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What is the reason for the immunity of Arabs to coronavirus?

What is the reason for the immunity of Arabs to coronavirus? 1

“Coronavirus is coolness and peace for Arabs in the Middle East.” Such a publication on his page on the social network was made by the President of the Society of Genetic Engineers of Jordan. He pointed to the results of a study that explains why the population of Arab countries is resistant to coronovirus infection, unlike Europeans.

The Jordanian Society of Genetic Engineers has published part of a study that explains the greater resistance of the Arabs to coronavirus, in contrast to Westerners.

On Sunday, the president of the Ramsey Fonda Society made a statement posted on the Facebook page of the association: “Coronavirus is cool and peace for Arabs in the Middle East.”

He pointed to the results of a study conducted by the Society under the leadership of Walid al-Zuweid, Hazem Haddad and their team, which was presented as part of the work of the Research Foundation of the Ministry of Higher Education of Jordan.

According to the data, Middle Eastern Arabs have a single nucleotide polymorphism (genetic SNPS), which distinguishes them from the inhabitants of East Asia and Europe and allows their body to actively fight the virus.

As Fouda explained, Arabs in the Middle East have 1: 1000 ACE2 protein in their lung cells compared to East Asians and Europeans. According to information on the Bioinformatics website, the virus attacks receptors present on the surface of an ACE2 lung cell.

The authors of the study cite the following example:

“If one virus binds to a lung cell of a person of Arab Middle Eastern origin, then 1000 viruses will be associated with the lung cell of a resident of East Asia or Europe. In other words, it will be much easier for the immune system to resist the least amount of viruses.”

According to the president of the Society of Genetic Engineers, the study was based on the fact that the flu virus in East Asia and Europe is sometimes deadly, and in the Arab countries of the Middle East it is considered a completely ordinary disease.

In addition, Israeli statistics were taken into account in order to compare with people of Arab origin in the West Bank, as they live in the same environment and in the same geographical space. There is a big difference in the number of cases of infection and mortality, since the genetic basis of the virus has not changed and has not mutated.

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