What caused the explosion and fire at the Hoover Dam?

A small explosion, which started a fire, occurred on Tuesday morning at the Hoover Dam in Nevada. Visitors report seeing an explosion, before a fire broke out and a large cloud of smoke began to rise at the base of the dam.

The causes of the explosion have not been made known. At present there are no fears of Hoover’s collapse.

“The Boulder City Fire Department is en route to an emergency call at Hoover Dam,” the Boulder Fire Department said in a brief statement. “There is no further information available at this time.”

Minutes after the explosion, sirens were blaring at the dam as tourists were evacuated.

As far as it is clear from the video, the explosion and fire of the transformer does not pose a threat to either the operation of the power plant, or, even more so, to the integrity of the dam. However, the Hoover Dam has an occult and symbolic meaning for the United States, its destruction has been played out a million times like in feature films and during all sorts of occult presentations:

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Many conspiracy theorists see the destruction of the dam on a 50 dollar bill and are convinced that sooner or later someone will blow it up:

Based on the foregoing, and also taking into account the recent strange explosion that led to the destruction of the so-called Georgia Guidestones, many conspiracy theorists think that someone is gradually leading America to a series of some kind of epic catastrophic events and the explosion of a transformer on the dam is just a symbolic first step. 

The second most frequently proposed version suggests some serious technical problems at the power plant. Thus, as a result of initially ill-conceived and possibly malicious actions of local authorities, the level of the reservoir of the power plant, the famous Lake Mead, was greatly lowered. Then an unexpected drought followed, and now out of 17 generators, the power plants are working at a power of 5, perhaps even less. Such manipulations with disconnecting and connecting generators and the subsequent redistribution of the generated energy are a stressful situation for transformers, so it is even surprising that they began to explode only now, and not a month ago. 

The third version suggests the activation of sleeping cells. They couldn’t get to the dam, there are increased security measures after the incident in 2018, so the nameless terrorist failed to achieve potential catastrophic goals.

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