What is the connection between the Omicron strain, the Reptilians and 666?

On November 26, 2021, the World Health Organization gave the new strain of coronavirus B.1.1.529 the name omicron, which can be considered as the birthday of a new plague. And, somehow surprisingly, it coincided that January 30, 2020, the birthday of the pandemic, and November 26, 2021, the birthday of the new plague, are separated by a magic number of 666 days. 

The WHO identified Omicron as “a strain of great concern. After the news, the conspiracy community became quite worried:

As follows from this semi-official print screen, circulating in the lists since the summer of 2021, the “omicron” strain was expected in May 2022, we are only in November 2021, and this “omicron” has already started its march across the planet. What’s next? Omega?

Another oddity that did not go unnoticed by conspiracy theorists: Omicron is an anagram from Moronic.

In the case of B.1.1.529, we are talking about some new and dangerous strain, which, according to doctors, is 500 times more dangerous than the delta. And yet, as they write, this strain is most dangerous for people who have received treatment from earlier types of covid or have been vaccinated. 

If so, then this is a bomb. It is indirectly confirmed by the fact that the British government ordered PCR tests to be done and all those who come to the country, regardless of whether you are vaccinated or not, sit on 10-day isolation. 
How so? Why then were they vaccinated?!

The authorities have suggested that the old vaccines will not work for the new virus, and therefore everyone urgently needs to be vaccinated, who has not yet done so plus the boosters for the rest. 

Follow the logic: the Omicron strain does not give in to the vaccine, on the contrary, those vaccinated with it get sick and spread.

The 666th day since pandemic declaration

Also, 666 days passed between the date of January 30, 2020, when the WHO declared the Covid-19 pandemic and November 26, 2021, when the “omicron” strain was announced:

A very strange coincidence combined with a difficult day – 666th since the beginning of the fight against the pandemic. 

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Constellation Draco

According to astronomy handbooks, the letter Omicron is a double star in the constellation Draco, the smaller of which astronomers cannot see, and the larger is a white giant with a radius of 30 solar. It is located at a distance of 322 light years from us. 

If you calculate the distance even more accurately, then the figure turns out to be even more magical – 32 2.93 light years. One of the features of Omicron is the fact that in the Northern Hemisphere it never goes beyond the horizon. 

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The next package of information about this star can be found in reference books on ufology, compiled on the basis of messages received from contactees. They write the following: 

Dragon Moth or Omicron Draconians are one of the factions behind the Orion Group. These reptilian creatures are extremely vicious and violent. Their area of ​​responsibility is the region of Iran and Iraq – they stand behind the terrorist groups that govern these countries. Omicron Dragon is the main star of their planetary system. 

Omicron Draconians are not the main ones in the dark consortium, but work, as it were, in the catch-up of more advanced civilizations, in particular, at the moment they are the henchmen of the Orion forces. In the earlier past, they were mercenaries of the Annunnaki who had a war with the Nephilim. During this war, together with Orion, the so-called Dragon Grid was built in Siberia, later expanded to South Asia and reaching South America.

The grid is controlled by a program that controls and launches the Armageddon scenario. Therefore, now these or those regimes under the control of the Draconians seek to gain access to all structures of the artifact technological device. As soon as full control is gained, Armageddon will be launched and the collection of energy from the harvest will begin.

In the consortium of the Omicron dark civilizations, the Draconians are like a military wing. They are great specialists in military strategy, so war and terrorism is their topic. Other areas of their interests are energy harvested from people, transhumanism, demography and psychotronic mind control.

In exchange for military services, the more advanced Orion gives the Draconians protection from higher civilizations, which was realized by the creation of the so-called Phantom Spatial Matrix, where they all sit. The Orions are great specialists in creating wormholes and now their strategic task is to try to draw the entire Earth into their Matrix, gaining complete control over it. 

The voices of astropaths and telepaths are, of course, not a very reliable source of information. However, the 666 days between the fashion disease innovations is also a rather strange coincidence. In addition, telepaths explain well the friendship between China, Iran and the Russian Federation. It becomes clear that this group of countries is interested in such regions as Venezuela and Syria – obviously, there are some important components of that very grid. As soon as control is established over them – so Armageddon will be turned on.

Naturally, at the moment all this is only a conspiracy theory, and quite hardcore, as it does not fit into the head of an ordinary man in the street. But if it works, we will hear some updates on the Third World War pretty soon. The 666 days after the announcement of the global quarantine and the Omicron announcement by WHO couldn’t be a coincidence. 


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