What does the icon of Christ moving on its own at Mount Athos warn the world about?

In November 2019, an amazing phenomenon was recorded in the Church of the Holy Trinity on Athos – the spontaneous movements of the icon of Christ the Great High Priest on the Royal Doors of the church in the Cell of the Holy Trinity in the Provata area of Mt. Athos:

The Royal Door on which the icon hangs initially moved on its own for three days, from November 20 to 23, but the icon has been moving continually since April.

Sometimes the icon moves more quickly, sometimes more slowly, but its movement is not attributed to any natural causes or human intervention. People have stopped the icon from moving, but it begins again on its own.

Candles were placed before the Royal Doors to examine any air flow that could be moving the icon, but the flame did not move at all, while the icon continued to move.

The first witnesses of the ‘omen’ were only the monks of the temple, who at first were surprised, but then decided that the cause of the movement was “the wind”. However, when the fluctuations continued in December and in January of the next year as well as the months after, people became worried and began to run around the icon with devices. They measured the wind, earthquakes, magnetic fields, etc. that could set the icon in motion. They didn’t find anything, but meanwhile the icon was still wavering.

In August 2020, the Greeks write the following about this: 

About 9 months ago, I was personally informed about a miraculous event that took place over three days on Athos, namely in the Holy Cell of the Holy Trinity on Mount Athos.

I was informed both in writing and verbally that the icon of the Beautiful Gates of the Temple of Saint Celia, depicting Christ as High Priest, moved for three days, from November 20 to 23, 2019. On the Thursday of Saint Lazarus, before Easter this year, the image of the High Priest began to move again, this time constantly, daily.

As Elder Kelia, Hieromonk George, informed me, this fact was stated by the abbot of the monastery Elder Prodromos from the Great Lavra, the fathers from many cells and sketes on Mount Athos, the commander and deputy commander of the police department of Karyes, and, finally, several secular pilgrims who went to the Holy Cell.

Due to the workload, I personally could not immediately visit the Holy Cell, which I did these days to find out for myself about this wonderful event, and I was very surprised. The image of the High Priest moves slowly, steadily, without explanation of natural causes or human intervention.

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Of course, as Elder George told me, this was established from the very beginning by the authorities of Athos, who recorded this event. It is characteristic that an attempt was made to stop the movement of the icon (and by me personally), which, having stopped, again resumed by itself.

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In addition, candles were placed around the Beautiful Gate to probe the flow of air, causing the flame to remain stationary and the icon to move.

With Elder George’s blessing, we filmed this wonderful event as best we could using a mobile phone, which we cite below as compelling proof of the miracle.

Note: We have also noticed that the High Priest icon sometimes moves loudly and sometimes more calmly.

The Greeks cite the video and the most important thing is visible there – the temple is very, very plain and modest, which excludes any tricks from monks in order to attract pilgrims. Usually the Vatican is famous for such “miracles”, therefore, the wider the physiognomy of the priests who witnessed this or that miracle, the wider the knowledge of these citizens in applied physics and chemistry. But here, judging by the personnel, everything is fair. 

In addition, Greek newspapers became interested in the topic, which would surely be a thrill to debunk the next delirium of dark medieval people. The journalists came running with expensive cameras and scientific instruments, but they never found anything.

All the priests are silent as they have been spell casted. Everyone focused on vaccines, nobody else is interested in anything else. That is, it seems that a command has been given to silence the ‘omen’. 

Miracles and omens are different. There are good miracles when dry flowers come to life near the icons, and there are bad miracles when icons and statues cry. The appearance of this ‘sign’ in particular somehow strangely coincided with the beginning of the pandemic – after all, everything in China started just in November 2019. 

 As far as now and what can be judged from the reports of people reading the Greek press – the movement of the icon continues, therefore, what the sign warns about is still ahead. What lies ahead – so far we can only guess. 


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