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What does hell look like? The Chinese have 18 floors for punishment


A peach room with polished concrete floors. Around everything shines and clean. Then you can see the yellow line, followed by hell. This may look like a hallway in front of the place where sinners await. This is a subjective view that is not attached to anything. Everyone is free to imagine a picture of purgatory in their own way. We will dwell on what the Chinese think about this.

In accordance with the Chinese folk religion as well as Buddhism, hell consists of 18 floors. Depending on the nature of a person’s guilt, his personal, punishments await him. Pain and torment are different for everyone. But in any case, the sinner will receive his.

Mostly this test is by fire . Everything is standard here, as in other religions of the world.

On each floor are waiting for their sinners:

  • 1st floor – those who preferred to swear a lot;
  • 2nd floor – women who remarried shortly after the death of her husband;
  • 3rd floor – those who sowed discord between relatives (father, son, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives);
  • 4th floor – those who loved to lie;
  • 5th floor – those who spread rumors;
  • 6th floor – those who have committed at least one arson in their life;
  • 7th floor – those who defamed, humiliated and cherished others;
  • 8th floor – those who committed adultery;
  • 9th floor – those who robbed, stole and traded people;
  • 10th floor – those who killed farm animals not for food, but just for fun;
  • 11th floor – those who abandoned their own children;
  • 12th floor – those who in vain ate human meat;
  • 13th floor – those who did not show respect for their parents;
  • 14th floor – those who committed suicide;
  • 15th floor – those who plundered burial places;
  • 16th floor – those who not only took bribes, but also gave;
  • 17th floor – officials who were not only particularly corrupt, but also cruel;
  • 18th floor – those who committed some of the most heinous crimes.


Hell is a place that every person draws with his own “colors”. Many of us do not believe in its existence, but almost all are afraid to make a mistake. Or maybe hell is out there?

In order not to experience this fear, it is much easier to live as a person, and not as a heartless zombie. Then everything will be all right. Paradise awaits you.


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