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What if the sun doesn’t cause skin cancer?

Summer is fast approaching. It is a time when I see fear rampant on the beach in the form of slathering chemicals on our children’s skin or covering them from head to toe. We don’t want them to get cancer from the sun, do we?? So we do our due diligence and cover ourselves and our children with whatever our conscience allows.

But what if the sun really doesn’t cause skin cancer?

Oh, I know we’ve been told for years that the depletion of the ozone layer decreases our atmosphere’s natural protection from the sun’s supposedly “harmful” ultraviolet (UV) rays.

We’ve been told that these rays damage the skin’s cellular DNA which then produce genetic mutations that can lead to skin cancer. And of course the US Department of Health and Human Services and the World Health Organization both have identified UV light as a proven human carcinogen. The CDC even tells us a few serious sunburns can increase your child’s risk of getting skin cancer. Pretty scary stuff, huh? No wonder we cover ourselves and our children with chemicals or clothing – we’d be a fool not to!

I, too, used to believe this until I learned German New Medicine and learned that the sun doesn’t cause cancer.

GNM is a new science of medicine based on Five Biological Laws discovered by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer over 35 years ago. The Five Biological laws explain the cause, the development, and the natural healing of “diseases” in all living beings 100% of the time. (Sandrine’s note: For further reading, please see A New View of Cancer – German New Medicine posted by Dr. Mercola.)

GNM allows us to see symptoms and diseases in a different light. It teaches us that cancer is not caused by malfunctions or malignancies but is instead a natural biological program that assists an individual during unexpected emotional distress.

GNM correctly links our psyche, brain, and organ – a true mind/body science that is verifiable in brain CT scans. A whole new world opened for me when I learned GNM. I had to adjust how and when I used each modality in my wellness center from herbs to homeopathy to nutrition, colon hydrotherapy and detoxing. I found I was able to assist clients with much greater success because I knew what was occurring in their body, why it was occurring, and what to do to help it. And I teach it to every client so they, too, can understand their bodies better and get out of fear.

So, if the sun doesn’t cause what is known as “skin cancer,” then what does? According to GNM, it is caused by what our psyche perceives as an “attack” against the skin, which, incidentally, can include a sunburn.

It is also caused by: a figurative attack,

feeling soiled such as when the skin comes into contact with something we perceive is disgusting, filthy or repellent.

We are hardwired for survival and Dr. Hamer discovered our brain is the conductor of the entire orchestra of cells, organs, hormones, tissues, etc. Thus, when any of these “attacks” occur, our brain instantly sends out the signal to our skin to grow extra cells at the site of the “attack” for the sole purpose of protection. There is no blame here nor are we a victim – our brain is simply taking care of us. With GNM, we now have the knowledge that enables us to understand bodies and support them much more effectively.

When we’re no longer feeling attacked and we’ve resolved the issue, very specific microbes are “turned on” with the sole purpose of breaking down the extra cells. The extra cells will change color, size and texture during what we call a “healing phase.” This is a normal and natural process yet unfortunately is often deemed as malignant and dangerous. There’s that fear again.

And, incidentally, if you’ve ever had acne, you’ve already experienced a lesser “attack” issue.

What this means is that when we receive a diagnosis of “skin cancer,” we’re already in a healing phase from the attack. Ponder that for a few minutes. What if we had no fear of skin cancer anymore because we recognize our body’s innate wisdom is already taking care of us better than anyone or anything else?

So, do we throw all caution to the wind and allow ourselves and our children to get sunburned? Of course not.

The sun is capable of causing oxidative stress that a healthy body can generally repair easily particularly if the person acclimates to the sun slowly and eats a nutrient-dense diet to stay strong. I still advise people to cover up with direct skin exposure if they haven’t first acclimated to the sun, and even then, it may be prudent to be covered for some amount of time. For children, start with and exposure of 2-10 minutes of direct, noon sun and increase this slowly over several weeks.

Sandrine’s note: Sally Fallon Morell writes, “Sunscreen? Please think twice” in her article Skin Deep: Pick up an article on keeping healthy and it will almost always recommend a generous application of sunscreen to “protect” the skin. This trend has become so widely accepted that some people wear sunscreen every day, even in winter, and slather their children with it before they get dressed, just in case they may come in contact with that dreaded, unnatural substance: sunlight.

The list of questionable ingredients in sunscreens include benzophenones (dixoybenzone, oxybenzone), PABA and PABA esters (ethyl dihydroxy propyl PAB, glyceryl PABA, p-aminobenzoic acid, padimate-O or octyl dimethyl PABA), cinnamates (cinoxate, ethylhexyl p-methoxycinnamate, octocrylene, octyl methoxycinnamate), salicylates (ethylhexyl salicylate, homosalate, octyl salicylate), digalloyl trioleate, menthyl anthranilate and avobenzone.

Some of the chemicals have been implicated as causing thyroid problems. German researchers found that rats exposed to the sunscreen chemical 4MBC had raised levels of thyroid stimulating hormones and heavier thyroid glands. Another chemical, benzophenone 2, was found to alter thyroid hormone levels, although the effect was reversed by other chemicals present in sunscreens (BBC News, June 10, 2006).

In most situations, normal exposure to the sun is beneficial, not harmful, especially if you take care to avoid polyunsaturated oils and trans fats. If you are fair-skinned and find yourself in situations where long exposure to the sun is unavoidable, be sure to cover your torso with a shirt, wear a hat and use a safe sunscreen like zinc oxide on your nose and cheeks. The timeless research of Dr. Weston A. Price taught us a diet rich in Vitamins A, D and K found in healthy fats keeps our bodies strong. Increase pastured lard, butter, raw egg yolks, fermented cod liver oil, high vitamin butter oil, etc. If we have no fear of the sun and are able to quickly downgrade or resolve any real or figurative “attacks” against us, it means … our body will break down those extra cells naturally and if we support our body’s innate ability to do so, it will.

Thus, GNM gives us the opportunity and knowledge to understand symptoms and “diseases” differently which may, in turn, change how we react and the choices we make. As FDR is often quoted: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” German New Medicine teaches us how to get out of fear so we can spend more time being present and living life to its fullest.

Sandrine’s note: For sunburn, Dr. Thomas Cowan M.D. recommends aloe vera gel or coconut oil for sunburn, or Amla-Plus vitamin C from Radiant Life – 2 tablets, 2x day. Coconut oil is also great for encouraging tanning and preventing a burn, as well as building up exposure starting with 10 minutes daily and gradually increasing. From The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Child Care

Armstrong, B.K. and A. Kricker, How much melanoma is caused by sun exposure? Melanoma Research, 1993: 3:395-401.

Scientific Charat of Germanic New Medicine, Dr. med. Mag. Theol. Ryke Geerd Hamer, 2007; page 44.


Science & Technology

Facebook patented hand tracking system

Facebook patented hand tracking with finger emitters.

Facebook Technologies / USPTO, 2020

Facebook has patented a hand tracking system using small transponders at the ends of the fingers. The patent describes a glove with several emitters and a receiving system that distinguishes the signals from each emitter, calculates their location and restores the shape of the hand. The Patently Apple website drew attention to the patent.

Motion capture systems are often used when shooting movies, as well as in virtual reality. There are several standard tracking methods. For professional projects, an external system is often used, which consists of high-speed infrared cameras on the walls and infrared markers on clothes.

This is a rather inconvenient and extremely expensive system, so home VR systems usually use gloves that track the pose of the hand, and a separate massive beacon on the arm that allows the base station near the computer to track its location. Also recently, hand tracking systems using cameras and machine vision algorithms have begun to develop. In particular, at the end of 2019, such a feature appeared in Oculus Quest, which is being developed by a Facebook-owned company.

In a new patent, Facebook engineers described a method for tracking brush poses across multiple emitters. It is assumed that the system will consist of two parts: a glove and a tracking station nearby, for example, on a table near a computer or set-top box. The glove contains several transponders operating on millimeter waves. They can be located at the ends of the fingers, as well as on other parts of the brush for more precise tracking.

System diagram Facebook Technologies / USPTO, 2020

The tracking station has several antennas. They emit signals towards the glove, and transponders emit response signals. After this, the antennas receive response signals, using triangulation, they calculate the location of the transponders and create a three-dimensional model of the brush. The authors note that the signals can be modulated by time, frequency, or changed by other parameters so that they are unique for each transponder and facilitate the task of creating a model.

Glove diagram with transponders Facebook Technologies / USPTO, 2020

In recent years, many miniature emitters for the millimeter radio band have appeared. Most often they are  offered to be used for communication of the 5G standard (mmWave range), as well as in compact radars for smartphones and smart watches.

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Do Advanced Extraterrestrial Civilizations extract energy from black holes?

Researchers from the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Glasgow in the UK have proven a half-century hypothesis that suggests that technologically advanced extraterrestrial civilizations could potentially extract energy from spinning black holes. An article by researchers is published in the journal Nature Physics.

In 1969, the British physicist Roger Penrose suggested that aliens can extract energy from a rotating black hole due to the fact that particles or waves flying through the ergosphere take away the energy of rotation of the black hole (this phenomenon became known as the Penrose process). 

The Soviet physicist Yakov Zeldovich developed this idea and put forward the hypothesis that a rapidly rotating cylinder is capable of amplifying the “swirling” electromagnetic waves incident on it (that is, having a certain orbital angular momentum), including quantum fluctuations in a vacuum. 

However, this effect has not yet been experimentally verified, since the cylinder had to rotate at a frequency of at least a billion times per second.

In a new work, scientists for the first time managed to observe the Zeldovich effect, achieved using acoustic waves with a frequency of 60 hertz. 

During the experiment, the researchers installed 16 speakers in the form of a ring and directed the sound toward a rotating disk made of noise-absorbing foam. In this case, the acoustic waves from one speaker lagged behind in phase from the waves from another speaker, which made it possible to simulate the orbital angular momentum. Conditions satisfying the Zeldovich effect were achieved by rotating the disk with a frequency of only 15-30 revolutions per second.

The experimental results confirmed that low-frequency modes can be amplified by up to 30 percent, passing through the noise-absorbing layer of the disk. As the speed of the disk increases, the frequency of sound waves decreases due to the Doppler effect, however, when a certain speed is reached, it again returns to its previous value, while the volume (i.e. the amplitude) increases. This is due to the fact that the waves took part of the rotational energy from the disk.

The Penrose process occurs when the body has two parts, one of which falls beyond the horizon of events. If two fragments have certain speeds, a special position relative to each other and fly along the correct paths, then the fall of one fragment transfers the energy to the other part, greater than the energy that the body had originally.

 For an outside observer, it looks as if the body was divided into a part with positive energy and a part with “negative energy”, which when falling beyond the horizon reduces the angular momentum of the black hole. As a result, the first fragment takes off from the ergosphere, “taking” the energy of rotation of the black hole.

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What if we could create antigravitу?

Are уou tired of cramped citу life? Then anti-gravitу is just what уou need! We still don’t know the technologу, but if we do, it will completelу change our world.

How can this change the waу we build our cities? Whу would this allow us to travel further into space? And how can this help us colonize alien worlds?

According to astronomers, gravitу is “the force bу which a planet or other bodу pulls objects to its center. We reallу don’t know whу gravitу behaves like this; we just know that this is so, and that’s all we need for this.

As we talk about things that we know too little about, let’s get to know her better. Antigravitу, as the name implies, is a hуpothetical means of counteracting the effects of gravitу.

Although manу scholars saу this is not possible, this does not stop us from reasoning. But if we ever find out, we will have to delve into an even more mуsterious part of our universe – antimatter.

To understand what antimatter is and how it relates to antigravitу, we will go back during the Big Bang. When the Big Bang occurred, he created matter and antimatter. Matter consists of atoms – the building blocks of chemical elements such as helium, oxуgen and hуdrogen.

Inside the atoms уou will find particles, such as protons, which have a positive electric charge, and electrons, which usuallу have a negative charge. For antimatter, the electric charge of these particles is reversed.

This led to some speculations that other properties will also be changed, such as how theу react to gravitу. We could not verifу how antimatter reacts to gravitу – for now. However, some theories saу that when we do this, we will find that antimatter particles do not fall, giving us our first real example of antigravitу.

If so, this could lead to a scientific and technological revolution. We could theoreticallу use antimatter to develop technologу that protects people or objects from gravitational forces. In other words, we can make so manу things float in the air.

So what would we do with this crazу technologу? Well, firstlу, there should be hoverboards, right? We’re talking about real hoverboards that don’t touch the ground!

We could build floating cities to accommodate our ever-growing population. Massive structures can be suspended over ponds or rockу terrain that we could not build. But perhaps we will see the greatest importance of anti-gravitу technologу, if we look even further – at the stars.

Space travel will be much safer and cheaper. Space shuttles will not need rocket fuel to launch from our atmosphere. Instead, we could just stop the effects of gravitу on them.

Antigravitу will not onlу help us get to space; It can also help us find a new home there. We no longer need to worrу about planets with gravitу too strong for human habitation, since we can simplу use antigravitу to protect ourselves from it.

Yes, we understand that there is a lot of unknown and hуpothetical with this, but here’s what happens when we talk about something as mуsterious as antimatter.

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