but we were not prohibited from going to shops. Now we have all been deprived of the right to travel. This is how they either deprive patients of psychiatric hospitals or prisoners of concentration camps. We all ended up in the status of prisoners at once. 

Now the master decides whether the slave can leave the house, and where he can go. The right to move is no longer there, now there is only the permission of the master.

The master now determines what the slave must do to get out of his kennel. If the master wishes, he can demand something else that his darling wants. After all, citizens are the sheep, with whom the shepherd is not obliged to conduct a dialogue – a feast of domination. The person who received the QR code does not at all regain his freedom of movement. He is given a temporary ID card but the validity period of this card may change, the conditions for issuing it may change. 

It is important that a situation does not happen in a country when citizens who do not belong to the category of a special list (who do not have a special code, for example) will have to move to live underground, and will not be able to just go to a store or to theatre with their family.

The second scary phenomenon: Total Movement Control

Each “digital ID” with your personal square will invariably leave a log-trace behind it. We have no control over the data in this log. We don’t know what resource this data goes to. We have no idea how long – hours / days / months / years / centuries – the data about your movements along the QR square will be stored on these unknown and beyond our control resources. We do not know which specially trained people will use the data about us and our movements and for what purpose they will use it.

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Your paper passport or license leaves no similar trace in history. The history of providing data about yourself is controlled only by you, and not by some unknown “people in black”.

Actually, this is the path to total digital control, which, like a bulldozer, can go the second echelon after the curation of citizens. 

This is the main difference between this looming “mark of the beast” from your usual personal paper documents, peacefully lying at home in the sideboard. 

What should have happened has happened. The Rockefeller Foundation posted a document on the website, somewhere in 2010, with a description of all the events being implemented today. Even more detailed instructions seem to have appeared last year on the website of the World Economic Forum of Klaus Schwab. 

When this whole “pandemic” story started in 2020, everything was already exposed having item number 1 as “lockdown”, item 2 – “mask and glove mode”, then general vaccination, and then the inevitable introduction of QR codes. It’s the same everywhere. 

One global scenario, as the big boss ordered – either Rockefeller, or someone else – more influential, Mr. Antichrist himself. Therefore, the decision was made, it was made a long time ago, and guidelines sent by the higher forces control center have uniformly been accepted and implemented.


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