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What happens if the ancient gods (assuming their existence) decide to return to Earth? Would historians become Believers even if they find an ancient spacecraft?

What happens if the ancient gods (assuming their existence) decide to return to Earth? Would historians become Believers even if they find an ancient spacecraft? 1

What could happen if representatives of civilization (subject to their real existence) return to Earth, which people called gods in ancient times?

By the ancient gods we mean a developed civilization that may have visited Earth in antiquity and at least had contact with people of those distant eras.

A still from the film "Prometheus".
A still from the film “Prometheus”.

But what happens if the ancient gods decide to return to our planet?
In addition to the general shock, the goal of the named gods will play a key role in the issue, because the future fate of our families will depend on it.

If representatives of a highly developed civilization arrive with a good purpose, for example, to help in development, to officially make contact or to warn against any danger, then this will be a victory for us.

However, there are not many good things in the world, so let’s imagine another scenario.

According to some ancient myths, the gods staged their own showdowns on Earth, although they tried not to strongly involve people in them. However, if the situation repeats itself, then it will no longer be possible not to involve people. They will at least take any territory that they need, which will already entail difficultly predictable consequences. In addition, it is difficult to imagine the consequences of repeated showdowns between highly developed civilizations.

Since in some of the first countries of the world, pride will not allow so easy to allow the use of the Earth as an outpost, it is possible that not the most logical attempts to attack the representatives of the gods will be undertaken.

Then everything will depend on the mood and intelligence of the gods. At best, they will destroy all the attackers and take pity on the others, and at worst, they can arrange a reset for all of humanity, leaving a couple of percent of the total population of the Earth alive. But we are only talking about the average option, when our planet is simply used as an outpost.

What if the old gods arrive with bad intentions?

For example, they will prove that they created humanity, and we went the wrong way, so they decided to zero humanity and start all over again?

In fact, the chances of a good outcome are much less, since even not the worst intentions lead us to very unpleasant consequences. If the gods of antiquity do not arrive with the purest and most positive goals, then our civilization will face the greatest crisis in history.

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Moreover, many of you have probably heard the myth of the great flood in ancient times? Who knows, maybe other civilizations had already developed on Earth, but the creators did not like them and they decided to update their development in such a cruel way. 

All this can happen with the assumption of the reality of the existence of the ancient gods as a highly developed alien civilization. Therefore, you should not worry too much, because so far this version has not been fully proven as yet.

However, do not forget that if we do not know something, then this does not at all prove the absence of its existence. Thus, one should not deny the existence of other advanced civilizations in the vast universe.

Even if they were not ancient gods, then contact with them will be approximately similar to the descriptions above, because everything depends on the goals.

Historians may not alter their science driven positions even if they find an ancient flying spaceship

We also believe that even if an ancient spaceship is discovered somewhere in the world, historians will still not change their official positions regarding ancient history.

Photo: open source

When we come across articles about the existence of ancient advanced civilizations, we often come across comments about the lack of technological findings.

We propose to present the option that a very ancient space craft was discovered somewhere in the world. What do you think, if this happens, will historians change their positions? To be honest, we believe that even with this scenario, the official history will not change a bit.

Even despite the fact that such a find will ironically prove alternative versions of history, historians will simply declare an accident and accept a position of complete denial of its involvement in ancient people.

Just think about how many degrees of academic qualifications they have received, how much money has been invested in historical science, and what if everything turns out to be wrong?

In this case, you will have to look for the guilty, and no one wants such an outcome.

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The location of the space craft detection will also have a great impact.

It is one thing if it is found in godforsaken Taiga, and another under some Egyptian pyramid on a special site.

A more exotic case will turn out to be if an alien ship is found under the ice of Antarctica, because that kind of situation will go beyond all imaginations.

Photo: open source

On one hand, such an alien craft can really change the opinion of scientists about the more ancient history of the Earth, but on the other hand, in theory, it will not affect the prevailing historical versions in any way, because its age can literally reach several million years. Therefore, scientists will gladly accept the find and make small changes to their versions.

If an alien ship is found in a distant place, but they can decipher at least some of the information on board, where the date will be indicated in 1-40 millennium BC, historians will not accept this.

They will find an excuse, for example, it flew past and did not conduct any interactions with ancient people. The historians of the state, on whose territory such an extraordinary find is discovered, will especially try, because, first of all, it is their fate that will depend on the explanations given by them.

Just imagine if somewhere in Peru they first show a program where they pursue a version on advanced ancient civilizations being complete nonsense and that the Indians made buildings on their lands, and then they find a hop and a flying saucer in the mountains.

How do you think ordinary people will react when they find out about this?
After so many broadcasts and loud statements, it turns out that not only other developed civilizations exist, but also their great age.

The people’s anger will fall primarily on historians, so it is beneficial for them to support their versions until the very end, until there is irrefutable evidence of their great (our opinion) delusions.

Therefore, we reckon that even if such an incredible event as the discovery of an ancient alien space craft happens in the world, historians will not immediately give up and will try to get out as much as possible.

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