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What happens if the human brain works at 100%? A study by Harvard University researchers

What happens if the human brain works at 100%? A study by Harvard University researchers 1
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What is the human brain? An antenna for the perception of this world? A complex bio-chemical mechanism that accumulates enormous energy to create information? An aggregator that allows the soul to interact with the physical world? There are a lot of versions and hypotheses. Modern science allows us to only partially understand the capabilities of our brain and determine the boundaries of its functions.

In fact, the most interesting developments in this direction are classified. The fact is that it is extremely difficult to study the brain during a person’s lifetime. Few people will agree to influence it with various drugs, and it’s not humane somehow. Considering that the result for the subjects can be very different, often such studies are strictly classified.

Back in the 1930s, the most daring experiments on living people were carried out in the laboratory in Germany and Japan. Thanks to this monstrous approach, important discoveries were made. For example, from the documents of German neurosurgeons it follows that the human brain contains areas that are not used during life. They admit the possibility that when these areas are “turned on”, such superpowers as levitation, teleportation, instantaneous regeneration, interaction with physical and astral matters, connection to the noosphere, mind reading at a distance, object control, absorption of huge amounts of knowledge and many other unthinkable properties can be revealed.

It has now been proven that the human brain works at 20-25% of its maximum. It was previously thought that it was 10%, but in 2019, American, Japanese and Australian neurophysiologists and psychologists came to the conclusion that after all, this is not so. Let’s say that the studies are correct and the human brain really works at 25%, but what is the remaining 75%? The official science has no answer to this question yet.

However, in China in 2017, the brain was studied at the time of the death of one of the terminally ill psychics. It turned out that immediately before the physical death of the body, his brain began to produce 5,000 times more energy than during life. This jump is difficult to explain, but at those seconds the body of the dying person worked at an extreme life speed. Chinese scientists have calculated that at that moment, the energy released from the brain of one person would be enough to power the four largest districts in Shanghai. At the same time, brain functions were switched off one by one. The visual and auditory centers were the first to stop working, followed by the motor and speech centers and he provision of the internal organs then died away. On the other hand, against the background of the vital brain centers turning off, unused areas of the brain became more active.

Scientists believe that at that moment the energy-information component of the body (someone calls it the soul) went to the noosphere. Hypothetically, such an explanation can explain the activation of parts of the brain that were not used during life and the increased productivity of the organ. But, is there a theoretical noosphere at all? Not a single esoteric or psychic is known who would use the noosphere. As a rule, they mean it, but when the time comes to somehow check it, all superpowers evaporate somewhere.

However, this does not change the fact that the human brain works only a quarter. And what will happen if some incredibly gifted child will work at 50 or 100%? An interesting question, the answer to which scientists from Harvard University tried to give.

With 40% of the brain’s working capacity, a person would be able to quickly regenerate damage to any tissues of the body.

At 50%, psychic abilities would begin to appear. Telekinesis, telepathy, dreams from the future, levitation. They could not be used, but from time to time they would turn on involuntarily.

At 60%, a person’s memory could work at an extreme level. It would be enough to connect the brain of the Internet with the help of special sensors and, in fact, the downloading of information and its memorization would begin. In the distant future, people will sleep with such a device, and the brain will remember the information that it needs before some important event. You sleep, and the brain conveniently remembers all what you need. 

At 70-80%, psychic abilities would reach a noticeable level. Now a person could control matters, elements and what we used to call magic. There is a hypothesis that in ancient times the first aliens who arrived on Earth from a destroyed planet possessed these properties. But due to other living conditions, the brain has degraded and many functions have faded.

At 90%, a person would be able to destroy and collect objects with the help of a stream of elementary particles. It is likely that with such a level of brain workload, the energy-informational essence of a person, a physical body would no longer be needed.

At 100% – absolute. An ideal pure mind absorbing the knowledge accumulated by billions of civilizations of this and other worlds. Complete conquest of all matters. Complete lack of needs. Independence from space and time. A person can simultaneously become an elementary particle, or a whole galaxy or a cluster of galaxies.

This is what Stanley Kubrick wanted to symbolically express in the final scene of his movie A Space Odyssey 2000.

We agree that such theories are very superficial and unfounded. However, the same scientists did not stop there and continued their research. They came to the conclusion that the human brain works only 20-25% due to the fact that thought processes already consume up to 40% of the body’s energy. With the development of the brain and an increase in its functionality, the physical body will be depleted already by 50% of the organ’s working capacity from the maximum. So our body is not suitable for the development of magic and other extrasensory abilities. At least according to researchers from Harvard University.

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Several dozens of scientific institutes are engaged in the study of the human brain today in the world. The mass, shape, structure, brain functions of many people, both dead and living, both ordinary people and geniuses, are being studied. There is very little real progress in these studies and in understanding the functioning of the brain. And this is understandable. 

We all humans have a divine channel that connects us to the divine world. This is a thin, almost invisible energy channel that emerges from the top of the head. Through this channel, we are watched and they try to help us in evolutionary development, participating in our spiritual and creative development.

A person in a dense material body is not able to levitate, this is fantasy. Only those with highly developed souls can exchange thoughts, connect to the information layer of the planet, and even teleport. Teleportation or movement in space – for this a person must have a powerful soul in size and strength, which creates an aura-radiation around itself. With the help of the aura, by spinning it around the soul-cocoon with a thought, a person can move. What should be the level of human development, we hope it is clear. There are almost no such people on Earth. In fact, the aura is a vehicle for teleportation and all the talk and methods of teleportation are just exercises of the mind and imagination.

It’s a pity, because It seems that we will never comprehend telekinesis and teleportation, at least not in our lifetime.


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