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What is a Talisman? – Magical Talismans

Dating back to the days of ancient Egypt and Babylonia, a talisman is an inanimate object, symbol or drawing which said to possess supernatural powers. A common talisman is an engraved metal disc featuring astrological or magical figures.

Talisman Power

Generally speaking, there are three ways that talismans get their power. One is through nature, which can be associated with some form of gem. Another is through the power of the gods or supernatural entities. The last is derived from some form of magic.

Many objects are considered to be a talisman. For example, the mythical sword of King Arthur is alleged to be one, as well as magic wands. In Jewish tradition, the tephillin is seen as a talisman.

Talisman Energy

Many claims have been made with the so-called energy that a talisman is said to possess. With some tied to astrological signs, the Talisman of Venus is credited to forming strong bonds of love with wives and husbands. It is also believed to change an enemy’s thoughts of hatred into love.

For those involved in business transactions, the Talisman of Mercury is believed to bring prosperity to a business. In addition, it allegedly prevents death by poison or murder. The Talisman of the Sun is said to prevent heart disease or an aneurysm.

How to use a Talisman

The most common way to use a talisman is to wear one around the neck. This can be in the form of jewelry. Pieces range from low end costs to high quality pieces made of gold and diamonds. However, jewelry isn’t the only way to use this special type of charm.

Take a gemstone with special qualities and carry it around in your pocket. To enhance the power of the gemstone, hold it in your hands and meditate on it. Find a quiet location, close your eyes and take long deep breaths, while envisioning the stone in your mind and the powers associated with it.

The use of a talisman is said to be able to acquire wealth and power. How true are all of these claims? That would depend on who you ask. With the use of these items throughout man’s history, there are many who absolutely believe in the power associated with talismans.

On the other side of the coin will be skeptics and debunkers who will claim there is no type of scientific evidence to back that these talismans even work.

Talismans are known for many things including help with relationships, medical powers, as well as supernatural powers. Considered magical by some, these objects or symbols are credited to everything from a successful love relationship to the medical prevention of certain illnesses.

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Satanic pacts to create “immortal guerrillas” in Colombia?

For many years Colombia has been hit by a dangerous guerrilla that has not been eliminated, why? The reason could be more macabre than many think: Satanic covenants.

People who, in one way or another have had contact with the guerrillas, tell how they have witnessed guerrillas who are shot, get up and continue fighting armed, some with a simple machete.

Although it sounds like something impossible, it is a speech that is repeated constantly among the interviewees. One of the most chilling stories tells us how, during a night like any other, a squad of paramilitaries was awakened and taken to a hill in the jungle.

In front of them lay a boy who was, if anything, 16 years old. The women were trained on the other side and the commander, with a machete in hand, called one of them and handed it to him, ordering him to behead him.

The woman said she could not do it and, in a threatening voice, the commander shouted: “He who does not serve to kill, serves to be killed.”

With nothing else to do, the woman dropped the machete on the supplicant boy, but could not finish the work. The commander took the machete and with a certain blow, beheaded the young man in front of everyone.

Without hesitation, he got up and exclaimed: “Welcome to the ACC, I am commander 030 and I must deliver three thousand souls to the devil.”

“Commander 030” was one of those immortal soldiers who, based on satanic covenants and sacrifices, had obtained eternal protection. To this myth are added declarations of United States military factions that have faced the Colombian guerrillas.

Some say they shot them with AK47 rifles and saw how, without any protection, they received the bullets and they did not pass through them.

They simply did not harm them beyond a bruise. Other more extremists say they have seen them become invisible, heal at great speeds and disappear from one moment to another.

Many communities that live in nearby areas where the guerrilla is alive, tell how these people use prayers, rituals, sacrifices and satanic pacts.

These stories are supported by the latest findings made by the Colombian and US military, where they have found “picket houses” with prisoners, still alive, dismembered.

Some captured say that this is part of one of the many satanic rituals and pacts they perform for their protection. Sounds really amazing and macabre at the same time.

But many of these guerrillas have been seen killing soldiers armed with guns using a simple machete, which leads us to really think about the chances of this being real …

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Samhain: the true origin of Halloween

Every year, October 31 becomes the most terrifying night of the year, Halloween, which gives way to All Saints’ Day, when deceased relatives are remembered.


This day is the Christianization of a much older pagan holiday, held in the Middle Ages with the intention of including the people, then reluctant to leave their customs, in the new Christian religion.

So, although it has been changing over the years and new elements have been added, its origin dates back to Samhain, a party celebrated by the Celts, a town that arrived in Europe between 1,200 900 BC and that spread throughout most of the continent between the 5th and 6th centuries BC, especially in Spain, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The ancient Celtic peoples, at the end of October, used to celebrate a great party to commemorate “the end of the harvest” , baptized with the Gaelic word of Samhain. It means, etymologically, ‘the end of summer’ .

This holiday represented the time of the year when the ancient Celts stored provisions for winter and sacrificed animals. Harvest time was running out, and thereafter, the days would be shorter and the nights longer.

The Celts believed that on this night of Samhain (today Halloween night), the spirits of the dead returned to visit the world of mortals. They lit big fires to scare away evil spirits. It was the night party welcome to the New Year.


The custom was to leave food and sweets outside their homes and light candles to help the souls of the dead find their way to the light and rest next to the Sun god, in the Summer Lands.

Samhain’s night has now become Halloween night. An example of this is the old tradition of leaving food for the dead, today represented in children who, disguised, go from house to house, asking for sweets, with the phrase ‘trick or treat’ (trick or treat).

Apparently, the Celts were collecting food around the houses for offerings to their gods. Rituals for those who prepared a large hollow turnip with burning coals inside, representing the spirit they believed empowered them.

On that magical night of rituals, the night of Samhain, the door opened to the beyond and the living and the dead had the opportunity to communicate.

After the Romanization of the Celtic peoples – with some exception as is the case in Ireland – and, although the religion of the Druids came to disappear; The primitive ‘Samhain’ managed to survive by preserving much of his spirit and some of his rites.

Thus, the tradition will be collected and will be extended by the peoples of medieval Europe, especially those of Celtic origin, who traditionally hollowed turnips and inside they put burning coal to illuminate the way back to the world of the living to their relatives dearest dead by welcoming them, while protecting themselves from evil spirits.

With the rise of the new religion – Christianity – the pagan holiday was later Christianized as ‘All Saints’ Day (the English translation is, “All Hallow’s Eve”, hence the current expression of ‘Hallowe’ in ‘ ).

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Mistress of the Macabre Digs Up Stories of the Dead

In the new web series Grave Hunter, macabre history aficionado Malia Miglino goes graveside to dig up forgotten stories before they’re gone.

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