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What is a Talisman? – Magical Talismans

What is a Talisman? – Magical Talismans 1

Dating back to the days of ancient Egypt and Babylonia, a talisman is an inanimate object, symbol or drawing which said to possess supernatural powers.

A common talisman is an engraved metal disc featuring astrological or magical figures.

Talisman Power

Generally speaking, there are three ways that talismans get their power. One is through nature, which can be associated with some form of gem. Another is through the power of the gods or supernatural entities. The last is derived from some form of magic.

Many objects are considered to be a talisman. For example, the mythical sword of King Arthur is alleged to be one, as well as magic wands. In Jewish tradition, the tephillin is seen as a talisman.

Talisman Energy

Many claims have been made with the so-called energy that a talisman is said to possess. With some tied to astrological signs, the Talisman of Venus is credited to forming strong bonds of love with wives and husbands. It is also believed to change an enemy’s thoughts of hatred into love.

For those involved in business transactions, the Talisman of Mercury is believed to bring prosperity to a business. In addition, it allegedly prevents death by poison or murder. The Talisman of the Sun is said to prevent heart disease or an aneurysm.

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How to use a Talisman

The most common way to use a talisman is to wear one around the neck. This can be in the form of jewelry. Pieces range from low end costs to high quality pieces made of gold and diamonds. However, jewelry isn’t the only way to use this special type of charm.

Take a gemstone with special qualities and carry it around in your pocket. To enhance the power of the gemstone, hold it in your hands and meditate on it. Find a quiet location, close your eyes and take long deep breaths, while envisioning the stone in your mind and the powers associated with it.

The use of a talisman is said to be able to acquire wealth and power. How true are all of these claims? That would depend on who you ask. With the use of these items throughout man’s history, there are many who absolutely believe in the power associated with talismans.

On the other side of the coin will be skeptics and debunkers who will claim there is no type of scientific evidence to back that these talismans even work.

Talismans are known for many things including help with relationships, medical powers, as well as supernatural powers. Considered magical by some, these objects or symbols are credited to everything from a successful love relationship to the medical prevention of certain illnesses.


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